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"And The Winner is..."

of Volume 2 of the Atlanta Urban Legends Showcase Series...who will receive STUDIO TIME, MUSIC TRACKS, an ARTIST BIO W/ PHOTO, CD COVER/INSERT LAYOUT & DESIGN, and a 15 MINUTE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO from Red Reign Studios, PLUS a feature write-up in both FEVER and CRUNK Magazines, is the one and only:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLATINUM SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This dynamic duo came out and blew the crowd and judges away with their collaboration of Christian spoken word and Hip 'bout that!! And no, they didn't win by default because they are Christian artists, they won because they are a talented group who ripped up the stage with their creativity and energy. Congratulations to Platinum Souls...Red Reign looks forward to working with you guys!!!

Now I can forget about the other acts who made it to the finals!! Haziq, REIGN, and the Greasekydz all graced the stage with incredible performances and gave us all a great show. These groups have all earned a slot on the Atlanta Urban Legends Compilation CD which will be distributed within the industry.
- Red Reign

"Platinum Souls @ The Pentagon"

Holy Hip Hop Music Alliance, via invitation of the Office of the Military Chaplain, is coming to the Pentagon Concourse (Washington, DC) on a mission to share the Good News - Friday, December 12, 2003. Holy Hip Hop Ambassadors to the Pentagon include: R.Swift; Los-1; Platinum Souls (Ricardo Flo & Ty Scott); Sincere Israel; Corey Red & Precise; Street Sweepers; Canton Jones; and Gospel Gangstaz, along with DJ Lace and the Flavor.Alliance Break-Dancers.

Atlanta. (PRWEB) November 17, 2003 – Holy Hip Hop Music Alliance, via invitation of the Office of the Military Chaplain, is coming to the Pentagon Concourse (Washington, DC) on a mission to share the Good News - Friday, December 12, 2003. Holy Hip Hop Ambassadors to the Pentagon include: R.Swift; Los-1; Platinum Souls (Ricardo Flo & Ty Scott); Sincere Israel; Corey Red & Precise; Street Sweepers; Canton Jones; and Gospel Gangstaz, along with DJ Lace and the Flavor.Alliance Break-Dancers.

“Several years ago, seeds were planted in an effort to determine how the Holy Hip Hop community could be a vessel in uplifting the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of those serving in the US Armed Forces, as well as family and friends who support them. This effort was accelerated in 2003, as R.Swift finished his song titled “I Pray”- A special prayer for the troops serving in Iraq and their loved ones. To listen to “I Pray” sample, Click on Street Sweepers EPK below and select ‘Audio’ to select track.

We are humbly appreciative of this special and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as the primary demographic of the US Armed Forces is the same generation that loves hip hop and who may be currently unaware of the new thing that is being done through the Holy Hip Hop community 24/7 world-wide. For certain, December 12th will prove to be an ear-opening experience, awakening and early present for the millions of families, military men and women sacrificing daily as a part of the US Armed Forces world-wide,” said Minister eDDie Velez.

- HHH Alliance

"News/Reviews from London"

Various “Unexpected Mixes Vol. 6”

Platinum Souls
The crew from Atlanta do not show any signs of slowing down.
This latest project from their mixtape “Unexpected Mixes” series is as hard-hitting as ever.

Ty Scott’s distinct poetic Hip Hop flow captivates the listener on tracks like “The Medicine Poem” and “Platinum Poem”.
Her other half, Ricardo Flo commands the mic in his own right and no better can this been heard than on “Jack That/Leave It Alone” with this almost military-style Hip Hop beat.
The other key thing about Platinum Souls is their love to promote and expose newer talent. Cuts on that front to look out for include “Lava Flow” by Anonymous Who, “DeyThoughtWeWuzPlayin” from Stellar nominees the Ziklag Boyz and R&B flavours courtesy of Anna Marie Pasley “What’s It Like”.

Talking of female artists – I’m loving the track “Spit 16” representing las chicas doing the Hip Hop thing seeing Elsie from New Breed and Light Da Flow Minister go side by side.
Well known names pop up via Mark J who collaborates with Canton Jones on “My Passion” and Sherwin Gardner bringing the only reggae-influenced track

“Do You Know”. Some middle of the road tracks do surface (i.e. tracks that could have been left out) like V..O.P.’ s “Hotness” and “We On Deck” by God Sunz - sadly neither track able to bring something new to the table.
Things get back on track with the comic offering “Platman”
featuring Ricardo Flo and J-Mal all about a super hero gospel-style!

Volume 6 sets the level for 2005 on a non-stop run of banging Hip Hop beats mixed with gospel goodness.
By DJ El Niño © February 2005

Unexpected Mixes Vol. 4 “Manifestation”
Platinum Souls
Mixtape culture is the backbone of the Urban music scene worldwide and here we have the fourth instalment from US Gospel high-fliers Platinum Souls. What strikes me about what this independent outfit have been doing since 2002, is the creativity in the mixes, samples and straight-up no compromise on their mission which is to represent Jesus 100%. They do so in a Hip Hop, Soul and poetic fashion.
There are some blazin cuts from the PS crew starting off with the infectious mid-tempo ‘How the Game Goes’. Rapper Flo from Platinum Souls is on another realm as he cuts his way through on ‘Aim High’ and the all-out retro sounding ‘Uh Huh’. They do the soul thing on ‘Spirit’ all about putting your trust in the most High and not allowing the worries of daily life to get us down.
The album not only showcases the talent from PS but included are key tracks from other Hip Hop headz like Mark J ‘Rock’ and Elle Roc ‘Just A Song’ who gets props as one of the toughest female MC’s on the Holy Hip Hop circuit. Collaborations start flying in like on the funky ‘Tasty’ seeing Mark J, Flo and Boggie Bless step up to the mic. There are couple of tracks that could do with some tightening in the production department like Hoshama’s ‘Like Fire’ and ‘Hustlin’ from Neginoth who attempts a kind of dirty-south vibe but doesn’t really pull it off.
The series ‘Unexpected Mixes’ not only serves as an excellent evangelistic tool for the Urban massive but it speaks volumes when you see artists collaborating and supporting one another. An album like this provides that all essential exposure in showcasing some interesting up and coming independent Urban talent – bring on volume five!
By DJ El Niño © January 2004 - Dj El Niño

"Platinum Souls single: "Dey Don't Know"- now on BILLBOARD CHARTS"


For Immediate Release

Contact: Eternal Fava Management
@ 678-698-3860


Atlanta, GA- November 26, 2007.

