Planet Jam

Planet Jam

 Tucson, Arizona, USA

Planet Jam is a multinational Reggae and World Beat band playing haunting south-eastern european Gypsy melodies, glazed with exquisite guitar, percution virtuosity and genuine multilingual vocals (spanish, french, romanian, italan, portuguese and english)


Jamming on this Planet together since 1998.
Their "Tribal Healing" CD was released in 1999 and was well-received in a European tour that year from Romania through Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
The band has since dedicated itself to live perfomance and to accumulating new old traditional tunes worldwide.
Planet Jam's "The Outer World" CD has, released in 2004, starts you around the Black sea coast before moving west through Serbia to Italy, then grooves over to Cuba and Jamaica to put you in the Galactic Dub Council Diaspora of modern thinking.
Marius uses a guitar with synth, allowing brass instruments and sitar samples to meld perfectly with the exquisite virtuosity of harmony and sound that he masters from the strings of his Gibson. Marius is also an accomplished and rhythmic Didjeridoo player.
Kacy surely and steadily balances between melody and rhythm on the bass, bridging the guitar and percussion virtuosity that her band is known for.
John Hayles plays reggae and funk on his trapset most excellently. He is also extremely virsatile, adapting at the drop of a hat to Eastern European and other world beats.
Cecil Carter is a world-class percussionist specializing in Afro-cuban and Carribean rhythms.
2006 tour in romania 16 gigs resulting in a live CD to be released soon.


"Tribal Healing" released in 1999 available at
"The Outer World" released in 2004 at
"Seven Generations" by Marius & Mae Ploy 2004

Set List

# lively up youreself-- Bob Marley
# God is One-- Alpha Blondie
# Keep on moving-- Bob Marley
# Jahming-- Bob Marley
# Exodus-- Bob Marley
# Crazy Baldheads-- Bob Marley
# Get up Stand Up-- Bob Marley
# Zimbabwe --Bob Marley
# + many originals