Miami, Florida, USA

Andre MC embodies the term music for everybody. His sound while urban is commercial, clean lyrics and upbeat instrumentals allow for a great mix of fun representing a very Latin, Miami sound.


Andres Perez, better known as Andre MC or just Andre. Was born in Valencia, Venezuela, on August 31, 1984. From the age of 14, Andre has lived in Miami another victim of the Communist movement in Venezuela this forced him and his family to leave their native land, and start a new life in Miami. Doing like many exiled, and persecuted people do in search of liberty and freedom, building a new life in the USA.

From his early adolescence, Andre began developing a poetic, and musical prowess. He began performing in theater productions, folk dances, cultural festivals, and was a member of the Salsa Club at Braddock Senior High.

The Latin Urban movement of Reggaeton and Hip Hop made an impact on Andre. From there he began writing lyrics that today form part of his repertoire. The Latin Urban genre capitvated Andre, as he is a musician by nature, and always looks to mix different genres to form his unique and very special sound.

Under the very talented production of Univibe Studio Andre created collaborations with some of the big talents in the genre like; Mexicano. “El Pol” with Kassino Acosta and Koki C, Gammy, Shakespeare, Los Fujitivos PR, and Janko. This production also has a music video and phenomenal song with a legend of Latin music overall the great Roberto Torres, in the amazing reggaeton remix of "Caballo Viejo".

Andre, also has had the great honor of performing the main theme song "No Lies" for the film "Chat".

This biography keeps growing everyday... as Andre does not stop making music, and his passion for music has no end.