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I believe my music is unique, different in a good way, uplifting, marketable, and overall just plain HOT!!


His name is Plas a.k.a. The P.K. He's currently 18 years old and has been rapping for over 7 years and recording for over 6. What makes him such a great rapper is his ability to make hits on any kind of song. The P.K. can either make a club banger, inspirational music, harcore rap, and even a story telling hit (Just to name a few). He also has something that many rappers don't have these present days and that is lyrical ability. In August of 2006 he has been selected in a group of 12 out of over 800 artists to perform in a live talent show at Harlem, NY. That just shows you that The P.K. also has experience in performing live. With his ability to variate on song types, experience in rap, lyrical talent, and marketable image, The P.K. will be a rapping success.



Written By: Plas

To all dem honeys in da club
All the honeys wanna rub
All the honeys showin love
Lets go motherfffff…..

Tell me if u feel it, Baby hear the pulse
Scream out u really want it tonight it been on us
Tell me if u feel it, Baby hear the pulse
Don’t say it is enuff cuz tonight it been on us

Verse 1
Baby wanna have me her mami wanna tap me
Behind my back her girls laugh at me
Take em to court and see whos harassing
Might get locked up only cuz I look blasted
Don’t matter to me still have a good time
Take me to jail I’ll fuck her behind
Not here talking trash or actin like dat
Im that nigga in the club wit bitches on my lap
Blunt smoke it my throat jus havin a blast
Haters want me to choke been thru hell and passed
Might have demons in my mind eatin my soul
I could take dis shyt and turn it to gold
Rock it on ur neck u showin off my feces
Sayin ur the best screamin u don’t need me
If it wasn’t for my flow youll probably rot
And ur girl pullin my blunt to heat up her box


Verse 2
Watch as I proceed to break it down
With a flow to make u bleed and run around for miles
The way I paint rhymes don’t call me Picasso
Real name Placido never flop though
Syllables will show nothing to drop hoes
But I do respect girls that swallow
Microwave them to jump more than popcorn
Then feel their hearts and see if they Pulse slow
Never hype up haters cuz I know they flukes
so sick they hear my rhymes and start to puke
Earnin loot in da corner lookin up to Duce
Bigallo hittin hoes me poppin 4 4’s
said im here to discriminate
Or change up da pace
Im better off wit ur girl tellin me how I taste
Bendin over tochtin her toes grabbin my waist
Kissin my microphone and she jus wanna sayyyy


Verse 3
Honeys say im random cuz I cant stand dem
Only grab dem when I rock my Magnums
Otherwise every bitch gonna claim im twisted
look at they beds 5 dicks they kissin
Everyday im spittin to say im perfect
Don’t hate on da wurds when dats da purpose
Many girls in da club see me and wanna lick
But they objective is to make my burn in my piss
As long as Im standin dats not gonna happen
They could go to mausoleums and fuck in caskets
A good time in dis bitch Devastation ran
Don’t say im impatient throw up ur hands
Bling always showing diamonds in the air
Gonna ride ur chick if she commin in pairs
Give her back to u think u getting some
Try to fuck on a rug and cant feel her Pulse


On us bitches
On us niggas
Feel Pulse niggas
Fuck it….

What's Up Mami

Written By: Plas

Let me step up to the mic
To all dem honeys out there
Show yall a little preview

Chorus 2X
I see you so whats up mami how u been and is u chillin
Mami movin
Mami do it
Mami grooving
Whats up mami

Verse 1
My flow could move u niggas confuse u like the end is near so whens the conclusion

Its not soon and jump in my coupe den take off ur boots so we could get loose ma

I could go from 0 to 60 if im piffin streaks never missin listen if im kidding

Ur man still cryin only cuz u ridin me on da bottom don’t pop da condom

Make her feel good on the weed and some chemicals put her on my genitals

Like the wind she givin blows matter if her air is cold

Either way I’ll break her nose feeling kinda humble though

For a second lets suppose that she wont give brains or a piece of skull

She be on a bed flat line testing no pulse essentially it be on us

If we flow we keep the lust If we don’t it be a must

Dat she pissed kickin dust

Chorus 2X

Verse 2
Yo she could drop her thong lower than the base line make her top drop bras lift she stay mine

