Planet 9

Planet 9

 New York City, New York, USA

A mind-swelling psychedelic journey of swirling electro-psyche rock. The unique, multi-dimensional sound of Planet 9 explores a colorful collage of sounds and original tunes in the vein of Air, Bitches Brew, Radiohead, Sex Mob, Ghostland Observatory, Zappa and Sigur Ros. Cool sound and vibe!!!


Recently described as a "buzz band" on the rise, the Planet 9 musical style has been called "trippy and eclectic, sound art, fusion-fueled psyche-rock, etc..."

Planet 9 performances are unique in structure and vibe, especially with the unusual instrumentation of live electronics, affected synths, horns, drums, spoken word, bass, analog and digital atmospherics, and theremin ~ a wild sonic experience.

Spaced-out electroacoustic band Planet 9 is developing quite a following - local, national, and international. The electronic art collective's resident creative genius, MikeB, is a music gangster, visionary and Grammy-nominated artist and composer/arranger. Visual artist and electronics guru, Doppelganger (aka leah:) is responsible for creating and producing Planet 9's unique, cool avant musical sound and vibe, which is marketed to music festivals and art houses around the country, in addition to traditional live music venues and clubs.

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we dig short philosophical diffractions
long walks on the lava
and moonlit careens into oblivion

Influences: miles electric, obscured by clouds, mogwai, psychedelia, air, kubrick, nine inch nails, orwell, Moog, hot rats, nicholas payton, experimental arts, cremaster cycle, sigur ros, improvisation, hendrix, sex mob, acid jazz, burroughs, electropolis, bugpowder, aural experimentation, electronics, don ellis, zep, eno, badalamenti, ghostland observatory, swirling atmospherics, spiritualized, galactic, fripp, chick, aberrations, clara rockmore, herbie, string theory, jarrett, fischerspooner, geometric fractals, avant-garde, the knife, mind expansion, x-phi, trail of dead, lynch, sagan, sound processors, peeping tom, jonny greenwood, dub trio, red planet, pink mountaintops, black angels.



Written By: Mike Bogle

Saturn: An Extraterrestrial Fantasy ©2000
by Mike Bogle

Planetary landscapes of green, red, and purple.... the Saturnian sunset looms in the distance, as the waves crash against the shore of lake Orizoon. Everyone has found some other activity to keep them occupied on this tropical eve by the blue lagoon.... and the mystical glow of the Saturnian night is setting in.

No stars visible thru the heavy mists... only the Northern Lights of the six Saturnian sunset rings ..drawing my gaze into the orange yellow glow,
what more is to know?.... waiting for the next comet streaking through the mist within a mile.... amazing blue-fire streaks explode into showers of sparks...... the music of the spheres is loud... and clear.
And the moons?... the eighteen moons are entirely spiritual... ranging from tiny to huge, they form such a lovely family, Titan, Prometheus, Pandora.....keeping guard over the ringed planet....

Adding to the mystical glow of the muted night-lights and the streaking comet-fires... moons as not yet seen... not yet tonight.... only the mists... and the mystical glow of the Saturnian lights.

The brass is not dulled by the mist and the spray... such a lovely setting to play...... to play like never before.... the music of the spheres?... so much inspiration... like never before... the waves will never stop... not in this millennium... never before... or since......

And as I begin to play the sacred musical notes as dictated by the dancing spheres... on the pink-sand shores of lake Orizoon.......under the mystical glow of the Saturnian moon.... I’m engulfed completely and most pleasantly.... within the sensual, hypnotic tune.... under the mystical glow of the Saturnian moon.


Planet 9

Set List

Planet 9
Set List '09

1. 1000 Spheros 4:30
2. Planathemise 5:15
3. To Bring Them Back 4:51
7. Saturn 7:19
9. Easy Street 5:06
10. Groove 69 2:12
12. Elypsis 8:27
14. Headway 5:09
15. The Trip 2:30