Plastic Honey

Plastic Honey

 New York City, New York, USA

A combining of rock, mod rock, punk, post punk, emo, and indie. What happens when Bikini Kill, Kleenex, Metric, Breeders, the pixies, the jam, Trans Am, Six Finger Satelite, Sonic Youth, sleater-kinney, form a group.


In late 2006 Michele McGonigle met Jackie Bodley via an ex-drummer (from The Pervs and Magic Robot) and they started to make music. In early 2007 Jackie joined The Pervs ( Later in 2007 they thought why not continue with the "side project" idea they had in 2006; A band that is more pop punk / mod rock/new wave to balance their post punk/ glam/ rock 'n' roll sides. And so Magic Robot was created. The old drummer left in Fall of 2008 and Patrick joined in early 2009 to form Plastic Honey.


Set List

Our set is about 30 to 40 minutes long and we usually play 11 songs:

Pink Neck
Awkward I Love You
electric love machine
Too Late
Don't Panic
1 Million Lites
Umbershoots & Slickers