Roman Helmet (formerly PLATNUM) is balls to the wall rock n' roll blended with hip hop beats and soulful vocals. This can be seen in their explosive live shows, where their musicianship and talent stay true to their studio recordings.


Roman Helmet (formerly PLATNUM) is a five-piece band out of New York City that prides itself in playing funk/soul-infused, hip-hop rock. The band was established in 2004 when Berklee students Chris Llewellyn (guitar), Brian Cohen (keyboards), James Hart (bass) and Larry Lubkert (drums) found Jake Hess, thereby fulfilling their quest for a powerhouse lead singer.

Disappointed in popular music's lack of authenticity, the fledgling rock n' roll quintet vowed to steer it back on course. To that end, they developed a uniquely progressive, yet classically soulful sound, and a style that is both irresistibly accessible and musically complex. Their songs, like the hits "Back on the Bus," "Inevitable," and "Anybody’s Baby" are versatile, but the arrangements share an appealing uniformity. Roman Helmet values its musical honesty: what you hear on their CD is mirrored in their dynamic and compelling live performances. Simply put, they rock.

Through extensive rehearsals and countless gigs Roman Helmet's on-stage chemistry has crystallized, their songs have matured and their sound is beautiful and tight, keeping audiences' heads nodding. They advanced quickly into the New York music scene, having secured representation and attracted interest from several labels. The group now seeks to expand to the national college and club markets.

And they have bonded in their quest. As the crowds grow, Roman Helmet continues to hone their craft of engaging audiences with their urban look paired with a unique brand of soulful, funky, raging rock n' roll.


Self-Titled 8 song EP has just been released. Tracks include The Movement, Creepin', Back on the Bus, Anybody's Baby, Green Eyed Lady, Middle Man, Inevietable, and Ghost.

Set List

No covers, all originals. We typically do a 10-12 song set, leaving room for an encore or two. Set is between 45 minutes and an hour depending on the venue. The set list from our last show is as follows: 1."Long Time Coming" 2."Creepin'" 3."Your New Heroes" 4."You Sin, I Win" 5."Anybody's Baby" 6."Green Eyed Lady" 7."Middle Man" 8."Inevitable" 9."Off the Ground" 10. "The Movement" 11."Feel The Same" 12."Ghost" *encore song 13."Back on the Bus"