“Just when you thought that it was over”, Platinum Souls re-enters the game. No, not with a new installment of their now classic mix-tape series’ (“Unexpected” or “Undeniable”), but with the blazing new single: “Dey Don’t Know” from their upcoming freshman release: “Hybrid”. And as only those truly unique freshmen can do, Platinum Souls steps on the scene and immediately captures the attention of the upper-classmen in the industry.

Released on October 2, 2007, “Dey Don’t Know”, produced by hit-maker extraordinaire: Terry Did’Um of New Walk Productions, fuses Jamaican dancehall rhythms and Hip-Hop. With well-crafted lyrics, “Dey Don’t Know” re-introduces listeners to the original purpose of a mc/rapper: to be a storyteller who takes you on a journey, and teaches you invaluable lessons along the way.

And the lessons Platinum Souls are teaching must definitely be “penetrating the hearts of men” because “Dey Don’t Know” was reported by retailers as being: “#1 in Sales for the Atlanta Market” for the Week of: November 18, 2007, and entered the New World Music Top 10 (powered by: DJ Lace) at the #1 spot. In addition, as of December 1, 2007, “Dey Don’t Know” will make its debut on the Billboard Charts ( in two categories:
·#11 on the “Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Singles Sales”
·#99 on the “Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs”

If you have yet to know what the buzz is about Platinum Souls new chart-topping single: “Dey Don’t Know” (which also includes the songs: “Let it Go” & “Great God” and the poems: “His Passion” & “Superhero”) it is available for purchase at:
·DBS Sounds I - 5658 Riverdale Rd, Suite P; College Park, Georgia
·DBS Sounds II – 4841 Jonesboro Rd; Forest Park, Georgia
·Sounds N Da Hood – 7331 Stonecrest Concourse; Lithonia, Georgia

To learn more about Platinum Souls, visit them at:,, and
- Platinum Souls

"Holy Culture Radio"

Platinum Souls are Bulletproof -
I got this mixtape in a couple weeks ago, and it's dope. Platinum Souls in my opinion, make the best mixtapes out there hands down. You can tell by the production, that they didnt whip this together with a cheap computer mic and cool edit over a quick lunch break (some of you other kats need to step it up... I'm serious, there is nothing worse than a wack mixtape). The mixtape features some ill beat selections ( I’m loving that dj premiere intro), and a handful of talented new artists that are sure to make some noise in the future. Keep a lookout for Ty Scott and Ricardo FLO... these two individuals are doing big thangs for Holy hip-hop and R&P. Their standards of excellence are shown throughout the entire mixtape, and because of this, I feel it will motivate others to do the same in thier own projects. Check out to get more info on excellent mixtapes by Ty Scott & Ricardo FLO.

"Platinum Souls: Holy Hip Hop Pioneers"

by: Sharon "Ladee Storem" Acres

Ladee Storem: Guess who’s the Pioneers of Holy Hip Hop? If you don’t KNOW, now you KNOW- its PLATINUM SOULS! Thank you for being a part of Center Stage Magazine. Now, tell me what’s your definition of Holy Hip Hop?

Platinum Souls: First off, we just want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the vision of PS. Its crazy to be called Pioneers (lol). God is good!
Ricardo FLO: Our definition of HHH is that- its Hip Hop that’s set apart for God's purpose. A genre of Hip Hop that is pure, clean, and created to glorify God.
Ms. Ty Scott: Holy Hip Hop is one aspect of the Hip Hop Culture. It’s a positive alternative to the Hip Hop that many are being fed these days. It’s a way for those of us who want to glorify God, to do it through the type of music we grew
up on.

Ladee Storem: The group consists of two powerful artists, with two unique styles. How did you meet and how long have Platinum Souls been rocking the mic for the Lord?

Platinum Souls: We met in early 2002, here in Atlanta. The Holy Spirit kept putting us in the same places at the same time radio interview, recording Pizza Hut jingles, and ministry events around the city. So in just about 2 weeks, we had to have seen each other at least 3 times. And we were both thinking this city cant be this small (lol). So, we’ve been ministering together for a little over
5 years now. It was definitely God that put Platinum Souls together, because we thought wed just met so that we could help each other out with our solo projects, and then He did the rest and now its still history in the making. We do have to say though, for about the first year, Platinum Souls was a trio. So, shouts out to J-Mal who’s been touring with Tyler Perry for a hot minute!

Ladee Storem: I saw your video on BET and I also checked out Holy Hip Hop the Movie, how was it working with Christopher {Play} Martin formerly from the group Kid and Play?

