Plastic Musik

Plastic Musik

 Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Utilizing traditional percussion techniques infused with a non-traditional blend of all-plastic instruments, this extremely versatile group of musicians continue to mesmerize audiences of all ages with their energetically explosive, melodic approach to rhythm.


“Plastic musik is an unbelievably unique performance group.” –(Xan Michaels- Xan Chiva Productions) “Utilizing traditional percussion techniques infused with a non-traditional blend of all-plastic instruments, while featuring a revolutionary new product called “Boomwhackers,” ( this extremely versatile group of musicians/percussionists continue to mesmerize audiences of all ages, demographics and varied interests, both musician and non-musician alike, with their energetically explosive, melodic approach to rhythm.” – (James Alt- Club Critique Magazine) “Being featured entertainers on network television, professional sporting events, theme parks, major corporate events and colleges (for education & performance) throughout the United States, is just a national introduction for Plastic Musik on their way to international success.” – (Marty Williamson- Curb Bender Promotions)

Created in Roanoke, VA 2002 by well known artist/musician Jeremy Price (STOMP& STOMP OUT LOUD), the production and evolution of Plastic Musik started with five core cast members and a tremendous amount of rehearsal time. Now, many years in the making, Plastic Musik has been recognized by some of their biggest peers in the music world and grown into multiple performance avenues, stronger cast members (making the project expandable into a nine man performance ensemble) and even showcasing a live backing band. In 2008 Plastic Musik relocated itself to Las Vegas, NV, effectively becoming one of the most sought after eclectic performance troops in the entertainment industry. Performing styles ranging from complex classical selections, progressing to Motown classics, into everything from 1980’s movie themes to intense original compositions, Plastic Musik will bring a smile to your face and entertainment to your ears, all while giving the crowd a visually stimulating stage show.


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Set List

The Set List/ Show
What happens when you combine plastic tubes, laundry tubs, musical instruments, and a bunch of classic songs? Plastic Musik!

Plastic Musik is an abstract percussion show that combines innovative instrumentation with high energy, unpredictable theatrics to bring you an enjoyable experience that you are unlikely to forget.

By using all plastic instruments, including a product known as “Boomwhackers,” and the help of a three piece band, Plastic Musik is able to put an unexpected twist on some of the most recognizable songs of our time. Imagine a complete arrangement of Mozart’s 40th, performed entirely with plastic tubes. Or maybe Beethoven is more your taste. Perhaps you prefer the soul of Motown, the classics of the 80’s, hip-hop hits, or lightning fast rudimental drumming. Whatever your musical tastes, they’ve got it covered.

Along with the vast repertoire of recognizable melodies and songs, Plastic Musik incorporates carefully choreographed moveme