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"Planes Crash"

The Story So Far : Vocalist Josh Paschke says that in 2006, he and the rest of Planes Crash grew tired of his city's scenes. "It was dominated by metal and hardcore" he says. "Planes Crash developed a sound by bledning hard-rock guitar riffs and harmonies with catchy melodies". With an EP and a full-length to their ominious name, the four-piece have already shared stages with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and A Static Lullaby.

Why You Should Know 'Em: "We don't have any hook-up anywhere, and we don't know anyone" says Paschke. "We're just four dudes that rock hard and like doing it for tons of people". Planes Crash realize their strength lies in their diverse musical tastes-ranging from metal to easy listening. "We can appeal to everyone in certain parts-if not all-of our music in one way or another," he says. "Tell us which parts you liked and which you hated. Either way, you heard it." - Alternative Press Magazine

"Band Profile: Planes Crash"

Sounds like: Screamo. If you like bands such as A Static Lullaby, Avenged Sevenfold, you'll be into Planes Crash. What sets Planes Crash apart from the other screamo bands out there is Paschke's voice. It's as sweet as honey during the hooky choruses and easily switches to a jagged knife during the hardcore parts. "Victim of Lonely Hearts" and "When Angels Forgive" are both strong tracks.

Releases: The band's debut full-length CD, "Running From the Truth," was released last week; "The Prologue," an EP; and a self-titled demo

Sample the music: crashrock

See it live: Friday at The Wheelhouse in Hemet. The Greenery and Two Sides to Every Story also will play. 2860 W. Florida Ave, Hemet, 8 p.m.

Planes Crash can breathe easy again.

After months of tumultuous writing and rewriting, the Riverside band released its debut album, "Running From the Truth," last week.

"It's just a big weight off our shoulders," drummer Ryan Jensen said.

Jensen started the band in 2006 with a guitarist who later left the group. Singer Josh Paschke, bassist Jon Matthews and guitarist Brent Fewkes have been in the lineup for a while and guitarist Andy Vangelisto joined during the production for "Running From the Truth."

Jensen joked that the band's songwriting process "usually starts with a lot of arguing."

Unlike other bands, Planes Crash writes songs together on the spot.

"We just get in a room and jam out something," Jensen said.

The band lost its original guitarist after the band started writing "Running From the Truth." The members wouldn't use those songs anymore and had to go back to writing.

"We started from scratch writing this album two to three times," Jensen said. "It was a real struggle but it was a lot of fun."

He said one of the challenges facing up-and-coming bands is the financial aspect of getting fans to buy tickets to shows in advance.

"Pre-sale is Satan for a band," Jensen said.

The band's persistence has paid off, winning a legion of fans across the area and beyond.

"You've got to be dedicated," Jensen said. - Vanessa Franko (The Press-Enterprise)


"The Prologue" - EP

1. "Ace"
2. "Deleted, But Still Lurking"
3. "When The Flawless Make Mistakes"
4. "United States Of Dramatics"
5. "A Song For The Recently Departed"

"Running From The Truth" - Full-Length

1. "The Lost Mixtape"
2. "Victim Of Lonely Hearts"
3. "RedRum"
4. "A Song Of Optimism"
5. "When Angels Forgive"
6. "Judas Hd To Be A Girl"
7. "Heart In Me"
8. "Running From The Truth"
9. "Raping The Willing"
10. "Denying The Kill"



Coming together in early 2006 in a city dominated by metal and hardcore. Planes Crash emerged with a style coming from the minds of five very different individuals, with five very diverse musical backgrounds. In the short time that Planes Crash has been together, they have developed a sound that people crave by blending hard rock guitar riffs and harmonies with catchy melodies and emotionally driven lyrics. They are working hard to dominate their city as well as the rest of the United States with non-stop promotion, show playing, writing, and recording. Planes Crash has managed to release 12 original songs through their self-titled demo as well as their debut EP appropriately titled “The Prologue”. Planes Crash has recently come very far in a small amount of time with playing alongside Avenged Sevenfold (Warner Brothers Records) and Atreyu (Hollywood Records) on the Taste of Chaos tour as welll as gracing the pages of Alternative Press Magazine as one of the Top 8 Unsigned Bands. Not to mention a slot on the 2008 Warped Tour on the Kevin Says Stage. They have also had the opportunity to play with such bands as A Static Lullaby (Fearless Records), Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Virgin Records), Love Hate Hero (Ferret Records), and many other big acts, Planes Crash is working hard to promote the songs they have now as well as the ones from their debut full length CD titled “Running From The Truth” which is out now. In Planes Crash you will find nothing but concentrated, determined, rock solid musicians that would love nothing more then to make the music they love and that people want to hear.