Platinum Souls: Chris has always been a GREAT friend, mentor, and supporter of our ministry. From day one, when we announced the group, he didn’t ask why. He just accepted it and continued to do all that he could to open doors for us. When others doubted Platinum Souls, he believed and supported. Many have tried to pry us apart; however, PLAY understands that God made us this great team. So working with Chris Martin is always a breath of fresh air for us. He actually had a label several years back (Rapland), and Ricardo was on it; so, that’s where the initial connection began. As far as the video, it was a blessing to work with him. After all, he
is a legend. Because of his hand in helping us grow in the industry, our video (which he Directed) for Til 6 in da Mornin is still in rotation on: BET, The Word Network, JCTy, etc. and it won Best Video at the 2006 Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival (the first HHH song/video ever). That only happened because the connection we have with Chris is anointed. Every time we've worked with him, for
our video to Holy Hip Hop the Movie, it’s been a global attraction!

Ladee Storem: Tell us about your new DVD: Hustlin 4 Souls and how can we get a copy?

Platinum Souls: The DVD is a project that we’ve wanted to release for years; but we had to wait on Gods perfect timing. We’re planning to release a series of them, like we did with our Unexpected Mix CDs. This one, and the rest to come,
will feature: our live performance footage from around the world, clips from Ty appearances, special guests, videos, behind the scenes shots, and more! The title: "Hustlin 4 Souls" should be self-explanatory (lol). We're also going to release another DVD series this year: "Street Blessings", that will be more geared towards introducing other artists that we admire and have worked with over the years. ** The "Hustlin 4 Souls" DVD is available NOW on our myspace page:
There's a "BUY NOW" icon right above the picture of the DVD cover. The “Street Blessings" DVD is coming soon!

Ladee Storem: I think Holy Hip Hop is being stepped on, meaning its not getting the REAL recognition that it should. Bring on the Holy Hip Hop Awards! Bring on the Grammies! Do you think its time for a break through for Holy Hip Hop?

Platinum Souls:
Ricardo FLO: We do understand that there's a time and season for everything. That season for HHH will soon come and it will no longer be a backburner genre. Its a movement that believer's need to put their marketing monies behind. It’s not where it should be because God is maturing his representatives in every aspect of life, from faith to finances.
Ms. Ty Scott: Its past time! Years ago, people said that HHH just wasn’t up to par- beats, rhymes, videos. But, these days, so many people in the genre are
banging out hits that are harder than anything on the secular side. So the BET awards, the Grammies, all of them well be there in a minute accepting our awards in the name of Jesus- for real, for real.

Ladee Storem: The ministry that you bring in song touches on Poetry, Reggae, Hip Hop and Soul, which is a GOOD thing. Do you have a hard time with the older Christians that are not familiar with Holy Hip Hop?

Platinum Souls: Ricardo FLO: We really don't have any problems with older Christians not being familiar with our style of praise and worship; it just gives us the opportunity to get them familiar with it. And, God's Word is always present in what we do; and it always breaks ground. Ms. Ty Scott: The poetry is usually the bait for the older crowd. Then we talk to them about the new thing God is doing, and by the time we drop the beat, they’re usually pretty open. We have footage, actually its on the Hustlin 4 Souls DVD of a lady that has to be in her late 70s, up on her feet and pumping her fists (along with the rest of the congregation) when we ministered at a regular Sunday Morning Worship Service. The bottom line is that there will always be some who don’t understand, young and old, but those who have ears to hear will hear. When they don’t want to, we still do what we were sent to do, and dust the dirt off our shoes when we leave.

Ladee Storem: Tell us about your Clothing Line, your Ring tones and what’s next

Platinum Souls:
Ms. Ty Scott: The clothing line: Platinum Souls is growing like crazy. It started out that we were just making stuff for us because we didn’t want to promote anything negative. So we were led to use our name because it means: One Million Souls for the Kingdom of God, and what could make more of a statement? But as we wore pieces, more and more people started asking about them.
Ricardo FLO: Now we have product circulating around the world and we plan to release some summer designs from shirts, jeans, and hats, to shoes, sweats, & dress suits. It's a process, however it'll be one of the hottest lines to hit the streets, catering to the young and old! You can stay posted on the new gear through our myspace page:
As for the ring tones the songs: Til 6 in da Mornin and My Love are available through T-Mobile (under the Christian Music category).

Also, in the near future, well be sending out weekly mobile alerts (for those who are glued to their cell phones). So to sign up for that,
And our future looks bright! Well be re-launching our website- this summer, touring the country, and gearing up to release an OFFICIAL Platinum Souls CD!
So, to stay plugged in to all the
adventures, and to buy our products, check us out at:

Ladee Storem: Many Blessings unto you, keep lifting up the Gospel in HOLY HIP HOP.
One more thing, to all the PLATINUM SOULS fans, go get that DVD- HUSTLIN 4 SOULS!

Platinum Souls: Thanks again & God bless you and all of your readers! - Center Stage Magazine


What do you get when you put together hip hop and spoken word? Two words....Platinum Souls. Enter one of the hottest combos that Atlanta has on offer right now, Ricardo FLO (For Lord Only) and Ms. Ty Scott, who together as Platinum Souls bring some serious flava to your ear with their debut release Unexpected Mixes, Volume 1.

The album is so different in its presentation and concept that it always keeps your attention and makes you wonder what's next.

Here's the concept. "Unexpected Mixes" is a giant mixtape that features the phat flow of Ricardo FLO along with the poetic genius of Ty Scott fused over tight original beats, along with a beat or two familiar to the mainstream ear.

The project starts with an intro straight from Puff Daddy, which gets you bouncin' and flows straight into "Are Ya'll Ready" which is a bonafide jam waiting to happen.

You don't have to wait long before you realize how hot the combination of FLO and Scott are as they flow smoothly over tight beats. With DJ Device on the wheels of steel, Platinum Souls takes you on a wild ride, blessing your soul and breaking your neck.

