Platypus Complex

Platypus Complex


Welcome to the Platypus Complex


Hailing from New Brunswick NJ, The Platypus Complex blends traditional funk, rock, alternative, and jam sounds to create a fresh blend of "Alternafunk."

Raised in the 90's, but with their minds in the 70's, Platypus doles out the thumping bass lines, tight drums, and searing guitars with strong hooks and sing-along tunes.

In addition, The Platypus Complex have become recognized for their funky and tight jams that showcase the musicianship of its members.

If the Platypus Complex had to be a dinosaur it would be a Funkasaurus-Rex. A carnivorously funky beast feeding on lesser funk and groovelessness.

Set List

Fred Rubenstein
45 Richardson St.
North Carolina
Platypus Jam
Brooklyn Breatdown
Frogs in the Pool
Be Your Friend
Funky Platypus
Lift You Up

Strip It Up
Sesame Street