Plastic Barricades
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Plastic Barricades

London, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

London, United Kingdom | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Indie


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"Introducing: Plastic Barricades"

First birthed in Estonia in 2007, this now North-West London based Plastic Barricades have gone from strength to strength. From their inception this trio, fronted by guitarist, keyboard and vocalist Dan Kert, have dedicated themselves to creating and broadcasting music with a meaning. Their songs seek to comment on our society with painstaking sincerity, both asking questions and proposing answers.

Their sound is driven by clear, high guitar that keeps the mood in a sort of ephemeral summer, light and airy, while harmonies across the trio’s instruments add a sense of emotional weight. ‘Needles In Haystacks’ in particular – the band’s most recent release from their upcoming album – is a track that strikes the perfect balance between melodic and melancholic. You can bop along happily to the beautifully constructed rhythms, but pausing to actually take in the lyrics can be awfully sobering. It talks to those of us who can forget the journey when aiming for the destination. “All you need is a bit of greed, and ambition to succeed. Ask yourself tonight, would you like to hit rewind?”

Upbeat and romantic but touched with down-to-Earth realism, Plastic Barricades music is the kind that we all wordless agree on; the sort that has a purpose, or a message. Their lyrics are honest without labouring the point, and citing influences from Keane to Oasis they seek to chronicle life in the “troubled yet fascinating” 21st Century.

With their previous singles racking up plays on Soundcloud, ‘Needles In Haystacks’ recieving airplay on over 300 stations worldwide, and a tour in the works, now might be the perfect time to give them a listen. - The Edge Magazine

"Plastic Barricades – Sink into the lush sounds and vibrant melody of “Needles in Haystacks”"

The new single “Needles in Haystacks”, by Plastic Barricades had its worldwide premier on the 13th of July! The band’s third and final single from their upcoming album is already on almost 300 stations in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Japan. Frazer Webster recorded the drums with Tyson Gettel behind the desk and Stephan Kain assisting. Bass was done by Daniele Borgato at his home studio. Dan Kert recorded the guitars, keyboards and vocals at Shed Studio. Australian, Julia Lamb, played additional lead guitar.

I’ve been with Plastic Barricades ever since I first heard “Tree of Ideas” in 2013, and am happy to say that they just keep getting better. I loved “Shine” and then nearly went wild when “Mastermind” came out. But “Needles in Haystacks” takes it to a new level. Rarely do you find artists willing to devote time to making songs that simultaneously are lyrically beautiful and musically textured. We saw that with their previous releases, and now Plastic Barricades has proven how consistent they are by delivering another round of catchy, layered music.
Plastic Barricades

Plastic Barricades

Few bands manage so expertly to toe the line between the intelligible and the poppy, uniting both the indie and mainstream listener. Unlike lesser indie bands that become obnoxious over time due to an eccentricity overload. Pop songwriting has always been a breeze for Plastic Barricades.

With each record it seems that Plastic Barricades expands their unique sound ever so slightly. The jangly guitars and spacey beats awash with melody and cool mellowness – albeit with a fresh coat of paint and some challenging instrumentation – is all here on “Needles in Haystacks”.

Complete with a heartbeat bass and drum rhythm, as well as Dan Kert’s gentle crooning, “Needles in Haystacks” comes together to create an upbeat, yet relaxing and atmospheric track. The guitars are so hypnotic but weightless and natural that you can’t help being pulled in immediately. The pacing of the song is also flawless, allowing for an accessible and attentive listening experience.

The great thing about Plastic Barricades is that each of their songs is so intricately structured that it becomes a living thing, and its listening experience grows and matures as you do. Current fans will be more than pleased and newcomers will be able to easily sink into the lush sounds and vibrant melody of “Needles in Haystacks”.

Stuart Cooney, who is working on the rest of the album, has done the mixing on “Needles in Haystacks”, while Andy “Hippy” Baldwin mastered the track at Metropolis Studios in West London. The person better known as the “fourth Barricade”, Elina Pasok, takes care of all the artwork. - JamSphere Magazine

"Plastic Barricades: “Masterminds” -A Creative Peak in Terms of Sonic Arrangement"

“Masterminds” shows a band very comfortable with who they are and their abilities. The song here comprises a certain non-angst that seems quite the contrary of today’s insecure world. The lyrics about self-determination, security, trust in others, and the choice to move ahead and uplift yourself is both powerful and credible.

In the sludge that most of today’s popular music is, it is fantastic to have “Masterminds” come out. First of all, the music on this single is simple and crafted to perfection. The chord progressions and guitar phrasing is amazingly clean, unique and tasteful. The swells, builds and moods the music and vocals creates, brings the song up to an impressive level.

Once again Plastic Barricades have produced music rich in layered imagery, musical atmosphere and melodic sweetness, with the band reaching something of a creative peak in terms of sonic arrangement.

Furthermore, Plastic Barricades has something important to say; the lyrics caress, sooth and enlighten. I think this is a pivotal single for the band, demonstrating both a progression and maturity in terms of playing and song writing. It’s going to be very interesting to see where they go from here…when the new album finally arrives! - Tone Flame Magazine


2017 - "Mechanics of Life" debut album (coming in January 2017)
2016 - "Around the Sun" single
2015 - "Needles in Haystacks" single
2014 - "Masterminds" single
2014 - "Shine!" single
2012 - "Tree of Ideas" EP
2010 - "Gamble Inc" EP
2008 - "Metropolitan Paranoia" EP
2008 - "London walk/Heavy World" single



Shimmering bass and ringing guitars
Meaningful lyrics healing your scars
Heart-breaking beat put on repeat
Mystical keyboards make us complete

Curious, happy, honest and sad
Future of mankind makes us gloomy and mad
Don’t try to run, nowhere to hide
There is no escape from our little Plastic Tribe!

Romantic and honest, gloomy and curious, melodic and melancholic, Plastic Barricades chronicle life in the troubled yet fascinating XXI century with painstaking sincerity, asking questions and trying to find the answers. Inspired and influenced by almighty Radiohead, Oasis, Coldplay, Muse, Keane, Razorlight, Nirvana and many others, the band loves to experiment with styles, sound and approach.

Based in North-West London, Plastic Barricades are Dan Kert on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Daniele Borgato on bass guitar, Jonas Svendsen on lead guitar and Frazer James Webster on drums.

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