Just as you're ready to fully party, the music drops and you are introduced more fully to the poet of the group, Ty Scott. Scott has two powerful poems that she drops on this project. The first poem is titled "Unexpected". This flow, done in an acapella format, features Scott talking about how her gift is often misunderstood and the discouragement that often comes from those in this category. While expressing this, she is encouraged and encourages others to follow both heart and calling as these lead to spiritual success in Jesus Christ.

Scott's second poem, titled "Pains", is performed over a slick street track, and addresses her desire to reach the lost and tells of the burden in her heart to reach the masses.

Ricardo FLO drops a serious flow on "What It Look Like". As tight as the beat is, it's overshadowed by FLO's lyrical prowess as he talks about secular artists who have defamed the art by exalting sexual images. He hits all type of subject matter ranging from Mase to the Rock and proclaims Christ as the "True Rock".

And FLO doesn' mind jackin' a beat or two. From DMX to 4th Avenue Jones, FLO finds a way to flip the Gospel in an unexpected manner over these sampled tracks. It's amazing to hear how he flips his rhymes to represent the kingdom.

This Atlanta duo has committed themselves to winning one million souls through this combo of hip-hop and spoken word, hence their name Platinum Souls. These soldiers don't attempt to travel alone as they bring some friends who help make this mixtape even hotter. "Let Me Be" features Danny Class, who drops a nice flow over a Bronx-style street beat, reminiscent of an old school KRS-One vibe. Explicit joins Ricardo FLO on "What You Don't Know Will Hurt You", which reminds listeners that ignorance really isn't bliss as it relates to sin. It admonishes us to not enter into dangerous situations without being prepared by the Holy Spirit.

With 15 continuous tracks, the dynamic Atlanta Duo have breathed a breath of fresh air into Holy Hip-Hop and are ready to reach those Platinum Souls. And just as the title of this project alludes, what your ear will catch is definitely Unexpected. - Gerard Bonner


Platinum Souls: Making An Impact?
March 9, 2005

What's up people? You know how Eboni Productions and the Eboni Poets get down. We pack houses to capacity, take over venues (like we did Apache Cafe on my birthday) and make history. This your boy, Ntell. The title of this email says it all about the slam on Wednesday night @
Poetic Martini Wednesdays produced by and brought to you by Eboni Productions, Inc.

I was blown away, the other poets were blown away and the crowd was blown away and left speechless, after witnessing one of the hottest slams and open mics that I have seen in a while. Eboni Productions and the EP's had Poetic Martini Wednesdays packed as always, even with a cover! My man, my dj, Perry P had the crowd crunk and wanting to dance with his hot mixes and beats. Big shot outs to the EP's for holding it down in the slam, Huggy Bear, Freedom Speaks, DeAngelo, Black Widow plus Reality,and new comer Ricardo FLO and all the other slam contestants and the slam winner repping Platinum Souls, Ty Scott.

Man, Huggy and Freedom set the tone with scores of 29.7 and 29.9
that's out of a perfect 30. Then one contestant from the last
contestant, we all thought Freedom had it on lock, Ms.Ty Scott came out and just blew the roof of the house with a perfect score of 30 to take home the prize of $75 and Eboni Productions first slam winner of Poetic Martini Wednesdays. Thanks for all the new faces, especially Reality and Ty for doing their thing with Eboni Productions and the Eboni Poets. I know we will be seeing all of you at our upcoming events as only we can do it as my man Perry P says "REAL BIG!"
- N'Tellec-Eboni Productions


SPOTLIGHT:Platinum Souls
By: Amena Brown
MARCH 2008

Platinum Souls are about shining way more than the bling their name insinuates. Poet Ty Scott and MC Ricardo Flo have finagled their way to the top of the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales charts, getting radio play throughout the East Coast and in the U.K.

Flo, a self-described hood star, hustled music in his native Baltimore and moved to Atlanta to further his career as a producer/MC. Scott, an L.A. slam poet, competed in The National Poetry Slam competition three years in a row before moving to Atlanta.

A road trip together to a show they were both playing led them to explore the idea of an MC and a poet spitting their own truth over the breakbeat.

“The [road] trip sealed it for us that there was going to be more than, ‘Okay I’ll be on your project and you’ll be on my project,’” Scott says. “When we came back we kinda had an idea that there was more building than we thought.”

“I wasn’t a poetry fan at all,” says Flo. “Working with Ty helped me to get into it. When somebody said ‘poetry’ I just thought, ‘Oh, that’s gonna be boring, people just talking.’ But when I opened my ears, eyes, and heart, I was like, “Whoa, this is kinda cool.’”

Forming a duo in 2002, Flo and Scott became Platinum Souls in light of the mainstream industry’s obsession with the million-albums-sold mark, except they didn’t have pushing a million units in mind. Instead they focused their energy on affecting a million lives with their music.

Flo’s B-more, b-boy style mixed with Scott’s quick lyrical clip, garnered the pair consistent bookings on the Southeast college scene. Platinum Souls make music buoyed by Christian themes but you can catch them in a club battling other poets and MCs as easily as you can catch them in church.

“We walk in the middle between the church and the streets,” Scott explains.
Platinum Souls have never known the grind of a nine to five, and have been doing their music full-time since they formed. Artist life may seem easier when signed to a major, considering the marketing push and financial support. But despite the challenges Platinum Souls would much rather juggle indie artist life even with all its obstacles and do-it-yourself necessities.

“As indie artists, we get to do what we want to do, when we want to do it. We have the power to make decisions and when we make money it all goes to us,” Flo says, giving Scott a high-five.

Platinum Souls latest hustle involves wearing the crazy amount of hats indie artists know all too well: promoter, manager, publicist, A&R, booking agent and performer. They wanted in on the Billboard charts and found it would require much more hustle than they understood initially.

