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The best kept secret in music


"Max Magazine Dec. 1993 vol.2, No.45"

Given the blitz of new bands flooding the record industry, Haze and Shuffle isn't worried about competition for listeners.

While hard Rock is the essence of band, it gets a little folsky on SHE GOT ME and then experiments with blues on MISS MARY.

Since Arista Records signed the band six months ago, Haze and Shuffle has tried to break all the walls around them. The five-member band got together three years ago during high school. They honed their musical skills during late-night jam sessions while living together in a seedy apartment above an auto body shop in the Montreal suburb of Laval.

Lying about their ages, Martin Pronn(guitar), Fred Neron(guitar), Stephen Dumont(drums), Sebastian Laffite(Bass) and Jacques began building a fan base at local clubs. It wasn't long before they landed a record deal with the Canadian label Artiste which led to an American deal with Arista. - Misti c. Lee

"Hit Parader 1993"

Ah, what in the world is better than good, but the fact is that the band Haze and Shuffle may well prove that French Canadians can do more than merely lace up their skates before hiting the ice. Indeed, on this Montreal-based quintet's debut album. GET YOUR HAZE, vocalist Daniel Jacques, guitarists Martin Pronn and Fred Neron, Bassist Sebastian Laffite and drummer Stephen Dumont show that they're out to make a major mark for themselves in the hard Rock world.

- Coming from Montreal is beneficial in many ways,- Jacques said - You don't have as competitive a musical scene, and not every band is trying to copy the other. That makes for a more original and inspired type of band.-

Haze and Shuffle began four years ago, when as teenagers. The five band members all moved in together in a run-down apartment in the Montreal suburb of Laval. - Shooting Stars

"Boston Rock nov. 5 1993"

Guitars that careen off vinyl like fingernails to a chalkboard aren't necessarily my idea of good music. But there's something fascinating about Montreal's Haze and Shuffle. Like Wonderstuff with chain-mail underwear, these five bratty punters shooy attitude without faking it. -WHAT 'YA DO WITH ME- chugs along to a locomotive beat(sorta like Love and Rockets) with vocalist Daniel Jacques doing his best Bono-Micheal Hutchence purr, growling passionately about a selfish and violent love.

While lyrics can't be counted as one of their strong points, their balance of power chords and a simple yet effective bass structure keeps their interest level up when their deep philosophical musings run dry. If you want raucous, gritty, fun shit, GET YOUR HAZE will keep you interested long after the rainforests have dissolved. - Rey Roldan

"Martin Pronn takes a long journey to Plastik Lies"

By: Holly Day (Associate Writer)

At 10, a young Martin Pronn found his father's guitar tucked away in the back of a closet. Fearlessly, he dragged the instrument from where it was hidden and from that moment on, Martin Pronn was a guitarist. "My father, he was pretty much happy with me playing his guitar," laughs Martin, recalling the event. "He had stopped playing it, so he was happy that I had found it."

A few short years later, after playing in a variety of bands, a 15-year-old Pronn was playing guitar in the Canadian metal band Haze and Shuffle, which was eventually signed to Arista Records. Haze and Shuffle released the critically acclaimed "Get Your Haze" before calling it quits, and Pronn struck out on his own. He released his solo debut in 1997, "Dead Man in a Band," and soon followed it with the recently-released "Unsuperficial Madness."

"I just woke up one morning, and bang! Plastik Lies," says Pronn of his new band. "That's where the name of the band came from. At first, I used it in a song, the second song on the album, but then I thought 'Well, this is my band name for sure.' That was the name of a band I wanted to be in, Plastik Lies. I think it represents really well our society now. So I stuck with it and I'm still sticking with it," he adds, laughing.

"The songs on 'Unsuperficial Madness' came together because I had a really bad breakup with the mother of my kids," says Pronn of the album. "I started writing all summer, the summer of 2001. I started writing songs and writing and writing, and I didn't know it was going, but pretty soon, I realized I had written a whole album."

The album reflects the turmoil that Pronn must have been dealing with at the time, as anger and frustration seem to be a driving force behind many of these songs. The melancholy guitar riffs behind the metal ballad, "Can I Fly?" perhaps best reflects the overall feeling of helplessness that the voice that sings, "You look at me as thought I'm a nobody," in the song.

But as dark as they get, the songs all carry a strong thread of hope through them, too, mostly through the power of the music. This is guitar rock at its best, with driving percussion and bombastic power chords, hearkening back to the days when music was recorded starkly and harshly and felt as raw as a new razor blade.

"I don't write happy songs, but that doesn't mean I'm not a happy guy," says Pronn. "I like emotions, and for me, emotions are in sad songs. It's sad to say, but it's really like that. I don't feel that it's angry music, but it's right there. I'm ready to burn. That's all I want to say about it.

"For me, music is a way of life," says Pronn. "Music is not just writing music. You've got to live it, and that's why it reflect in my music. When you hear my music, you see a guy that's lives his emotions. If you don't do that, just stay at home. That's my opinion.

"I know a lot of people are thinking like me these days. It's about time someone stands up and says, 'Hey, listen!'" He pauses for breath. "You've got to know how to write songs first of all, you know? And a lot of people write songs, and they think that because they've know a couple of chords , they can write a song, but no, that's not the way it works, man. You've got to live it, too. That's the first step in writing music, is to live it."

