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Planet Love Sound

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia | SELF
Band Alternative Pop




"Planet Love Sound"

The Grunge Safari, Tehachapi, Planet Love Sound, Batterie
FBi Social, Kings Cross Hotel
Friday June 22

It’s no surprise that Constantine and Tina – lead singers of Tehachapi and Planet Love Sound respectively – are related: both have a lust for spectacle and an undeniable talent for generating atmosphere. The two Melbourne bands showed up at FBi Social armed with a shitload of effects pedals and stylishly dishevelled op-shop shirts, even bringing with them a projectionist to soak the venue in Mogwai-meets-Mazzy-Star ambience.

Following local support Batterie’s impressive one-man rendition of Battles-esque math rock, Planet Love Sound took to the stage in a wash of jangly tremolo and confronting Fever Ray-style vocals. The crowd was noticeably captivated by Tina’s performance: she writhes almost epileptic against the mic stand in a display that would be uncomfortable if it weren’t so intoxicating. The band recently scored supports with the likes of Holy Fuck and Warpaint in Europe, and if you’ve seen them live, you’ll understand why. Their recordings don’t nearly do justice to their ethereal melodies, frenetic guitar solos and grounding rhythm section, which are driven by booming toms and cerebral basslines.

Tehachapi’s psychedelic post rock, with its lush guitar tones and reverb-dripping vocals, flowed on seamlessly from PLS’ set. The songs were spacious and evocative, and though long, they seemed to build and swell rather than peter out. Constantine’s midrange vocals were moody and dead on, somewhat reminiscent of PVT circa-Church With No Magic. They also did an endearing cover of Radiohead’s ‘Last Flowers’, sung by the charming drummer Laura, which probably helped to win me over.

In fact, I was a little disappointed when Tehachapi cut their set short to make way for The Grunge Safari, the headline act comprised of all members of the two prior bands. The eight of them squeezed onto the stage and although the songs were reasonably tight, I had a sense that as with most improvised/jam performances, the musicians were enjoying playing their gypsy-inspired version of The Velvet Underground more than we who had to endure it…

Dijana Kumurdian - The Brag Magazine

"Planet Love Sound - My Shadow"

Planet Love Sound - My Shadow. The sound? Kinda beautiful and fragile both. Like the chaotic madness of the video images, its self-contained nature and feeling that it's a thing onto itself. Each dancer lost in his or her own self-expression. Haven't seen any dance in a while, and the sound and the video remind me of all that I've been missing.

Who are Planet Love Sound? A Melbourne-based psychedelic/experimental pop act who've been fine-tuning their music in Berlin, Germany for the past two years. Their new EP 'Part 1' offers up a taste of what they've been working on. - Black Thought BLOG

"Planet Love Sound - Part 1 EP"

With a complex story comes a complex sound
Ex-Dukes Of Windsor boys Joe Franklin and Oscar Dawson teamed up with Tina Stefanou to create the Melbourne-founded, Berlin-based noise pop outfit known as Planet Love Sound. Difficult introductions aside, their debut EP is a monumental construction. Dominated by thickly layered atmospheric sections, the band pounds out a unique sound that contains ethereal tones alongside electronic industrial rock. Stefanou is a real treat; she harmonises like Florence Welch but with the lower register of someone like Lisa Mitchell, and her vocals bring a real depth of emotion to proceedings. Shifting the tempo on Nothing Lasts, the industrial influence winds back to make way for a folksier dynamic that contrasts well with the heavier tracks. The title song remains the real diamond of the release though. With delicate kick drum stumbling over jarring soft rock riffs, it generates and defines the soul-tearingly labyrinthine sound that characterises the EP. - Pete Walsh - Rave Magazine

"Planet Love Sound's 'My Shadow'"

Shadows are one of those natural sources of wonder for curious creative souls. Like the horizon, ocean tides, moonlight and morning frost, shadows seem to have an inexhaustible supply of poetic beauty and inspiration. Of course, with this comes the danger of dilution through overuse: these innocent mysteries of nature often become the crux of cringe-worthy clichés. It is refreshing, then, to stumble upon artists who use them in a meaningful way: something that adds to the intrigue of the shadow, rather than relying on it to convey its own tired symbolism.

