Plank 63

Plank 63


Supercharged, downbeat and thick grooved heavy rock, with hooks you can feel, and melodies you can hold onto.


Plank 63 was formed in the summer of 2000 when guitarist Donnie Vito and bassist James Whitman, both having worked in successful local Boston recording projets and club bands, finally decided to put together a long overdue and much hyped collaboration. Searching for an inventive and solid drummer, they found Ara Stepanian, who also added to their songwriting skills. Realizing that they were onto something different with a powerful, melodic and catchy sound, they knew they needed a singer who could handle the job to take the sound to the next level and beyond. They recruited Cameron Mackenzie, a local singer/songwriter known for his vocal strength and versatility, a reputation for writing catchy songs, and who had fronted other local bands to popularity (Black Belt Jones, Mudbuzzard). Together they formed the monstrous combination that began to fill club rooms with enthusiastic listeners and fans of solid heavy rock, giving them what they had been hungry for.


self-titled debut CD, Plank 63.

Set List

Set consists of 45-50 minutes of original material only.