As a hip-hop group, it was difficult to get their music played on gospel stations. With clean lyrics and no big label executive to walk their music in to a program manager, getting their songs played on an urban radio station was no easier. They even tried to sell their music through Christian bookstores, but without major distribution the opportunity was closed to them.

With self-distribution and barcoded product, Platinum Souls registered “Dey Don’t Know,” a single from upcoming release Hybrid, with Billboard. They sold CDs of the single in Atlanta’s independent record stores, and sent out e-blasts through their database of nearly 5,000 fans and supporters as well as partnering with other mailing lists to reach nearly 50,000 people with news of the single release. To gain radio play for the single, the duo partnered with Atlanta promotion company Power Promotions to get the single to influential Massachusetts record pool, Masspool.

“Masspool is affiliated with BRE Magazine and DJ Times,” says Flo. “A lot of industry people are checking those like they check Billboard. DJs do the research and they email us about how they can get our song in rotation.” DJ Lace and his New World Music Record Pool helped to break the single among deejays who specialize in clean and “faith-based” music. Platinum Souls also used MySpace to push the single internationally. “I met hundreds of deejays on MySpace that were spinning on radio,” says FLO. “The deejays appreciate that the content is different. We’re showing people that you can be positive and still be really successful.”

At press time, “Dey Don’t Know” achieved the number six spot after seven weeks on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales chart with a peak position in the nineties on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart.

“There’s still so much work to do,” says Flo. “Moving up on the Billboard charts will open up doors for more mainstream radio stations to pick us up. Being on Billboard creates international buzz about who we are and what we stand for.”

With hot beats, smart lyrics and incessant hustle, Platinum Souls may achieve the type of platinum they’ve been striving for.

- Amena Brown

"Gospel Zone Magazine"


Interviewed by: Kiwi

Ok, ok…so, I get this package in the mail, right? Not sure what to expect, I slide it into my CD player as I, once again, pull off to travel the streets of D-Town. My first thought was “a sista’ needs to definitely visit the ATL soon because whatever’s in those peaches have the ATL MCz droppin’ some HOT projects!!!!”

…The audible feast my ears were “chewing on” was UNEXPECTED MIXES- VOLUMES 2 & 3. The chefs, ATL’s own Platinum Souls. I had the privilege to kick it with the “dynamic duo” after they had their Apple Bee’s fix…! (smile)

Names: Ricardo FLO (For Lord Only) & Ms. Ty Scott
Birthdays: FLO- 9/28/71; Scott- 6/22/74
Born: FLO- Baltimore, MD; Scott- Kingston, Jamaica
Currently Resides: Atlanta, GA
Hobbies: Music, Reading, watching Movies
Favorite Scripture: Platinum Souls- 1 Pet. 4:10-11; FLO- Prov. 3:5-6; Scott- The entire book of Psalms!
Favorite Cartoon Character: Scott- Sponge Bob; FLO- Dexter

Now, FLO I know a lot of people are familiar with you from the blazin’ HOT single “Four“ on Christopher “Play” Martin’s RAPLAND label and Ty you’ve been making your mark winning Poetry Slams all across the country… Individually, how long have you been doing your thing?
Ms. Ty Scott: I’ve been writing since I was 8, but I didn’t start sharing it until about ’97.

Ricardo FLO: I’m like 15 years in the making…

How did the name PLATINUM SOULS come about?
RF: First, I want you to understand that we never really liked the name because of the whole “platinum” term, but because of the meaning, we grew to love it! A couple of years ago a guy said “man, I can’t wait until your album comes out because you are going to go Platinum” and I a big light bulb came over my head and I was like, “…that means I’ll reach a million souls…” So, it was written in a couple of songs and Ty and I were talking one day and [she mentioned me saying it in the songs] and we just started working with it.

Let’s jump right into these HOT projects! How did you come up with the title “UNEXPECTED”?
RF: Everything about this whole…EVERYTHING, was truly unexpected!

TS: …The way we met, the ministry, the doors that are opening up…everything.

What led to droppin’ the mixes?
RF: It started like this…we were signed to a label [who] told us that they could really do something and then everything just got cut off! So, we sat about 4 or 5 months and prayed [on what to do] and [God] gave us the revelation on doing the mix tapes. When I started music [on the DJing side] that was the first thing I would do. So, when we started the mix tape it was the perfect ministry tool and perfect marketing blast to get people to know who we were and, of course, to spread the gospel on the streets. If you’re doing Hip-Hop the best way to do it is through the underground and the mix tapes…it’s a hustle for souls!

I read that your goal is to do seven Mix Volumes…
RF: Yes, seven before we release our album.

…And you’re currently on Volume 3 working on Volume 4?
RF: Volume 4 is done! We’re putting the covers in them as we speak! (laughing)

I’m diggin’ UNEX Volumes 2 & 3 that I received. I love how the different flaves are mixed together. Do you have a favorite track…one that just makes you say “Ah, this is my cut!!”?
TS: Our favorites on Vol. 2 is “Nothing But Jesus,” “Look At Me,” “Christlike Girl” and Netta’s remix [“OOHH- Bless the hits” (Tweet remake)]

RF: Those are the four that really pushed the CD! A DJ that we know would play all four of those as singles…

What about your favorites on Volume 3?
RF: Volume 3 is sick…we LOVE 3! “This is a word”…

TS: “PLATman/Superhero”…(laughing)

RF: Yeah, a lot of people are crazy about “PLATman”…that was fun.

TS: “No Sunshine”…

RF: Yeah…that’s poetry!

