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- Cocaine Cowboys EP avail now on ITUNES
- You Come Over Me Single
- Cocaine Cowboys video avail now on ITUNES



Bishope & Malice have come together from another Universe & time to bring balance and harmony through music to the entire Galaxy and beyond and back to the present day...This is their journey! PLANET B

The music is from another world and the live show pure energy! The Planet B duo takes you on an adrenalin pumping ride through the past, present and future with an incredible fusion of musical styles that keeps you at the edge of your seat, so buckle up tight... Their sound can only be described as epic! PB's music crosses many musical genres and styles, sounding like many of their inspirations, yet still maintaining a sound that is their own. The entire Galaxy is waiting for a new sound and just might be ready for Planet B. If the innovative duo have it their way, they want their music to hit every corner of the universe and with their innovative blend of sound, strong work ethic & massive internet assault they're ready to blast off! So fasten your seatbelts, hold on to your mother & get ready for a Rock heavy, Electronica driving, Hip Hop pounding non-stop journey to PLANET B!!!

Planet B is song writer, lead singer, Sason Bishope Parry & producer, rapper, Shaun Malice Bivens, both raised in the SF Bay Area and friends since their teens. They both grew up listening to different styles of music and came together in 1999 when Planet B was immediately formed bringing together both of their unique styles and life experiences. The “B” comes from balance and defines the fusion of hard and soft melodies, music & lyrics. Every song is a intergalactic journey and new experience in the lives of Planet B. “We grew up listening to so many different styles of music that we wanted to have that show through in our musical creations. We don’t sugarcoat the realities, because sometimes the Planet is a big party and other times its not the happiest place. I'm Persian, born in Tehran and came to Berkeley, Cali at an early age and have had the opportunity to see and experience many cultures and musical styles. Lyrics are just as important as the music and probably more important- because that’s where you understand the message and the story. Planet B has very profound messages and there are many meanings if you listen close,” says Sason.

Both members are exact alter egos and feed upon each others creativity and vibes like ying and yang. “We didn’t want to be pigeon holed into any one particular music genre, because we like so many different styles of music, that we wanted to be able to take each song in a different direction, yet still have it be Planet B’s own sound.” Says, Shaun.

Planet B’s songs are extremely visual and many are being pitched for soundtracks to movies. They have finished up the final touches to their new album, entitled “Twist Your Fate”, which they are shooting to put out sometime in '09. They have just released their debut EP Cocaine Cowboys & the controversial video single (inpsired by the Cocaine Cowboys Documentary) is turning heads! PB also produced, performed and shot their video, The End Of The World" which will debut in Fall of 2009. The duo will also be releasing a live video shot in Miami at the Ultra Music Festival, sometime in April 2009. Planet B's new website: will be launching soon! (still under construction, but soon will have information about upcoming musical releases, shows, sample videos, MP3’s and so much more)!

Planet B has played along side major artists & DJ's over the years like The Killers, The Cure, The Roots, Limp Bizkit, System Of A Down, Moby, Hot Hot Heat, The Prodigy, The Rapture, Crystal Method, Tommy Lee & DJ Aero, Cypress Hill, 311, Run DMC, Pennywise, Digital Underground, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Navarro & Skribble, Carl Cox, Mos Def, Chemical Brothers, BT, Kevens, Perry Farell, DJ Dan, LCD Soundsystem, Christopher Lawrence, Peaches, Danny Tenaglia, Wu Tang Clan, Paul Van Dyk, Kosheen, Junkie XL, Donald Glaude, Redman, Outcast, Hieroglyphics and many other big names making appearances at massive National festivals & concerts that have drawn as many as 40,000 patrons including; Cyberfest, Ultra Music Festival, Smokeout, Oracle 2000, Together As One, World Trade Center-Mexico and Planet New Year!