Plastique E

Plastique E


Plastique E is the brainchild of French experimental composer/filmaker Julien Poublanc. His music shifts between intense noise and ambient soundscapes. Angular and droning guitars, spoken word and distorted percussion form the core of his first North American release, 'Les Gens Seuls'.


Plastique E (aka. Julien Poublanc) lives a life of opposites. Hailing from Toulouse, France, his time is divided between the methodical, structured world of physics, and collaborating with experimental filmmakers and musicians. One week: medical research, the next: scavenging Eastern Europe for cheap vintage film processing equipment. The events of one of these trips led Poublanc to Toronto and he soon found himself splitting his time between France and Canada. The opposites continued, sunny Southern France and cold Canadian winters, the MRI lab and recording guitars held against the spinning reels on a film projector. Recently the move to Toronto was made semi-permanent.

Plastique E’s first release, ‘Les Gens Seuls', is released in North America on 14 Blue Records. Recorded on 4 Track, it’s a sprawling mix of angular and droning guitars, spoken word, and distorted percussion.


2001 Godjula - France only independant release
2005 Les Gens Seuls - EP

Set List

Voyage, Scratch, Les Gens Seuls, Ton Profil Droit, Saute D'un En Deux, En Haut En Bas, L'oeil.

These are the seven songs typically performed. Sets are approx. one half-hour