TS: “Supernatural”…

RF: “Supernatural” is like the smoothest track up there! …My, personal-personal favorite is “Jackin’ Beats” because I like jackin’ beats for a purpose, you know what I mean? …Taking beats and lacin’ something sweet over it.

Since you brought up that track, let’s kick it about PS’s concept of “blessing the hits”. The majority of the songs are hot Jesus-laced lyrics over VERY popular mainstream instrumentals. What kind of feedback are you getting from this?
RF: We’re getting a whole lot of positive feedback because we are reaching the people that everyone neglects. The whole purpose is takin’ it to the streets…and if you are going to take it to the streets then you have to give the streets something that they can relate to…something they already know about. We literally took the whole “mix tape concept” of doing it underground. Every DJ from DJ Clue to Funk Master Flex started that way…that’s how they made a buzz, that’s how people found out about them…their underground mixes got them signed to a label! We get feedback like “I let some friends hear it that are not saved and they are really feeling it.”

TS: …Or, “I like what you guys did with that song, how you changed it and made it better. Now I can listen to it.” Like the Tweet remix, most say that it’s tight and they let their [unsaved] friends listen to it. It gets people in position where they can invite non-Christians to listen to the music and it gives them an opportunity to minister to somebody.

Cool! Ty, would you consider yourself a poet who MCz or an MC who writes poetry?
TS: A poet who has MC fantasies…

(Reflecting) …That’s deep! You KNOW I have to holla’ at you about the spoken word piece “Unexpected”. Honestly, this past week it has really been ministering to me! I think a lot of MCz go through that period of thinking about “quittin’ spittin’”… what’s the history behind the piece?
TS: Well, we took [the acapella version] from Volume 1 and re-recorded it on Volume 2 [with music] because a lot of people really liked it. [I wrote it] during the time when we were going through the whole thing with the label and whenever we would try to do things, we would have family saying, “What are you doing? When are you going to get a job?” …Everything was running together, [even] the lack of funds at times… So, one day Ricardo came to me and was like “can you write about this?” and I said I would. On Volume 1 I would say “FLO” on certain parts, but on Volume 2 as I was writing it, it became more personal because I knew it was about both of us.

RF: It’s our personal testimony.

TS: It is…

What I love about your ministry is that you don’t limit yourselves to just being artists, but you are also entrepreneurs. Tell me about Eternal Fava Management.
TS: We’ve been talking back in forth like “would we ever do management?” “…Naw we wouldn’t do management” and then one day…

RF: …Kay Bizzy stepped to us and he was like “I’m looking for management” and instead of asking us do we know any managers, he asked would we manage him and that started the management thing. We saw F.O.W. and we were really vexed in the spirit because these cats were SO hot…

TS: We were blown away by their talent!

RF: …But the people they were connected to weren’t pushing them. They weren’t helping them get their ministry out there. So, we were led to get with them and we had a passion to help them get out there. That’s the whole thing behind Eternal Fava: a passion to help other people grow in their ministries, give them knowledge of the business and teaching them as much as they can about “ownership.”

And, what’s tight is that you’re not selfish with Volumes 2 & 3, you feature artists from Eternal Fava…
TS: Yes, Kay Bizzy and F.O.W. …PK3 is on Volume 4.

I love it! So, what’s the word on Platinum Souls Records Inc.?
TS: Well, because of our [past industry experiences] we decided that we want to do everything on our own. Management, recording, [manufacturing,] etc.

RF: …And it’s unlike any record label ever because we didn’t sign any of the artists, but their records WILL come out! Pretty much, it’s one of those “family-type” of deals where it’s a 60/40 split, no points…because with points they will still get less. We’re doing it more like a partnership. We’ll back them, make our money back, put more back into the company and more importantly 40% will [belong to the artist] which is excellent!

TS: There are still so many people who do Gospel Hip-Hop, Poetry, etc. that don’t believe they can make a living from it because someone else told them that they can’t or because they [minister] at churches that don’t know how to take care of their ministers when the Word of God clearly says that that is what you are supposed to do! But, because of what they see and because of what they heard they are saddened by it and feel like I have to have this job where I work 40, 50 and 60 hours a week and then I have to do music on the side...

RF: We describe that as a lack of faith…

TS: We didn’t have everything when we started doing this full-time, we just knew that we didn’t want to do anything else…

You mentioned the “official” Platinum Souls project droppin’ soon. Do you have a street date for it yet?
TS: SOUL MAGNETS will be out the first quarter of 2004. We’re concentrating on putting out F.O.W’s project early October and Kay Bizzy’s project will be shortly after that…so, ours will be out around New Year’s time on Platinum Souls Records Inc.

Honestly, I don’t say this, but I’ve literally been playing these two CDs for 3 weeks straight…nothing else has been in my CD player! I told you before that I like to “chew” on a project for a while, but this one I was straight up feelin’. Not a lot of CDs spark me to write, but after hearing these two projects, a sista’ has been writing and producing like crazy!
RF: Praise God! You know what? A friend of ours from Houston said the same thing!

…What inspires your artistry besides God? What gets you going to a point where you say, “I HAVE to write”?
TS: The state of the world, MTV, BET…all of this crap! (laughing) …My nephews come through the house singing, “to the windoooow, to the wall…” that’s just terrible, I can’t take it! Little girls think they’ve got to dress like Beyonce’ to be somebody…

RF: Definitely the state of the world. That is the most inspiration. When I see a million kids hollerin’ and going crazy over somebody who just spoke a whole bunch of poison into their spirit…

TS: …And sometimes 70% of those kids go to church every Sunday but they still run after the things the world runs after. They don’t know!

RF: It’s like we’re real soldiers! We get into combat mode. We know there’s a need and if the real soldiers don’t step up then we gotta’ be the Commanders, the Chiefs and all of that and go after it, you know? We have to be trailblazers.

