BandAlternativeClassic Rock

We're a cover band. We play Queen, Three Doors Down, My Chemical Romance; really anything with a good beat to it. We play clubs, pubs, private functions etc. and always keep the party going. We'll do more than energize everyone, we're gonna rock the walls off the place!


Influences: Our influences are enormous in scope, ranging from Queen to Eminem,; The Doors to The Offspring, Australian Crawl to Eskimo Joe, David Bowie to Daft Punk and a hell of a lot more.

Things that set us apart: All three members of Playback have Aspergers' Syndrome. Life has been challenging for us, but through music, we've managed to exceed most people's expectations.

Story: We formed in 2005, playing Friday nights in a garage. At first we did this for fun, and still do; then we decided to take the show on the road. We're not really in it for the money, although it IS a nice bonus. We do this because we would like to have people enjoy what we do, and that people will remember us, and come to our next gig.