Despite, or perhaps because of, his experience dealing with a major record label in his previous bands, Pronn decided to release his own music on his own label, Secret Society Records. "These days, you don't have any choice, any freedom, when dealing with a major record label," says Pronn. "A major record label doesn't give you any choices, so if you want to do something your way, you've got to do all the work on it yourself, and that means everything—the recording, the distribution, setting up the tours—everything. If you don't do it like that, you stay at home. It's really sad, but what could we do?

"I would love to be discovered on a beach, like the Doors or something, but that's not the case these days. You've got to work your thing, and you've got to be sure what you do. It's got to reflect in your music. I don't know about the other bands, but for me, it was really essential to record the album myself, to have control over the product.

"I think the title of this album really reflects what's on it," he adds of 'Unsuperficial Madness'. "I didn't want nothing superficial on it, and nothing on that album is superficial. There's no tricky studio effects and all that, there's no double voice. Everything is really on one take. Music for me, it's like Zepplin used to do it, and Sabbath. It's one take, it's 'let's do it.' So that's what I tried to keep with this album.

"And that's the message behind this album," finishes Pronn. "Just, 'let's do it.' Do your own thing, and do it with heart."

More about Plastik Lies
* Genre: Hard Rock
* Hometown: Montreal, Quebec
* Label: Secret Society Records and The Orchard
* Plastik Lies Website
* Buy Plastik Lies' CD Unsuperficial Madness:
Napster, itunes, Cd baby, amazon or thru plastik lies website - Music Dish (Eric de Fontenay)


Get your haze- LP- 1993 (Haze and Shuffle, Arista Records)
Dead Man in a band- LP- 1997 (Plastik Lies, M.Pronn)
Unsuperficial Madness- LP- 2003 (Plastik Lies, M.Pronn) - Debut on college radio and speciality shows. (140 and more radios)

1. KSMC- Moraga, CA, in rotation
2. KSVR- Mt.Vernon, WA, in rotation
3. WCVM- Morrisville, NY, in rotation
4. WNSU- FT. Lauderdale, FL, debut #25 top 30
5. WSWI- Evansville, IN, debut #26 top 30
6. WVUD- Newark, DE, in rotation
7. CFCR- Saskatoon, SK, Can, in rotation
8. CFMU- Hamilton, Ont, Can, in rotation
9. KCRH- Hayward, CA, in rotation
10. KSCR- Los Angeles, CA, in rotation
11. KXZY- Stillwater, OK, in rotation
12. KZMU- Moab, UT, on rotation
13. WCCX- Waukesha, WI, in rotation
14. WFHC, Henderson, TN, in rotation
15. WMPG, Portland, ME, in rotation
16. WRUB- Amherst, NY, in rotation
17. WRBB- Boston, MA, in rotation
18. CISM- Montreal, QC, Can, in rotation
19. CJAM- Detroit, MI, in rotation
20. KCFV- St.Louis, MO, in rotation
21. KCSB- Santa Barbara, CA, in rotation
22. KGFN- El Cajon, CA, #10 top 30
23. KNWD- Natchitoches, LA, Doing Well
24. KRUX- Las Cruses, NM, in rotation
25. KSSU-2- Sacramento, CA, in rotation
26. KVDU- Denver, CO, in rotation
27. KWTS- Canyon, TX, in rotation
28. WBAR- New-York, NY, in rotation
29. WBUL, Tampa, FL, in rotation
30. WNYU- New-York, NY, in rotation

a lot more radios...


Feeling a bit camera shy


Plastik Lies is a new PowerRock band that was born two years ago and has all the attributes to become a great band: an original sound, sublime melodies and an infinite dedication to the music. The band was founded by four members issued from Montreal musical scene: Matt Toupin brilliantly attacking the drums, Martin Lamontagne banging the Bass, S. Mackay rushing the guitar and M. Pronn tearing his vocal cords out.

With Unsuperficial Madness, the last album of the band, M. Pronn lead us into a world where the extreme and the inaccessible reigns. All songs reflect a marginal life-style while staying connected. With his piercing and powerful voice, the hard guitar-driven progressive Rock riffs, Plastik Lies show us what's the meaning of intelligence and subtlety.

At 10 years old, Pronn found his dad's guitar hidden in the closet and from now then discovered his vocation. At only 15, he was one of the founder members of Haze and Shuffle, 3 years after they signed a record deal with Arista Records. A coupled of years have passed and willing to go further in his inspiration, Pronn formed Plastik Lies. He putted all his soul in the writting of an album that would be entitled, Dead Man in the Band. It's that sincere, deep and striking album that brings a solid foundation to the band.

All the Lyrics, the music and the production of Unsuperficial Madness is credited to Martin Pronn. The result shows us all the music knowledge of the musicians who avoids unnecessary studio tricks while presenting the band in its most forceful natural state.

PL was created with primary objective, reaching the highest musical standards by grouping the best musicians and to merge all their energies. All of them put their souls and their music experience to preserve the identity of the band. With the new album, the quartet delivers us a solid performance where the aggressivity and the smoothness are mixed together perfectly.

Plastik Lies is an entity of a new generation that defies the synchronized life.