Original alternative guitar rock band from Poland


"Originality - it’s the keyword for this band! (M. Cejrowski, TV POLONIA)"

One of the most expressive and the most touring rock bands of Poland

Their music can be described as melodic alternative rock. For the past seven years they have played more than 300 gigs in Poland, Austria and Germany. Among Polish bands they are considered to give the best live shows.
- Only one year after they were formed they supported top Polish band HEY on their big tour.
- In 2002 their "Pomiedzy zlem a dobrem" (Between Evil And Good) video clip was played on MTV and VIVA channel. It became their first, yet unofficial hit single. For the next few years as well as in Poland they have been giving gigs in Germany and Austria.
- In October 2005 they released their debut album "Megalomania".

The album was promoted by 3 singles and clips: "Sto lat samotnosci" ( One Hundred Years of Solitude), "Pomiedzy zlem a dobrem" (Between Evil And Good) and "To nie ty" (That’s not you). After they had received excellent reviews they went on tour. It was called Megalomania Tour. The band gigged not only in music clubs, but surprisingly in prisons as well!
At the beginning of year 2007 they started their great journey with the circus troupe. The whole story has been described on their blog. The journey was an inspiration to their second album called “ ” (released in May 2007)

From the second album came two popular songs: “Igorek”, which was on main charts in Poland, and the clip has been seen more 100,000 times on You Tube.

Another hit single of the album was „Nic nie pachnie jak Ty” (Nothing Can Smell Like You), recorded with a Polish super star - Renata Przemyk. The song appeared on major charts in Poland. Reached Top 4 on Trojka Chart and TOP 20 of the Polish National Chart.

Plateau is this year finalist of TOP TRENDY Festival in Sopot.

In January 2009 they are going to release their third album called ‘The Short Text Message’


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LP "Megalomania" (Universal Music Poland)- 2005
PL "Mistrz Tupetu i Jego Bezczelny Cyrk" (MJM MUSIC) - 2007

Set List

Our concert is 1,5 hour long. We play our own songs and 1 or 2 covers (Franz Ferdinand, Placebo..)