planet child and zguby

planet child and zguby

 Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

conscious electro dance-mixing live dj and visuals depicting our current world situation,adrenaline pumping beats,positive new age and tribal indigenous music mixed with todays electro trance music.


Planet Child and Zguby is a mixture of a tx cowboy techno dj meeting a eastern european opera singer,involved in the conscious evolution of planet earth,they decided to collaborate to create music that will trigger people into change,mixing spoken word,live vocals,original music together with the best trends of dance music,the music has a rock guitar driven electro sound,metallic and energetic. we are part of a generation of humans wanting to bring change into this chaotic violent world.


LPs - a new life-current-
the return of the galactic mayans
singles-paralyzed with remixes by analog cowboy and my digital enemy.

Set List

first hour-dj set-with todys best original electro-minimal and techno

second our-we introduced the live performance with live vocals and original songs performing our original music,

third or fourth hour-pure energy full on dance trance electro a la armin van buuren,ferry corsten,paul van dyk.