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Born in Palm Beach and raised in S.Florida and N.Y.C Plat'num developed a love of music and film at an early age. Noting The Fresh Prince and LL Cool J as his earliest inspirations by age 12 he began to write and emotionally express his thoughts.Which lead to his introduction to songwriting, and his capability to emulate and reenact leading to a passion to perform. By 17 he recorded his 1st song "
Sex as a Weapon". This was the moment he realized he had a more comedic appeal than anything and decided "a laugh is worth more than a cry". By 20 hey went completely independet began to write ,produce, record, and perform all his material. Today he is recording and proudly continues to invest his life in the art of music. "You can invest your time or waste it, but either way every moment your spending it"

Since producer/songwriter/rapper has released "Love Slave" (1st in a series of productions). He has gained a bit of national attention through radio with his single "Outta This World". In this period of time he built a web presence and established quite a following. He has since received national magazine exposure/press, and anticipates and is exploring several tour oppurtunities. He has stated he has just begun with his upcoming release "Class of My Own" he says he "will not compromise the integrity of the culture and will incorporate various genres to broaden the spectrum....remember this culture was based on breaking the rules....we will/can not be confined to 4 walls...think outside the box"


Love Slave-June 2011 (Mixtape)
Class of My Own-TBA 2012 (Mixtape)

Outta This World (single) 2012
Str8 Fool (single) 2012 TBA

Set List

Mic (s), Lighting, Speakers/Sound Sysetm, DJ