Plastic Chord

Plastic Chord


Spitting space twisting synthesizers intertwined with salivating horn arrangements swirling around doom-funk guitars and drums that strike the head like a six pound spanner.


Since 2005, Plastic Chord has toured and eaten breakfast around the middle-west portion of the USA.

In late '07 they released an album called Colonial Conundrum. As you may or may not have expected from the title, it is about tyrants, madness, cities, umbrellas, and driving. It spent 4 weeks on the cmj top too-hundred, peaking at #115 and continues to get play on many US and Canada radio stations.

The follow-up to this release came out a year later, in e.p. form, entitled 'Electric Tendrils'. Each album jacket is rubber hand stamped with four layers of designs.

Over the last few years, they have played throughout the Twin Cities, Chicago, Texas and beyond. Venues include:
First Ave., The 7th Street Entry, Turf Club, Hexagon Bar, The Nite Owl, Cafe Bourbon Street, 400 Bar, Mad Planet, Big V's, Dinkytowner, Sound Gallery, What's Up Lounge, Macalaster College, Cafe Montmartre, Electric Earth Cafe, Riverwest Commons, The Whole (U of M campus), Club Underground, Viking Bar, The Klinic, The Modern Exchange, Memory Lanes, Nomad World Pub, Steaknife, Uptown Bar, Canopy Club, Red Line Tap, The Fine Line Music Cafe, 331 Club, Art-a-Whirl festival, and more.


Electric Tendrils: Nov 2008
Colonial Conundrum: Oct 2007
Hither and Yon, To and Fro: 2006
The Plastic Chord Attitude: 2006
Implanted Kingdom: 2005

Set List

Typical setlist: 9-11 songs.
Can play anywhere from 30 min. to 2 hrs.

Songs we can perform live:
Weathervanes and Lightning Rods
Head Lop Bop
Thang Goin' On
Smiles and Frowns
No Windows
Arm in a Sling
Umbrella Oil
Mirrors for Princes
The Sequence
Drive There and Back
The Heir
Magic Dance (D. Bowie)
Upside Down
Dr. Schreber
Syndicate of Delegates
The City's Overtaken
Arduous Task of Asking
Banquet of the Lepeordmen
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Born in the 80s
Lizard Neurosis