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Platinum P

Hartford, Connecticut, United States | SELF

Hartford, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B




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2011 "For Yolla Choppers" Hosted by Dj Scope

Platinum P "My number one girl"



Hip Hop is more then just music. One of Hartford Ct's natives is proving that statement every time his mic is turned on. Raised on the most notorious and violent street in his city Platinum P seem to somehow beat the odds. To him Hip Hop was more poetry, more like his stories. Only it's far from a story, it is to him his life.As a youth, growing up he was extremely quiet, keeping his feelings locked up inside only to release them onto paper later when he was alone.
Birth name Willie Hardy, raised in a single parent home, he often listen to Hip Hop music that seem to mostly speak of his struggles. With his father not in attendance and his older brother and step father usually locked away in prison, he had no male role models. He was forced to turn to his mother for guidance and music for his closure.
"Hip Hop is more then just music." Platinum P noticed this after joining an Independent label sponsored by older fellas from his neighborhood called "Grizz Roc Records." There he found himself almost living in the studio, not much mattered to him other than his music. Now that he was able to release his compressed feelings onto the microphone. Only being still stuck in their ways the label quickly lost momentum. Half of the label wound up in federal indictments, murder charges and the other half were killed do to rival street wars.
Years passed before he would rap again. Thinking Grizz Roc was just a faze Platinum P dove again into the life he knew best. Only this time his name followed him in a different way. For every one person who knew him for the actions he took on the streets two knew him for his music. The cd's he had years ago released where still in demand. After talking to a close friend that had recently been released from prison on man-slaughter chargers, and having that friend tell him Platinum P music does for people what Hip Hop did for him growing up. Platinum P picked back up a pen. Wasn't long before that friend too was murdered . Sitting in the funeral reality set in, forcing him to this time dive into his music.
Since then he has been shaking up the underground critics, featuring on a quantity of mixtapes-DVDs-and internet sites. His latest single called "Number one Girl" has been flooding radios, and he is most talked about for his live performances, recently he released a solo mixtape "For Yolla Choppers" hosted by Dj Scope. Making himself in two short years the most talked about hip hop artist from his state. We are sure to see great things from him.