Plastik Lies

Plastik Lies


Montreal's Plastik Lies is a new SuperSolid Rock band founded by four passionate musicians. Their original hypnotizing sound and a unique approach of melodies brings a breath of fresh air.


Plastik Lies is a new PowerRock band that was born two years ago and has all the attributes to become a great band: an original sound, sublime melodies and an infinite dedication to the music. The band was founded by four members issued from Montreal musical scene: Matt Toupin brilliantly attacking the drums, Martin Lamontagne banging the Bass, S. Mackay rushing the guitar and M. Pronn tearing his vocal cords out.

With Unsuperficial Madness, the last album of the band, M. Pronn lead us into a world where the extreme and the inaccessible reigns. All songs reflect a marginal life-style while staying connected. With his piercing and powerful voice, the hard guitar-driven progressive Rock riffs, Plastik Lies show us what's the meaning of intelligence and subtlety.

At 10 years old, Pronn found his dad's guitar hidden in the closet and from now then discovered his vocation. At only 15, he was one of the founder members of Haze and Shuffle, 3 years after they signed a record deal with Arista Records. A coupled of years have passed and willing to go further in his inspiration, Pronn formed Plastik Lies. He putted all his soul in the writting of an album that would be entitled, Dead Man in the Band. It's that sincere, deep and striking album that brings a solid foundation to the band.

All the Lyrics, the music and the production of Unsuperficial Madness is credited to Martin Pronn. The result shows us all the music knowledge of the musicians who avoids unnecessary studio tricks while presenting the band in its most forceful natural state.

PL was created with primary objective, reaching the highest musical standards by grouping the best musicians and to merge all their energies. All of them put their souls and their music experience to preserve the identity of the band. With the new album, the quartet delivers us a solid performance where the aggressivity and the smoothness are mixed together perfectly.

Plastik Lies is an entity of a new generation that defies the synchronized life.



Written By: Martin Pronn

Inside I hide my surprise.
The gold mine is mine,
In spite of the price.
I sit, I sit, and I wait.
Expecting the worst.
Will I get through oh Christ?
I never, never hold on.
I never think twice.
Not a sweat on my face.
But something still drives me wild,
And rides my whole world
Into the unknown

Open the gift and look indoor.

Dammned the synchronized life
The prison of mind.
It holds you on to the ground.
I scream, I rage and I grow.
Look at me, you'll know.
who's out of control.
Green the color that surrounds me.
You try to keep me down.
But I'm not yet to be found.
So follow me inside a place,
Where you'll feel the grace.
I'll be laughing at your face.

Open the gift and look indoor

Plastik Lies

Written By: M. Pronn

Find you're history, you're plastik mind, the places you'd rather be.
Faces of misery, they're haunting me. It runs in the family.

Away, I roam into the night, creating a genocide.In places I use to hide, I forget my crime.

Show your cards to me, your plastik lies. Your forgotten memories.
Find your place in time, the ones you've left behind. Cause I know my family tree.

Away, I roam into the night, creating a genocide. In places I use to hide, I forget my crime.


Get your haze- LP- 1993 (Haze and Shuffle, Arista Records)
Dead Man in a band- LP- 1997 (Plastik Lies, M.Pronn)
Unsuperficial Madness- LP- 2003 (Plastik Lies, M.Pronn) - Debut on college radio and speciality shows. (140 and more radios)

1. KSMC- Moraga, CA, in rotation
2. KSVR- Mt.Vernon, WA, in rotation
3. WCVM- Morrisville, NY, in rotation
4. WNSU- FT. Lauderdale, FL, debut #25 top 30
5. WSWI- Evansville, IN, debut #26 top 30
6. WVUD- Newark, DE, in rotation
7. CFCR- Saskatoon, SK, Can, in rotation
8. CFMU- Hamilton, Ont, Can, in rotation
9. KCRH- Hayward, CA, in rotation
10. KSCR- Los Angeles, CA, in rotation
11. KXZY- Stillwater, OK, in rotation
12. KZMU- Moab, UT, on rotation
13. WCCX- Waukesha, WI, in rotation
14. WFHC, Henderson, TN, in rotation
15. WMPG, Portland, ME, in rotation
16. WRUB- Amherst, NY, in rotation
17. WRBB- Boston, MA, in rotation
18. CISM- Montreal, QC, Can, in rotation
19. CJAM- Detroit, MI, in rotation
20. KCFV- St.Louis, MO, in rotation
21. KCSB- Santa Barbara, CA, in rotation
22. KGFN- El Cajon, CA, #10 top 30
23. KNWD- Natchitoches, LA, Doing Well
24. KRUX- Las Cruses, NM, in rotation
25. KSSU-2- Sacramento, CA, in rotation
26. KVDU- Denver, CO, in rotation
27. KWTS- Canyon, TX, in rotation
28. WBAR- New-York, NY, in rotation
29. WBUL, Tampa, FL, in rotation
30. WNYU- New-York, NY, in rotation

a lot more radios...

Set List

The electrifying Rock band that is Plastik Lies gives us a lot of original songs during a show and can even start a real Rock jam on the stage. The show is set for 1-2 hours, indoor, outside or even on the moon. Plastik Lies is ready to play everywhere, and anytime. The rates are always negotiable according to the distance between the cities.

Plastik Lies
Rocked Up life
Can I Fly?
Fading Son
River Side
Desert Rain
Turning, Returning
Dying Insane
Who killed Joey?

plus new songs from the next album!