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The best kept secret in music


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The Peg City EP- Summer 2005
PlatinumBlack- Self-titled Debut Summer 2006.Vatikan/Koch


Feeling a bit camera shy



In three short months, Platinum Black has taken its hometown of Winnipeg by storm, receiving heavy airplay
rotation on local R&B and CHR stations, performing a powerful set at the "Feel The Heat" showcase before an
audience of 2000 and opening for The Notorious 2 Live Crew.
Earlier this year the group released the infectious indie single “Peg City,” and it became an instant summer classic.
The song received heavy airplay and exposure on radio and in clubs in Winnipeg and resulted in jam-packed, highoctane
The hip-hop trio is now ready to release its self-titled debut album nationwide. Influenced by artists such as
Chamillionaire and TI, Platinum Black has created an album packed with hip-hop anthems and dance-floor classics.
"Our album is different,” says Platinum Black member Church, “It's Southern with a Northern twist. We put our own
spin on it.” "Platinum Black is going to remind you that hip-hop is fun,” Platinum Black’s Yung R.I.C.O. explains,
“We noticed that Canadian hip-hop wasn’t trying to make people dance anymore. In the US hip-hop groups are
sampling, bringing back familiar catchphrases, inventing new dances…here we just nod our heads. But we have
just as much bounce, bass and talent in Canada and it's time to show here we are.”
Platinum Black consists of “Ted-D Diablo”, “Yung R.I.C.O.”, and “Church”. Although they have only been operating
under the name Platinum Black since January 2005, the hip-hop trio has been collaborating on performances and
recordings since 2004. "We had all known of each other for quite some time,” recalls Church, “I was working with
(producer) CW on a solo project and in walked Ted-D with a hot track that he had previously recorded. We decided
to mix chocolate and peanut butter and see what happened. Shortly afterwards, Yung R.I.C.O met Ted-D walking
down the street, asked him to sit in on a session, and Platinum Black was born!"
On their debut album, Platinum Black uses beats and grooves that span from R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz to
complement their rap style. The music is produced by C. Wiebe and Ted-D, with contributions from group. The
group’s breakout street single “Peg City” is featured on the album. It is the first track that Platinum Black ever
produced together. “The way that people responded to the song and to us, kinda let us know that making music
together was a good thing," Yung R.I.C.O recalls. For Platinum Black, “Peg City” was also a focused attempt to call
attention to the abundance of local talent and to pack the dance floor. “What can we say? We wanted to make
people dance for a change,” quips Yung R.I.C.O. When you see people dancing to your music, saying every word,
you feel you've made a connection,” says Ted-D, “’Peg City’ was the start of that connection. We love our city and
the talent here is enormous – ‘Peg city’ was just an example of that."
“Hush,” is the first single on the album to be released nationwide. Its seductive beats and hip-hop grooves set the
scene of an illicit rendezvous. "I remember when I was young hearing Maestro Fresh Wes say just before he left
the stage at a show ‘Let's go commit some sins at the Holiday Inn’. I always wanted a song like that – where I could
say what I was really thinking without getting in trouble," laughs Ted-D.
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The soulful rap of “Be With You,” describes the ups and downs of a tumultuous relationship. "My verse came so
easily to me,” Church says, “When it's real you don't have to think about it. That shit really happens in relationships:
infidelity, confusion - it happens to everyone so I wasn't ashamed to admit I had gone through it too." “Be With
You,” is written by all three members of Platinum Black. "It helps that there are three of us,” says Ted-D, “If you
listen closely you can see the differences in what we were experiencing at the time.” “Be With You,” also features
musician Kyle Riabko. "We knew ‘Be With You’ was special because every time we played it for people, they were
singing the hook before it was over," says Yung Rico, “and Kyle was great to work with. He brought a beauty to this
song that hip-hop is sometimes afraid to touch on.
“Let ‘Em Fly” was written in response to recent gun violence in Toronto. The track’s more aggressive styling and
tone are deceptive. “It sounds like the typical gun clapper song,” says Church, “but it is exactly the opposite.”
Platinum Black’s dance-oriented musical debut will be in stores on October 10, 2006. Described by radio DJ’s as
the “crunk boyz of the north” and “rocket fuel,” when Platinum Black hits the stage the energy is palpable.
"We’ve made an album that people would hear and want to move to," explains Ted-D, "If you want to watch, go turn
on your TV! We're a party band. Come to a show and be prepared to have fun, be prepared to dance. We love that
people are moving and reacting to our music - not just standing there - that's the PB difference.