Planet Zero

Planet Zero


We are a alt/rock band hailing from Grand Rapids. We pride ourselves on our original music that reflects all of our passions, intrests, and outlooks on life in general.


Planet Zero was formed in the summer of 2005 from the ashes of several other West Michigan bands. With a mission to break the local stereotype of all rock bands being "mainstream” in order to appeal to radio stations, the band wanted to set themselves apart from the masses.

By blending guitar-driven songwriting with lyrical content inspired by the observations of an ordinary person, it appeals to both critics and the average rock fan. The music and live shows are a true testament to the hard work and creative bond these four friends from Grand Rapids have developed over years of playing together.

Since their former bands, Planet Zero have re-vamped and re-energized their sound to bring forth something fresh. With a soft, yet strong vocal presence; spirited guitar riffs; creative bass lines; and distinctive drumming, the band exibits a plethora of passion, creativity and musicianship.

With the Planet Zero era just beginning, there is plenty of energy and no end in sight...


Caleb the Comet EP 2006

Set List

Current Set List:
Black Suit Breeding Ground
Make it a Double
Gental Tide
High Wire
You Again
Ronnie Baby
Caleb the Comet

Average Set Length 45min