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Well about my music I would have to say my type would be crunk and gangsta at the same time. Most people like guys listen to gangsta music and the girls like something crunk so its like more a mix and want my music and sound to be crunk and gangsta.


Back in 6th grade that I could remember is that i went to an all black school. And every day during lunch time in the back me and my friends would would sit in the back of the lunch roon and like the boys would have there pens and pencils and start tapping on the table and everybody would start spitting there rhymes. And I never had got the chance to freestyle and show peoples I have a talent myself rapping. But I just never freestyle. But I would always during class or at home I would write songs. I would have a beat in mind and just write and Ill write till i got tired. And once i graduated from middle school I went to High School and I knew some peoples that rapped and always went to the studio. Well I had a friend Chris a.k.a SMILEY BOY and he heard that I could rap and asked me if I want to do a song with him so I sayed yeah. So we went to the studio did what I had to do then ever since I started going to the studio. Then a couple of songs I did my brothers friends rapped also. They heard me, and my brother knew underground artist from KANSAS CITY and the was this guy name BOY BIG hes a R&B singer from KANSAS CITY he was known so my brother knew him and my brother suprised me introduced me to BOY BIG at the studio. And at that time he did a song with my other boys TRA Z and E DA P. We was at the studio when they did a song and after that night BOY BIG sayed lets do a song together. He heard my music and liked. That following week BOY BIG and I were at the studio doing a song together. Knowing that I could do with somebody who aint famouse but is known around my area I thought I can actually go further where I want to be and make it to the top. I ve been rapping for about a year going on 2. And I already came out with a MIXTAPE VOL. 1. And almost done with another MIXTAPE VOL. 2. Right now im on a compilation thats going to come out in SEPTEMBER of 06 and is going to be sold in stores only in the KANSAS CITY area. So check that out soon!


BANG BANG 05-Single
SMASHIN 06-Compilation
THA CITY 06-Compilation

Set List


hillside (la loma)
bang bang


no matta wat
corteziz, chuckz
itz nuthin
snitches, bitches
in your mouf
gangsta chick
on tha hill


diamond cutz
killa remix
get high
wake up


tha city