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2002 Pop Songs & Rock People
2004 The Red Light Underground
2006 Kaleidoscope

2001 Baby Gasoline
2002 Sleep All Day
2002 Honey Honey



“Baby Gasoline” was the song that revealed Plastica to the Portuguese mainstream musical industry. It was selected to be the single for the Optimus 2000 project; “Baby Gasoline” reached the tops and was the most played song of the year on the Portuguese airplay charts.
Catchy melodies and choruses are an absolute trademark from Plastica, showing audiences that this is definitely a “song” band.
All Radio Stations are thankful, and it all sounds like the best pop/rock made in her majesty’s United Kingdom, all this led to Plastica being chosen as the opening act for bands like: Oasis, James and The Cranberries.
The highlight in 2001 happened on the main stage from “Vilar de Mouros Summer Festival” where the band played side by side with Alanis Morrissette and Sonic Youth.
This media exposure offered the band a record deal for 4 albums with the Portuguese major label, EMI Records, which had been following Plastica´s highlight at the scene.
The rest of 2001 was spent at the studio recording their debut album “Pop Songs & Rock People”. The album was produced by Rick Peet who had previously worked with bands such as Muse, Charlatans and Six by Seven, and gave the record the international touch that the band had always wanted for their songs.
At the end of 2001, the band was invited to be the special guest opening act at the Lisbon Coliseum and Porto Coliseum for James on their last world tour.
“Sleep all day” was the single chosen between the 14 songs from the debut album “Pop Songs & Rock People”. A special edition EP with three songs definitely unveils one of the most interesting pop/rock acts made in Portugal.
“Sleep all day” went to #1 on the Portuguese charts and was the song that had the most airplay of 2002! This was definitely Plastica´s year. The band goes on tour promoting their debut album with more than 90 live shows all over the country. Interviews, press, radio; special TV appearances took the band to the limelight including the performance at the “Sudoeste Summer Festival” side by side with bands like Muse and The Cure.
“Honey Honey” was the 2nd single from “Pop Songs & Rock People”, it took the band on the road again and they were the special guest opening act on the tour of London´s Suede.
After “Pop Songs & Rock People”, after “Baby Gasoline”, “Sleep all day” and “Honey Honey”, after more than 90 shows in one year, the band spent the year of 2003 writing their 2nd album.
“Sleep all day” is the single chosen to be released on the well known compilation “NOW 6” alongside bands like Coldplay and U2…
Creative incompatibilities with EMI Records led the band to a new record deal with the Portuguese independent label Metro.
Produced by the band members, the recording sessions took place at Plastica´s own “Red Light Studios” – a true relaxing and spiritual bunker located underground, where the red light flow is as inspiring as relaxing.
“The Red Light Underground” is the name of the 2nd album that shows Plastica at their best creative point on their career. The 15 songs reveal a new concept of making a CD release. A split CD with two sides just like the old fashion vinyl records. The whole vinyl concept is recovered and assumed by the band in the “The Red Light Underground” CD release (retro sleeve artwork, retro sound and a 2 sided recording format).
On Side A Plastica stuck to the best retro Rock sessions ever made in this country in seven classic (drums, bass, guitars, vocals) rock songs with catchy choruses. On Side B we can find all of the 70´s psychedelic influences in eight songs full of beautiful ambiences and sound experiments. All this takes you back on a mystical trip to the old vinyl classic format that is almost forgotten by the mainstream.
“Bugs and Astronauts” is the single taken from this album to show the new Plastica to the Portuguese musical mainstream.
This song is fresh, this song is something new!
This song is the new Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Yes…“The Red Light Underground” is the record that the true music lovers want to listen and enjoy.
2004 is the international year for Plastica, and the band played at the “International Pop Overthrow ” Festival in Liverpool – UK at the famous and mythical The Cavern Club where The Beatles made their first appearances.
The band signs a record deal with the Spanish independent label, Liliput Records, releasing “The Red Light Underground ” in Spanish territory with a special artwork sleeve and extra booklet with pictures and lyrics, taking The Red Light Tour to some of the most important Spanish clubs.
“Boys, Girls & Toys” is the song chosen to be on “INDI * RADIO ” - a compilation of the most important international new bands of the moment released by the Spanish label El Diablo Records.
The great acceptance for “The Red Light Underground” in Spain led Plastica to sign a major deal with Clippers Music – one of the most important publishing agencies in the world, that works with artists like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd or Davi