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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | INDIE

New York City, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2008
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"PlayBoySwag Releases Mixtape"

PlayBoySwag Drops Another Dope Mixtape Project. Been A While Since His Last One But Its Always Quality Over Quantity. Profound Student Of The Art Of Music And Creativity. He's Releasing Lord Of The Street "Pray For Us All", A Very Epic And Glorified Project. This Mixtape Will Show You His Artistry, Growth, Passion, Pain, And Love For Music. Its Deeper Then Rap And Bigger Then He Is. He's Not Looking Forward To Being Another Rapper, Just A Great Artist And Longevity Is Whats In The Works. He Is PlayBoySwag And PlayWorldMovement Is His Life. PlayBoySwag Lord Of The Street "Pray For Us All" Part 1 1. Phantom Intro 2. Lord Of The Street 3. Prisoner 4. Death To You 5. Real Life 6. Goonin 7. Heavy Rotation 8. Off With His Head ( Free Download ) Part 2 9. Let's Work 10. Dancin On Me 11. Losing My Mind Ft. Cory Gunz 12. The Bounce Ft. Rtch P. 13. Daddy Home 14. On The Go Ft. French Montana, Freeway 15. Letter To My Lady 16. Phantom Outro (Free Download ) - Veoh

"Q&A With PlayBoySwag"

This is an exclusive interview with one of the up and coming talents to come out of Harlem, NY. Mad Bees will take you behind the scenes with PlayBoySwag. We’ll talk about who he is as an artist, some of the projects he has in the works and a host of other things. Let’s get started!

MAD BEES ENT: First off, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity that you have extended to us to hear who you are as an artist. We’ve showcased various artists, producers, models and comedians from all over the world and are extremely excited to have a talented artist holding it down for Harlem.

Please welcome PlayBoySwag! (Clapping hands)

MAD BEES ENT: Let me tell you the story on how I found you. I was surfing DatPiff, looking for new music and came across your Lord of the Street: “Pray For Us All” mixtape. I clicked play and immediately found myself bouncing in the chair at my desk. You’ve got some slappers my dude!

I wanted to reach out and get to know who you are as a person and an artist.

So tell us who Is PlayBoySwag?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I’m a very dedicated, forward and strong person. Smart, very funny, and serious at all times. I’m a very family orientated person as well. I’m tough on myself at times. I can be forceful while pushing myself to do things I may not want, but I may need to do. I’m quiet and can be laid back at times but I’m always me.

MAD BEES ENT: What was it like growing up in Harlem?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I’m from Harlem, New York; born and raised. Growing up in Harlem wasn’t all that bad, but it was challenging. Some of my family members contributed to that. Most of my family members were involved in drugs in some capacity and that caused me to lash out in school. From fighting every day in school, stealing from stores, carrying knives, and even pistols, it was my life. My violent behavior became so bad that I had to move to Jacksonville, Florida with my pops and aunty. Eventually, I moved back to the place I call home.

MAD BEES ENT: Had to pul a LeBron and come back home to take your career to another level, huh? (Laughing) For someone who has never been to Harlem, what would you tell them?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Harlem can be beautiful but it really depends on what you want to see. From the men and women looking fly and flashy cars; I seen it all in Harlem. Harlem can be fun at times. I played in many different basketball tournaments, and programs to stay out of trouble. Hanging with the homies and running around doing kid shit was cool. Until I made a move to New Orleans, Louisiana.

MAD BEES ENT: How old were when you began making music?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I was 17yrs old.

MAD BEES ENT: When did you start pursuing a career in music?

PLAYBOYSWAG: When I was 20, I began writing more music than ever before. I started recording more music and writing records for other artists. When people started to believe in me, invest time, money and energy in me, I started to go extra hard when I acquired my own studio to record out of. I was able to perfect my craft and work vigorously.

MAD BEES ENT: That’s what’s up! Gives you the chance to put something down whenever you are ready.

What was the first song you made and how would you rate it compared to where you are today?

PLAYBOYSWAG: First song I ever recorded I was 17. It was a freestyle to an industry beat. Compared to where I’m at today? It was terrible! (Laughing) I didn’t have no idea what I was doing as far as writing to a beat and recording it.

MAD BEES ENT: What made you think you had what it takes to make it into this industry?

PLAYBOYSWAG: When started to understand what a chorus/hook and the bridge to a song was. That allowed me to perfect my music in the right direction and make my sound great. I started writing and singing hooks for other artist, such as Yung Berg, Nipsey Hustle, French Montana, and many more others. I realized I had something that everybody I was around wanted. Meeting big industry heads and having them impressed with me was definitely a sign that I had a gift.

MAD BEES ENT: Those are some nice artists you have worked with. Who would you say you looked up to in the game coming up?

PLAYBOYSWAG: 2Pac and Biggie was very instrumental in my younger years as a kid. They were very epic.

MAD BEES ENT: Did you have any other music influences growing up?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Nah, not really. I listed to whatever was hot and on the radio at the time.

MAD BEES ENT: Who is your favorite artist and why?

PLAYBOYSWAG: 50 Cent had my attention. I bought his album “Get Rich Or Die Try’n” 3 times. (Laughing)

I learned a lot from his musical touch; the way he constructs his songs and hooks.

MAD BEES ENT: Name your top 5 hip-hop artist of all time

PLAYBOYSWAG: Rakim, 2Pac, Biggie, Eminem, 50 Cent,

MAD BEES ENT: Name some of the producers have you worked with?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Neo The Matrix, BangOut, Catalyst, The Business, and Big Fruit

MAD BEES ENT: Do you typically sit in with them as they produce the beat?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Sometimes I sit in with the producer while they make the beat. But most times they just email me the beat. Otherwise, someone I’m in contact with someone in there camp.

MAD BEES ENT: What do you consider your biggest record so far is?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Patron Poppin Ft. French Montana and it’s located on my SoundCloud page.

It’s also located on DJ Big Mike’s Black Friday Mixtape “Poppin Bottles”

MAD BEES ENT: Who else have you collaborated with so far?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Yung Berg, Nipsey Hustle, Cap1, Currensy, French Montana, Cory Gunz, Fred The God and many others.

MAD BEES ENT: If you could collab with any artist in the game, who would it be and why?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I would have to say Drake. He’s one of the best artist of my generation. And one record with Drake would change my life; let alone put me in the top 40 list. (Laughing). Truth!

MAD BEES ENT: You ain’t never lied! You get one with Drake you’re in the game for real! What would you consider your favorite track you ever written and why?

PLAYBOYSWAG: My favorite track is this record I wrote called “Ghost” . The process on how that song was made was not like your average song. It’s a deep song, inside my mind at the time when I felt lost.

MAD BEES ENT: What was going through your head when you first begin writing the record?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I felt lost, like no one had cared for me. Haven’t heard from my family in a long time and I was living by myself in this two bed apartment I just moved in. Didn’t have no money in my pocket at the time, all I had was my guns. Had thoughts of figuring out a way to go out and get me some money. But by time I hit the front door and unlocked the locks, I tell you no lie, the door seemed like it wouldn’t open. God wouldn’t allow me to proceed. My hand turned the locks back and I walked to my desk and sat down and started writing what I felt over this beat one of producers sent me.

MAD BEES ENT: Man, you had the Lord by your side. Glad he guided you to making that decision because it could have been what saved your life.

Tell me how the process went after you laid the track?

PLAYBOYSWAG: It was hard to lay the record down because I was dealing with so many different emotions. I just couldn’t focus. But I pushed myself and after I laid it, I caught the chills. Listening to what was in my mind on wax for the first time scared me, but everybody that was in the studio that day loved it.

MAD BEES ENT: How did the streets feel about the record?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I didn’t formally release the record. A few people I had behind me at the time played it for a bunch of labels and they thought the record was pretty dope. They wanted to hear more and at the time I didn’t have enough records recorded.

MAD BEES ENT: Damn! Maybe it just meant it wasn’t your time at the moment.

What goals have you set for yourself as an artist?

PLAYBOYSWAG: In a sense, I wanna work smarter not harder. I wanna put out two albums in one year, and push my career to another level musically. The only person to ever do that was DMX I believe. I wanna produce a hit record for a big pop artist like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber.

MAD BEES ENT: I see you’ve got your eyes on the big one! A song with either of them and you’re winning!!

Where you see yourself in 5 years?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I see myself signed to a major label, touring the world, and branding my PlayWorldMusic company more.

MAD BEES ENT: And where do you see yourself in 10 years?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I see myself acting in movies, or some type of TV show. Living in LA hopefully. Doing bigger things other than music.

MAD BEES ENT: Well be careful because we don’t want to see you making a fool of yourself or selling your soul on any bogus Reality TV series. That won’t necessarily be a good look. Mona Scott-Young might see this interview and want you to star in a future series “Love & Hip-Hop Harlem.” (Laughing)

PLAYBOYSWAG: (Busting up in laughter)

MAD BEES ENT: Name 3 things you’d like to accomplish before the end of 2014?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Have more music out, my video or videos on MTV Jams, and my songs being played on radio stations around the world.

MAD BEES ENT: Have you ever performed in front of a large crowd?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Yes, I have. I also went on tour in Paris and performed at different clubs and venues. The tour footage is on my YouTube channel if you’re interested in checking it out.

MAD BEES ENT: What song do you perform to really get the crowd going?

PLAYBOYSWAG: “34 Diamonds”

MAD BEES ENT: What makes you different then any other artist?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I understand what originality is. Understanding who I am as an artist sets me aside from thinking who I am. I know music! Even when I’m not recording music, I hear different melody’s in my head as I walk the streets. How I craft my music is different then the rest. My singing abilities and knowing different octaves alongside my rapping skills makes me different. Understanding the business side of the music and knowing I am the product. I am what I’m selling makes me different. Having my own music company sets me aside. My abilities to put a hit record together in a matter of minutes with no problem makes me different. Writing records or hooks for other artist makes me different. I got something people want and they know it’s going to be hot. Having people in my corner that’s willing to do more for me then I’m willing to do for myself, not that I won’t but that’s how much they believe in me so they go those extra miles.

MAD BEES ENT: Are you in talks with any record labels?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Nah, not at the moment but I know they watching though (Smiling)

MAD BEES ENT: First 3 things you’d do when you officially made it. What would you buy?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Celebrate with my team who helped me get there over dinner. Hug my only sister and tell her “Nigga We Made It!” (Laughing) Then Go back into the studio and keep working. I wouldn’t buy anything unless it’s called for. I just wanna work and change my life. I want my music to drive me to different places of success.

MAD BEES ENT: Sounds like a guy who really knows what he wants in life. Keep striving for your dreams!

Now what motivates you as an artist?

PLAYBOYSWAG: My music motivates me. The kind of records I come up with is amazing. Sometime I can’t believe how I do it. When my records are being mixed and how the vocals sound motivates me. Having people gravitate to my music motivates me. My team keeps me motivated with how hard they work.

MAD BEES ENT: Shout out to your team for keeping you on the straight and narrow!

Have there been any struggles or road blocks you have experienced on your journey?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Having people I thought had my back musically and didn’t have my best interest. Blocking deals with labels, stopping projects and collabs with other artists. A lot of Lying. Not wanting me to be an artist but just a song writer.

MAD BEES ENT: Don’t never give up on something you want. Besides one can be a song writer as well as an artist. Both will put food on the table but i am sure it feels more rewarding writing the music for yourself.

What was the last project you put out?

PLAYBOYSWAG: The ComRad “Voice Of The Soldiers” Mixtape Hosted by DJ Empire

MAD BEES ENT: Any new music and videos coming soon?

PLAYBOYSWAG: After promoting the newly released mixtape Lord of the Street we are releasing my single “34 Diamonds.”

The video that will be following behind all that is “Losing My Mind” Ft YMCMB artist Cory Gunz.

MAD BEES ENT: For the folks that may not be aware if who PlayBoySwag is what would you say to convince them to give your music a listen?

PLAYBOYSWAG: If you know music, then you can hear originality and great sound. I am not a carbon copy. I am built differently than the rest. I demand the attention, people are gonna gravitate to me because of who I am. And how can you not listen to great music; especially when it is free. I shouldn’t need to convince you to listen, you should want to. Cause you gone have to listen when it’s in rotation on your favorite radio station. So get in tune now. (Smiling)

MAD BEES ENT: Say that then! (Laughing) And where can our viewers/readers find your music? - Lord Of The Street “Pray For Us All”

Soundcloud – PlayBoySwag - @PlayBoySwagTv

MAD BEES ENT: How can viewers connect with you?

PLAYBOYSWAG: Twitter: @PlayBoySwag, Instagram: @TheRealPlayBoySwag, Facebook: @PlayBoySwag, Youtube: @PlayBoySwagTv and Tumblr: @playboyswagg.

MAD BEES ENT: Any shout outs, or words of encouragements to upcoming artist?

PLAYBOYSWAG: I wanna shout my whole PlayWorld Team Bah, Buba, Shawty Z, Omar -OJ Life, OFresh, DJ Skeez, Dj Rob E Rob. Words for upcoming artist be yourself and know what you want out this game. It isn’t all just music its deeper then rap.

MAD BEES ENT: Well thanks for spending time with us PlayBoySwag. And good luck on all the success that is heading your way. We’d also like to get you featured on the Mad Bees City 2 City Mixtape series so we'll be sure to keep in touch. Maybe have you bless us with a feature or something. Keep us updated on any new projects.

Take care and we wish you nothing but the best. - MadBees

"PlayBoySwag "Can't Call It" prod. by Jahlil Beats single release party"

The Mic Booth


683 Tuxedo DriveSuite 10

Elmont, NY 11003

Contact: Tim TuraneTitle:

ManagementPhone: 347-744-7227


PLAYBOYSWAG ANNOUNCES RELEASE OF “CAN'T CALL IT” Hip Hop Artist Makes Strong Musical Statement About Life

New York, NY DEC 3,2014 – PlayBoySwag ( a native of Harlem, is proud to announce to fans that he has recently recorded and mastered a new record, entitled “Can’t Call It”, produced by multi-platinum music producer, Jahlil Beats. Beats' is the producer responsible for recently charting single "Hot N****" by Bobby Schmurda. Jahlil Beats also produced the Meek Mill banger "Ima Boss". The official release party will be held at NYC club Lexicon located at 226 E. 54th street NY, NY. The party will be DJ’d by Power 105.1, The Breakfast Club own, known as the number one morning show in the country, DJ ENVY. DJ Envy is the lead host of the Breakfast Club, and is a VJ for MTV2’s “The Week In Jams” and is highly touted as New York City top premiere DJs. Jahlil Beats will also be live and hosting the event.

Independent record labels PlayWorldMusic ENT and The Mic Booth have collaborated on this PlayBoySwag project, while Ryan Davis of The Debonaire Group and Tim Turane both executive produced the project. The name of the record is "Can't Call It", which is bass driven and sure to be a club banger.

PlayBoySwag routinely refers to any action he does as "King Shit". “Sometimes you may see something happen,” says PlayboySwag, “or have a conversation with someone, or just be stressed on the phone with a bill collector and all you can say to yourself is that you "Can't Call It".”The album was mastered by Grammy winner Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound. Gehringer is responsible for a string of hits from Rihanna, Jay Z, and Lady Gaga to Nas, LL Cool J and Fat Joe.

PlayBoySwag hit the ground running with a meteoric rise after recording his first successful mixtape “The ComRad Voice of Soldiers” hosted by DJ Empire in 2011. Born Daquan Anthony Smith, PlayBoySwag was a crack baby born to an addict in Harlem, raised by his Uncle and Grandmother. Raised on the streets in the Mecca of Hip Hop, New York City, PlayBoySwag's music has a centered air of authenticity and realism. Offered a college scholarship to play basketball, he opted instead to follow his musical passion of Hip Hop, a skill he has been honing since, gathering quite a large and loyal fan base.Currently, he is making a mark on the music community with his latest video, “Losing My Mind” featuring Young Money Cash Money Billionaire artist, Cory Gunz.

For more information, visit ### - Themicbooth


PlayBoySwag teams up with fellow Bronx native on the smooth, jazz inspired record Losing My Mind. Cory Gunz, of YMCMB, delivers his trademarked chill flow while PlayBoySwag delivers his melodic sound sure to get heads moving north and south. - VladTv

"PlayBoySwag: Artist on Deck"

Sitting, in probably one of the warmest placest in New York City when not inside your home, a truck with heat turned to the max, in an effort to compete with 3 degree weather and Mother Nature button on chill, a matured, well-rounded man gazes through the windshield with the face of intense evaluation. He turns his head, with a raise of one brow, says "You know why I need this music to pop off, to provide the opportunity for everybody with talent to have a platform to share that talent". Spoken like a true person of selfless-service, the "Can't Call It" rapper, PlayBoySwag, has been calling it alot lately with his right on sound, charisma, and musical melodies he chooses to use in his songs.

Hailing from Harlem, NY, with long stints in Jacksonville, Florida during his teenage years, PlayBoySwag has a mix of New York's grit and Florida's Southern Hospitality. A proven songwriter, he has penned for the likes of Yung Berg, French Montana, Sheist Bubz, and more to name a few. His sound has been accepted by the public as something of hip hop soul. As we decide on a restaurant to sit and talk, he reflects on a Cadillac he drove in Florida. He recalls it was in that Cadillac he fell in love with melodies because of a local song that would play on the radio. However, it was New York which gave him the life experience of how to deal with such a cold world.

Born a crackbaby, PlayBoySwag was expected to die by doctors due to his lack of weight and small heartbeat. His grandmother, refusing to lose an innocent child, took the boy home; today he stands at 6'2 240 pounds lifting 400-500 pounds at ease. His workout is that of a street brawler, consisting of dips and pull-ups in the local park. He is educated, attending a college on a Basketball scholarship ; he left to pursue music full-time. PlayBoySwag states he "never wanted to regret" not pursuing his dream.

These days PlayBoySwag is making the rounds with his first nationally distributed single "Can't Call It" produced by multi-platinum producer Jahlil Beats and mastered by Grammy winning Chris Gehringer. The record has charted on the MediaBase charts and as of this writing became a top 15 record on WFXE in North Carolina in addition to being added to rotation at multiple other stations in the SouthEastern region of the United States. The record has over 10000 digital spins on various platforms to include Live365, iHeartradio, and Spotify. Internationally he has been played on BBC radio, NJR radio, and Canal FM in Paris. He has been playlisted on over 50 digital stations with more added each day. DJ Envy hosted and mixed the record at PlayBoySwag record release party in NYC which he had presented by one of NYC's premiere promoter in Adante Ace.

The BMI, independent as of this writing, songwriter/performer, and even if you #CantCallIt, you can absolutely feel something big is about to occur. Jonny Shipes of Cinematic Music Group says " this kid is a Superstar, I knew that years ago" . Ladies and Gentlemen: PlayBoySwag. -


"The ComRad Voice Of The Soldiers"