Call me Casanova fuck her and its over blame me cuz im sober pray to God hold her

Her weed was potent that’s why I smoked it took her chain and sold it they say im corroded

Ice stay frozen melts when im flowin in the booth exploding volcano lava glowin

Everyday im focused like doin hypnosis girls promote this break backs scoliosis

Fake MC’s my tanks on empty got snipers wit hoes throwin up in Bentleys

So do not tempt me haters swingin on vines apes screamin on nines cuz they not prime

throw dem some bannans mami got her dance up go up and ask her is u a smasher?

Notice never laugh though I do show some pizass ur mans wack cut his class

Only type that roll wit lice dirty niggas love to bite

PK skillz bringin mills haters hate how it feels

She sweatin on my sex appeal should I fuck her then dump her I don’t know and I don’t care

Booty flappin everywhere smoke chocking in the air

My love she wanna strip bring a girl don’t quit on the bed we do our shyt I get up and that is it

Chorus 2X

Verse 3
Whats up mama don’t be actin mala trap u in my casa u wet on my cama

Me speaky espanol solo un poqiuto but we both know that ur style is perrito

Bend over shakin it u want it anal the paper u makin it suck for a peso

Plas be amazing kinda aggrevating that im on vacation and u in my basement

Chours 2X

Let Em Know

Written By: Plas

Lets let em know that, lets let em know that, lets let em know that, lets let em know that, lets let em know that, Uh, Uh, Uh,….

Chorus 2X
Lets leeeet em know (let em know that)
We caaaame to step (came to step and)
We dooon’t want beef (no beef so)
Lets partyyyy all week (All week cuz)

Verse 1
The chrome is on
The Louis Vuttion
Haters gonna keep on hatin
So you know that they wrong
The ice on my neck
Blingin special effects
Bringing light to the sky
when my chains connect
Range Rova Navy Blue
Sittin on 22’s put the petal to the metal
With them alligator boots
Tell me what u gonna do I’ll take ur chick in my whip
Turn her into a bitch strippin down to her tits
heard im here to spit and rhyme about honeys
Traveling everyday luxury and some money
Girls niggas fuck wit claim to have a miscarriage
Was cuz 9 months ago we was layin in Paris
Talk about belly dancers twistin into dem knots
Getting blazed a lot while crusin on yachts
Who said im superman im not made of steel
But ive broken many backs of dimes in Brazil So…

Chorus 2X

Verse 2
Up to this day there are rappers that pose
If im hard to figure out don’t study my flow
But u could check out my hoes
How I never keep them close
Record my studies without takin any notes
Let me hit it when its wet in my Navy Blue Rova
only use that whip to pick up chicks when they sober
One climbs in the car her friends want to get in
If she on the PK’s watch everyone gonna win
On her knees she a sex fiend Grab my sac bust on her jeans
Don’t roll up buds unless they green collars pop they European
niggas locked you cannot see em PK’s hot you cannot be him
Diamonds shine you wanna feel em let dem drop result to bleedin
we don’t want it that way my flow could change up the pace
Versace boxers on my dick Rolex fresh in the case
Im the balla that stunts and is fresh all at once
Let me end famines and make it rain for months So…

Chorus 2X

Verse 3
Aint no beefin or no hatin we came here to step
Im chillin lyrically killin the crew that you rep
Blunt smoke that’s supposed to make time turn slow
People heard we here to party you best let em know
Shot out to my divas with the Prada and the Gucci purse
Whippin pimpin niggas on their knees rockin Fendi furs
Ladies first I’ll make em curse see the problems that emerge
I got two bitches on my bed another callin she the third
baby mamma be concerned cuz her dreams are still differed
Groupies flippin her the bird she be hurt she need a nurse
I like her so I let her burn guess she gets what she deserves
she preffer to go to school not to learn but to earn
An education she impatient im amazing always blazin
Haters pacin constipating cuz my hoes still rotating
Made everyone dance aint no problems that im really facin
Throw up your hands for the east coast continuation

Chorus 4X