TS: We gotta’ do what Kirk Franklin did for the “regular church-folk”. (FLO then does a TERRIBLE Kirk Franklin imitation!) (Ty’s laughing)

How do you prepare for ministry engagements?
RF: We’re really into intercessory prayer. If we don’t pray before we go out, there is no going out. We have to pray, that prepares us and gets us right where God wants us to be. We stay before Him in worship and praise before entering into one of those engagements or it just won’t flow the way it should.

What churches are you reppin’?
TF: I’m a member of Total Grace Christian Center in Decatur, GA… ‘tha’ Deck,’ shaaawty, ‘tha’ Deck’! (laughing) …I’m learning the lingo here!

RF: (In his best ‘Vegas Lounge singer voice’) …and I’m a member of Center of Hope, Citadel, GA! …But, there are some big things going on in little China...

TS: We are growing into a position that we just started this past Sunday with Shepherd’s Care Ministries (founded by Cynthia Franklin- where we are the youth pastors. We are being led one day at a time!

Lately I’ve been running into a lot of MCz at HHH Conferences, etc. who don’t have a church home. What are your thoughts?
RF: We learned that you have to have a covering! If you don’t have a covering you’re really susceptible to anything. It’s really hard to grow when you don’t have a covering and like now, not only do we have church homes, we are really close to a lot of Bishops and Pastors who are praying for us and their congregations are praying for us. It explains why things are happening for us so rapidly and why we can be so effective.

Do you feel that the flood of “Gospel” MCz are helping the HHH movement or hindering it?
RF: It can go both ways. It’s helping when you have people like Corey Red, Mark J, Elle Roc…people who are really serious about it. What hinders it are people who come to the Holy Hip-Hop concerts so they can look at the girls and get some numbers. They are the same ones that do one of the hottest Holy Hip-Hop songs and then you see them cussin’ somebody out at the Holy Hip-Hop Awards. It’s helpful when you have real soldiers on the line… You know them by their fruit.

Where do you see Hip-Hop Culture in 5 years?
RF: I see Holy Hip-Hop stepping into the forefront. Everyone knows about the secular Hip-Hop artists, but now the world is exposed to the Holy Hip-Hop artists as well. Not only would you see a Nelly video, you would also see a T-Bone video on MTV.

What would you say is one of your most rewarding experiences? What makes you say, ‘wow!’
RF: Knowing that we do this full time and we aren’t struggling. God is taking us to higher heights and now we can offer other people hope.

TS: …Through the mixes we have gotten global exposure. Knowing that there is somebody in Africa who is touched by “PLATMAN”…To know where we came from, investing $50 maybe into doing this, to now. To know that the ministry is a blessing and that God really does reward faithfulness and obedience and diligence…THAT’s what makes me say ‘wow!’

RF: Your gifts will make room for you.

Share with me your most embarrassing moment.
RF/TS: Oh, No! (laughing)

TS: Ok, about 5 months ago someone cancelled for the show called B Street Live. It’s this show that’s nationally broadcasted on Turner South. We went to the audition and Bryant Reid, L.A. Reid’s brother, is the one that does the show and picks all the people. So, he picked us for the show and [the day of the show] we’re in the trailer and I’m messing around saying Ricardo’s part to “Are Y’all Ready?” So, when we go out on stage to do the song he does his part and I go to do my part and I started saying his part! (laughing) …It’s live, so you can’t stop it!

(Laughing) So, what did you do?
TS: I think I just said the first couple of lines and then Ricardo freestyled and then I came back and said the last couple of lines from my own verse! …It was all messed up! I don’t think people knew what was going on. Some people we know watch the show all the time and they keep re-airing that episode! We were the first Christian group on there…

RF: This is the guy that everybody watches what he does in the industry because he was LaFace Records’ A&R. So, already he had everyone in the industry watching his unsigned artists on the show…

What about you FLO?
TS: (laughing) What was it about 3 weeks ago?

RF: (laughing) …It was pretty much the same situation. About 3 weeks ago we were invited back to do the Cynthia & Friends Show and we did a new song called “Blazin’”. …I got SO caught up in the hook that when it was time for the third verse to end the song I was like, “what’s next?”…like I didn’t know I was supposed to start rappin’. I had to play it off. I was like, “yeah, everybody…Cynthia & Friends! Check the show out!” when I was supposed to be rappin’! I just blanked out and we already had to start over once. They shoot four shows in a day, so they weren’t trying to do another take. I didn’t do any rappin’ for a while and I jumped somewhere in the middle and ended the verse at the wrong place... You could tell I didn’t know what I was doing, my facial expression showed it!

Ty, what were you doing when he blanked out?
TS: I was like, alright, well we’re even now. Let’s move on!

What would your “fans” be shocked to know about you?
RF: Our ages! When I tell people that I’m 31! (laughing)…People think Ty is like 15 or 16!

TS: I agree…

RF: Oh, and that Ty was a schoolteacher and has a degree in English.

I checked out and I saw your hectic ministry schedule plus I read that over the summer you were on tour with Mark J. and Elle Roc. How do you keep up with your busy schedule?
TS: We have a lot of upset family members! (laughing)

RF: Well, sometimes people want to book us for the same day, so a lot of times we recommend another artist for an event.

TS: We just had to get wise and remember that God has given us our health to be good stewards over, so we have to make sure that we take care of ourselves…we have to rest now so that everyone can get what they anticipate.

RF: That may be shocking to the fans, to know the size of the bags under our eyes! (laughing)

TS: (laughing) …They would be scared!