Evidently, Melbourne’s Planet Love Sound admire shadows as much as I do. Their new single ‘My Shadow’ is raw and brooding, foreboding and full of darkness. The accompanying video experiments with movement and lighting in both natural and unnatural ways: Dancers switch between flowing, natural stretches and sharp choreographed steps. Swirls of smoke are trapped in artificial beams of light. Faces, though still, are morphed with the movement of shadows.

Perhaps my inner poet is getting a little overexcited here. (I have always been a bit obsessed with shadow puppets…) But have a look for yourself: tell me this doesn’t make you want to stand in front of a wall, slowly curling your wrists and waving your limbs about, attempting to make your shadow look as beautiful as these dancers’… IS THAT JUST ME?! - FBI radio


Part 1 - EP (2012)
On The Run - Single (2011)
My Shadow - Single (2012)
Part 2 - EP (2012)
Middle Of Nowher - Single (2012)



Planet Love Sound (aka P L S), is a fully independent Australian experimental/psychedelic pop band with a powerful sound and dynamic live show. The band cites Portishead, Radiohead, Jefferson Airplane and Tom Waits as important influences, personally writing and recording all their material from home studios in Berlin and Melbourne.

After forming in 2008, P L S relocated to Berlin in 2009 and there the band embarked on a journey that pushed them artistically and musically. Audiences praised the P L S sound, and several inspirational support slots were crucial in establishing their Berlin fan-base; firstly, for Canadian four-piece Holy F#@k, then for alt-country singer/songwriter Karen Elson, and most recently LA-based chick-rockers Warpaint. Returning to Australia for the summer of 2010/2011, P L S played a series of sell-out shows in their hometown of Melbourne and also embarked on several national headline tours.

The band has just released the second single, entitled ‘My Shadow’, from their debut EP Part 1. Comprised of ‘sweeping theatrical vocals over lo-fi organic electronica, teetering between gothic extravagance and the bittersweet subtlety of the final Moloko record’, this track is available as a free download at, whilst the newly minted video clip for this song can be viewed at the same website. First single, ‘On The Run’ (released in 2011) from Part 1 features a music video filmed in Germany, produced by the band, and directed by young Australian filmmaker Josh Dawson. This is also available to view at the band website, and was recently shown in a live Planet Love Sound performance at the Sydney Opera House, as part of the MusicOZ Awards ceremony.

The band also stands for social causes – remaining independent, and pressing their debut EP on vinyl intentionally through a local Australian company. They also are donating 20% of profits of vinyl sales to the Against Malaria foundation, a charity provide insecticide treated mosquito nets to malaria infected communities in Africa (Against Malaria is also rated as the top-charity in the world by

In addition to their live successes, the band collaborates with visual artists in both Australia and Europe. Their ongoing relationship with the international design conference Semi-Permanent is most notable. Songs such as ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ and ‘Shadows’ have featured at the Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong events and were produced specifically by the band to accompany the opening sequence videos that welcomed approximately 2000 people on each occasion. ‘Thirsty’, ‘a track hedged with a wonderful funk sensibility’ featured on the promotional video for a photography competition curated by prominent international photographer Dave LaChapelle, and in mid-2010 the band joined forces with Puerto Rican filmmaker Osvaldo Budet Melendez to create their very first mini-documentary entitled The Middle of Nowhere. It is through these collaborations that Planet Love Sound foresee a future that not only downloads sound, but also video. With this in mind, they aim to release each song with a visual feature, concept or accompaniment.

With a string of upcoming tour dates, this promises to be an exciting time for the band, who are touring throughout 2012 and releasing their follow up EP ‘Part 2’ mid-year. PLS then plan to record and self-produce their debut album, slated for release in 2013.