Players Club

Players Club


These guys are bursting with original sounding songs, amazing arrangements and a unique sound that is unmistakably Players Club. True modern rock doesn't get any better than this.


Players Club got together in Brooklyn, 1999. Each of the four guys were playing in other bands—guitarist Joel Hamilton in Shiner and Glazed Baby; bassist Dave Curran in Unsane; drummer and namesake Jim J. Paradise in Kill Van Kull with singer Cooper. (Those are the main bands—you’ll also find such bands as Book of Knots, Get On Get On, Made Out Babies and Die 116 on their resumes). The idea was simple: let’s start a band and play.

Where other bands were only too happy to slip into a category and work within its constraints, the J.J. Paradise Players Club—as they were initially known, desired boundless simplicity: they wanted to make their music, their way but keep that definition dynamic, ever-changing.

Players Club made its recorded debut in 2001 with the J.J. Paradise Players Club EP and the full-length Wine Cooler Blowout (both on Tee Pee Records). The band toured hard in support of both, hitting Austin’s annual South-by-Southwest festival and the stoner rock festival Emissions from the Monolith. In 2002, they released the tour-only Clean EP on Paradise’s own Handikraft label and, naturally, kept touring. In 2003, they signed with Seattle’s Dead Teenager Records and Red Devil Management (Zeke, Speedealer) and released the acclaimed Regenesis in February 2004.

While their prior albums were unparalleled gems of loud rock n’ roll, Coextinction (released via Austin indie Arclight Records) is a prelude to Players Club’s magnum opus, an as-yet untitled LP due on Arclight later this year. From the brutal chugging opening salvo “The EMP” through the likewise potent “Things You Can’t Imagine,” the oddly catchy instant classic “Safety Word,” the explosive “Flux” and the unhinged, seething closer “Song to Make You Hate Me,” Coextinction is loud, unaffected, primal, and exhilarating without conforming to any single genre or trend. As a statement, it’s deafening—let it ring your ears and hear for yourself.


S/T CD EP - Tee Pee Records 2000
Chorizo 7" - Handi Kraft Records/Tee Pee Records 2000
Wine Cooler Blowout - Tee Pee Records 2001
7" split w/ Candy Darlings - Handi Kraft Records 2002
Clean EP - Handi Kraft Records 2002
Regenesis - Dead Teenager Records 2004
Coextinction EP - Arclight Records 2005

Set List

Can accommodate any set list length (7-8 songs for 1/2 hour set, 8-10 songs for 40 min. set...)