Planet4 is a Punk/Emo band with a vintage punk undertone, melodic guitar riffs, gritty sweet vocals and great songs with infectious hooks. Their high energy gut driven brand of rock is compared to "The Ramones", "Sum 41", and "Green Day", but respected for having a sound of their own.


It is said that Planet4 band members never sleep. The music born out of insomnia, is speaking to audiences that get new Punk/Emo music and who see what is already starting to happen on the landscape of popular music. As a new world of energized rock music from the heart ushers in, and the old world of gang banging ghetto fabulous music is pushed out to the sidelines, there’s a massive audience waiting to hear something from the heart. Something that is real but still has energy that kids can rock out to. At the heart of Planet4 music, there’s a common theme of taking a unique perspective on virtually every subject. We push the envelope in our songwriting process that is rooted in the classic rock approach. An acoustic guitar, a melody and harmonies. A good song has to stand on it’s own without all the distortion and effects. Then we can kick it up with the Planet4 energy and heart. The gritty sweet vocals, chunky rhythm guitar and melodic lead guitar hooks that support the song, let the good songs shine and communicate a heart felt emotion filled with adrenaline.

Jimmy Keegan (Lead Vocals) was born in the small town of Belleville, Ontario and moved to Montreal where he spent most of his teen years. The support of artists and the way people connect so freely to one another is what makes Jimmy call Montreal home. He now lives in Mississauga where he and his band mates rehearse for shows and write songs several days a week. An artist in every way, Jimmy is responsible for the artwork and overall art direction for the band including the website. His musical influences are rooted in the early R&B Motown era, and have evolved to appreciate modern day icons such as Prince, Green Day and other bands that are contributing to the evolution of popular music like My Chemical Romance and Jimmy Eat World.

Michel Losier (Bass) was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario and how lives in Mississauga, Ontario. Mike as we call him in the band is fluent in French and English. He’s an electronic engineer by trade and you could say he’s the resident techie when it comes to our gear. He has influences in heavy rock and alternative, like Sound Garden, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers. His bass style is a bit foreign to the punk way of doing things but it’s just one more element that differentiates Planet4 from other punk bands out there today.

Matt Ashton (Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals) was born and raised in Toronto. His influences are The Beatles, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, The Who and Bob Dylan. Matt has as huge appreciation for these classic rock icons and for music that communicates through strong melody. Matt is a soft spoken down to earth guy off stage and is a confident, hard rockin performer on stage. His melodic guitar riffs and his sweet harmonies are a big part of Planet4s' trademark sound.


She's One of the Guys

Written By: Jimmy Keegan & Matt Ashton

She’s not one of these girls, who says maybe
She doesn’t think, that she’s hard to figure out
All dressed in black, and she’s hiding
A side of her, we don’t know about

She’s comin over to my house
And there’s nothin goin on
There’s nothin gonna happen
Cause she’s just one of the guys
She might be my ride
But there’s nothing goin on
And there’s nothing gonna happen
Cause she’s just one of the guys

The spike in her tongue’s, got be thinking
As she licks those red lips
The look in her eye, says I want you
The attitude, nothin but bitch

[Chorus] [Instrumental Bridge] [Chorus x2]

So Far Away

Written By: Matt Ashton & Jimmy Keegan

Buried in the morning
With flowers by your feet
Hear the music dying with the day
Sit back in the corner
Knowing what we thought was true
Who you were, and who you had to play

Did you save this moment
For the best part of your song
The last thing that you heard
Was a round of applause
Spending 30 years
Thinking they were gonna stay
They were so close to you

Would you be surprised
If you’d heard what they had wrote
Is it true that there was no one left to help
Wasted afternoons
In a thousand motel rooms
Laughing at the joke you made yourself


Why did their eyes meet yours and do nothing
Or does it add to the myth that they made
Why don’t they listen to your songs and remember
When you made them smile

Frozen in time
On a color TV set
Pictures printed in their magazines
Leading the parade
Taking so few for the ride
Shocked them all, but there was more to say

[Chorus x2]

Tear Out My Own Heart

Written By: Jimmy Keegan & Matt Ashton

I should have washed away the dirty
And walked away from everything
Everyday the years pass by me
Can’t get my life back when I’m sleepin
I just can’t close my eyes and try
To be like I’m not bleedin

I broke that promise
And I have myself to blame
Do almost anything, if you would just believe me
I’ve talked enough, and now
I’ve gotta walk that game
One day I heard you say, you never saw me feeling

My God, it hurts
It never really works
I’m so insane
I’ll never do those things

It’s when your cold hands, waved goodbye
That I clicked in
To what was really happenin
The saline dripping from your eye
It does reveal your pain
And cuts into me deeply

[Chorus x2]


Breakdown – EP 2005

Set List

She’s One of the Guys (3:05)
So Far Away (4:01)
Money Does (3:48)
Tear Out My Own Heart (3:46)
Caught On Video (2:38)
Concept (3:40)
Breakdown (3:46)
Can’t Write (3:50)
I Don’t Like Mondays (4:00) - COVER