play dead proxy

play dead proxy

 Rochester, England, GBR

A mix of heavy synth bass lines and manic distorted guitars


The band was started by aaron recording songs in his bedroom. He finally decided to play the songs live alone but the band needed a bit more on stage so he asked ben a freind from another band to help play keys and guitar live.
the two gigged together for 6 months while looking for a drummer who finally turned up december 2011.

An erratic live show the trio from medway create swiriling bass lines and manic guitars. drawing influences from indie, punk, grunge, electro, synth pop, and a whole lot more therye has never been a specific sound to the the band more of a mix of everything.


Septicism - june 2011
01 kill face
02 get manic
03 hotshotdeathrot

closet monsters - coming soon

Set List

we use

1 vocals
2 guitar amps
one keyboard ( usually we d.i it)
one laptop which we have setup so that we can
plug directly into a desk
one drummer.