What do you have coming up?
RF: We are about to work with some people out in Houston that is going work with us on our clothing line…

TS: At some point I’m going to complete my book…

RF: Ty is getting a Holy Hip-Hop award for her dedication in spreading the gospel through Hip-Hop…

What’s this I hear about a DVD?
RF: Yeah, it’s going to be a collection of some live performances from the CD, interviews, daily routines like going to the studio, etc.

What advice would you give a new MC out there just itchin’ to rock a mic or drop a project?
TS: Stay prayed up!

RF: Be anxious for nothing! …and Prov. 3:5-6

Ok. Let’s do some word association. You answer in 1-2 word thoughts.

RF: Vision.

The phrase, “Gospel Rapper”…
TS: Sucks. (laughing)

RF: I knew she was going to say that! I was thinking the same thing! (laughing)

RF: Opportunity!

TS: Important.

Platinum Souls…
RF: Trailblazers.

TS: His Presence.

In this industry, a lot of people see a good thing and try to emulate what worked for someone else. What are your thoughts?
RF: When ministers are really connected to God, they don’t have to look at others to get ideas…God will give them their own ideas. I believe all of God’s people are leaders.

TS: It’s an honor to have people look at you and be inspired by you, but at the same time we are all different parts of The Body and each member has their own specific task. God is all-powerful and we limit Him when we try to do what another person is doing when that may not be what He wants us to do.

FLO and Ty, thank you for the time you’ve taken out to share your experiences with us. How can everyone get a CD and partake in the “UNEX” experience?
RF/TS: They can visit our online store:

KIWI is a Hip-Hop minister/artist out of Detroit, MI as well as the owner of G-Praize Music (a production, promotions and marketing company.
- Kiwi


* Platinum Souls--Album: "Hybrid"- September 2008 (Digital Release: itunes, napster, etc.)
* “Dey Don’t Know”- Video- December 2007
* "Dey Don't Know" single- September 2007
* "Hustlin 4 Souls" DVD, vol. 1- May 2007
* "Undeniable", vol. 1- January 2006
* "Til 6 in da Morning" - Video & Single
(directed by: Christopher "Play" Martin)
Airing worldwide NOW on BET, The Word Network, and more
* Unexpected Mixes, Vol. 6 "The Medicine"- December 2004
* Rev. Derrick Hill's-"Created To Rule" (produced by: PS & Big Ran)- October 9, 2004
* Unexpected mixes, vol. 5 "BulletProof"- Jan. 2004
* Unexpected mixes, vol. 4 "Manifestation" (Time4someAction)- August 2003
* Unexpected mixes, vol. 3 "Worldwide" - April 2003
* Unexpected mixes, vol. 2 "Street Blessings" -Jan 2003
* Unexpected mixes, vol. 1 - Oct 2002



“No rest til we reach 1 million”

Platinum Souls: Ricardo FLO (For Lord Only) & Ms. Ty Scott; the dynamic duo; the sign of great new things to come; a hybrid of hip-hop and poetry, with a dash of reggae and soul; 1 million souls for the Kingdom of God.

Since February 2002, Platinum Souls has been on a quest to change hearts and minds through their blend of Hip-Hop & Poetry. These Licensed Ministers are highly respected and requested (as Artists and Speakers) in Colleges, Churches, and in mainstream arenas, internationally. They have shared stages with: Chuck D, CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Scarface, Mary Mary, DC Talk, Out of Eden, Tonex, KiKi Sheard, Deitrick & Damita Haddon, Canton Jones, J. Moss, Nicole C. Mullin, Bone Crusher, Bubba Sparxxx and Clipse (just to name a few).

No strangers to the airwaves, Platinum Souls initially gained momentum with their: "Unexpected Mixes", a series of mix tapes the duo used to build anticipation for their recently released (September 2008) album: "Hybrid". Due to their unyielding commitment to spreading the gospel, Platinum Souls has received the following list of honors:
** "Dey Don't Know" (their 2007 hit single) still ranks Top 10 on the BILLBOARD Music Charts (23 weeks, and counting), in the: R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Category.
** 2008 Gospel Choice Award winner - "Best Hip Hop"
** 2008 YGEA Award winner - "Best Hip Hop Group"
** March 2006- the first hip-hop & poetry group ever to appear on T.B.N. (The Trinity Broadcast Network), as guests on: "Praise the Lord", hosted by: CeCe Winans.
** 2006- Atlanta Hip Hop Film Festival: "Video of the Year" winner (for their music video: "Til 6 in da Morning", Directed by: Christopher "Play Martin". The video aired on major networks worldwide, i.e.: BET, The Word Network, etc.)
** 2005- Featured in the REAL Biblezine (by Thomas Nelson Publishers). A Bible for the urban community
** 2005- Gospel Choice Award nominee
** 2004- Atlanta Urban Legends Showcase winner
** 2004- Urban Gospel Industry (UGI) winner
** 2004- What's the Word Magazine winner
** 2004 & 2003- Holy Hip Hop Awards winners
** 2002- Silver Mic Award winners (for the best Pizza Hut jingles of the year).
** And, as if that were not enough, Platinum Souls were also among a handful of artists chosen to be the first rappers ever to perform at The United States Pentagon!

Platinum Souls is atypical in both the hip-hop and poetry arenas. But one thing everyone will come to know about them is that they are not ones to shun a challenge; instead, they prefer to specialize in doing great exploits for God while delivering their message with boldness and authority. Despite the fact that the groups' doctrine is not always accepted, they refuse to dilute it (even in the clubs and the bars). So from them, you can no doubt... expect the Unexpected!

They are submitted and serving under the ministry covering of Pastor Hart Ramsey Sr. - Pastor and Founder of: Northview Christian Church in Dothan, Alabama. They reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information on Platinum Souls, visit: