Plastic Dog

Plastic Dog


Currently an unplugged rock band featuring strong melodic vocals and sweeping textures of lead guitar that is often compared to Lenny Kravitz, Sebadoh, and Ween. The new album High Noon has some country and western styles but Plastic Dog is an alternative rock acts that likes testing vaious genres.


Plastic Dog is a mythical superhero sidekick to the famous comic book character Plastic Man. His power is to change into any form like a key to let all the other dogs out of the pound. This is the origin of the band name and also their musical philosophy.

Band members Curtis and DeCorse met while performing as arch rivals on the same club circuit in Hollywood, California. One night, at the Opium Den's Dr. Wu nightclub opening for Queens of the Stone Age in 2001, Curtis' then guitarist got a cramp in his calf and was rendered incapable of finishing the set.

Although Curtis and DeCorse had a Patty Boyd type of love triangle with now Broadway singer whose name cannot be mentioned here; DeCorse felt the pressure and put all their differences aside to complete their set that night. Plastic Dog was born.



Written By: Josh Curtis

Whenever I walk my dog in the mornin'
Which will be tomorrow mornin'
'Cuz I do so every mornin'

And when I hear someone
My name
I'll know it's you

Whenever I drive my car down Spaulding
What is that voice I hear calling
The sweet smell of vanilla that you're


Plastic Dog - High Noon '08 (also available on iTunes)
Plastic Dog - Bean '06
Plastic Dog - self-titled '01
All available at

'I've Dreamed of You' featured in Paramount Pictures television show 'Ed' (episode entitled "the Proposal")

Set List

We can do an acoustic set or "plugged in"full band. We have a rhythm section that we perform with in the Jimi Homeless Experience.

1. Trapeze Gallery
2. As Itself
3. Vegas
4. Sweet Ginger
5. Funny (Dr.Pepper)
6. Twilight - Elliot Smith cover
7. Baby
8. Best Kid in Town
9. Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac

Our sets usually range between 30-40 minutes. But we have many original and cover songs so we can expand the set longer or do several sets.