Plasticine Dream

Plasticine Dream


Plasticine Dream evoke the classic sounds of the late 60s - The Beatles, Stones and Buffalo Springfield to name just a few influences. Their debut album is full of catchy melodies and has an interesting and varied appeal, from pop to rock and from funk to soul. This band knows no boundaries!


Plasticine Dream formed in 2007 which consists of Nick Clarke on vocals, James Craig on guitar, Jamie Christian on bass, and Joe Kneale on drums. Nick and James, the chief songwriters, have been in bands together since 2003. "Crystal Water Blue" the first track recorded for their debut album was aired on local radio and received very positive feedback. They are based in the Isle of Man.


Crystal Water Blue

Written By: Nick Clarke

Another road, which way will i go
Cuz i just don't know, i don't understand
Another day, with not much to say
I just don't know, just who i am

Where are you going, where are you going to
What are you doing, what are you gonna do
Crystal Water Blue

This isn't another day so you'd better not waste it
Just listen to what i say and embrace it


Forthcoming self-produced debut album entitled "Another Road".

Set List

1 hour set at present. All original material.