Plates Of Cake

Plates Of Cake



Plates of Cake is a Brooklyn based band made up of high school friends from Colorado. With an emphasis on lyrical structure and clever melodies, Plates of Cake play a kind of surrealistic rock music favored by luminaries such as The Soft Boys.

In 2010, Plates of Cake released their debut LP on the All Hands Electric label, and followed their debut with a 7" single. The records were praised by TinyMixTapes and Popmatters. In 2012, Plates Of Cake signed to the label Uninhabitable Mansions, who released their 2nd LP - Teenage Evil - in March of 2013. This release was followed by an east coast tour which included live performances on WFMU and WXPN.


Teenage Evil - LP (Uninhabitable Mansions, 2013)
As If The Choice Were Mine/Transit Trials - 7" single (All Hands Electric, 2011)
Plates Of Cake - LP (All Hands Electric, 2010)