1.The Empire 2.Kill Zone ft Yung Berg & Richy Rich 3.Patron Poppin 4.Interlude 5.I Got Money On My Mind 6.Empire 7.Dinner Time ft Shiest Bubz & Teto Green 8.Interlude 9.I'm A Star 10.DJ Rob E Rob Speaks 11.I'm Down 12.Imagination 13.Big 14.Interlude 15.She Dont Need You 16.Ride 17.Interlude 18.Time Is Runnin Out 19.DJ Rob E Rob 20.Here We Go Again 21.Bitchen 22.Look Like Money 23.DJ Rob E Rob Speaks 24.Throttle 25.Cold Play 26.Good Life 27.The Empire Outro

"Lord of The Streets"

1.Phantom Intro listen download 2.Lord of the Street 3.Prisoner 4.Death To You 5.Real Life 6.Goonin 7.Heavy Rotation 8.Off With His Head 9.Let's Work 10.Dancin On Me 11.Losing My Mind [PlayWorld] Ft. Cory Gunz 12.The Bounce Ft. Rich P 13.Daddy Home 14.On The Go Ft. French Montana, Freeway 15.Letter To My Lady 16.Phantom Outro



PlayBoySwag who was born Daquan Anthony Smith, comes from the Mecca of Hip Hop known to the world as New York City. More specifically Harlem. His father and mother are Cuban and West Indian respectively.  His mother, a victim of the 80’s influx of the community terrorist best referred to as CRACK, gave birth to a child who wasn’t expected to survive the labor. His father, as his uncle would school him, “ran the streets”. The late 80’s and early 90’s provided the low income, slum infested, crime-riddled streets of New York, black men a way to a high volume of fast cash. PlayBoySwag, due to his Uncle and his Grandmother’s value of family, no matter how bad a situation may appear to be, believed they shold intervene in the situation involving the hospital, PlayBoySwag, and his parents. They opted to bring him home. PlayBoySwag home included 4 generations of family, family friends, and local acquaintances. With the traffic flow in and out of his Drew Projects apartment, he was exposed to every part of the streets through different perspectives. PlayBoySwag, as a youth, was forced to make a choice, follow the streets or fall victim to it as a casualty. Fast forward to High School, PlayBoySwag became known as an intelligent brawler who was offered college scholarships to play basketball however opted to choose his passion of Hip Hop above all else.

PlayBoySwag sound may sound to have some “twang” on it. That derives from his teenage years in the south while jumping between homes during the summer months. Ever the bully, taking things from people was his norm, taking an accent and making it his own was no exception. When you hear PlayBoySwag, you get clear, in your face vocals, almost sounding father like. He is built, standing at 6’2 225 pounds and no stranger to the gym with the ability to lift over 300 pounds. Due to the conditions he was born in, he takes his health extremely seriously, and attacks his appearance with even more desperation. This is why people always describe him as the star in the room. His presence, even when amongst platinum producers and performers, stands out from the normal upcoming artist. With his menacing body posture, and street reputation with his hands, remember not to call him just a rapper. He believes he is an entertainer and cannot be locked into any one cage.

PlayBoySwag is a independent artist with his own incoporated company PlayWorldMusic. PlayBoySwag most notable penned record is "Choppa Down" performed by French Montana. PlayBoySwag currently has a charting single on MediaBase, "Can't Call It", produced by multi-platinum producer Jahlil Beats and mastered by the multiple Grammy-Winner Chris Gehringer at NYC legendary Sterling Sounds. His record, "Can't Call It", has also charted on the Digital Charts and have been publicly recognized by top name DJ's in their respectable cities such as DJ Envy, DJ Divine Martino, DJ Ceelo, DJ King Assassin, The MixMaster88, and much more. He will be appearing in the upcoming XXL Freshmen Cover issue set for release in June. He has performed at SOB's opening for Teyanna Taylor, Miami's King Of Diamonds with "We The Best" DJ Nasty, and Santos Party House for the BXC Festival most recently.

PlayBoySwag has come to far to stop; his fan base is growing, the pressure to succeed is mounting, this New York, cannon ball rapper has entered the industry with a achievable end game in sight. He is the Triple H of Hip Hop, and The Rock can smell what PlayBoySwag is cooking.

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