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Stockton, California, United States | SELF

Stockton, California, United States | SELF
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"Playgyrl Slim music"

Playgyrl Slim Music Presents FU** Rap. - Hugo the boss promo

"The 1st Lady Of Stockton - besser bekannt unter dem Namen Playgyrl Slim - im Interview über ihre bisherigen Projekte und alles was zur Zeit noch in der Mache ist. Networking and grinding, ihr kennt das Spiel"

Playgyrl Slim
The 1st Lady Of Stockton - besser bekannt unter dem Namen Playgyrl Slim - im Interview über ihre bisherigen Projekte und alles was zur Zeit noch in der Mache ist. Networking and grinding, ihr kennt das Spiel...

How and when did you get in the rap game?

My big sis Lady J got me into the game, I started putting the pen to the notepad at 9 years old.

Are the early songs with R.F.P. still available anywere?

No, but some of the songs are gonna be on the " Best Of Playgyrl Slim" album.

In 2003 you released your first solo album "Who Am I" - how do you remember this time?

I was happy as fuck but at the same time I was like "damn it cost this much money to put an album out!"*laughs*

How do you rate the promotion networks in Stockton?

It's alright but there is more hate then love out here.

How did you get Young Ren from Doja Click in the studio to record a song with you?

That was easy. Ren is my folks he is the first nigga from 209 that gave me the title "Queen Of Stockton".

You also did a couple of guest appearances on different albums - could you just name any names?

I will shoot some titles out there real quick. I'm on UK artist Clarita's new single " Summertime", Bay Area bosses Danny Dee and Jack Track's " Hot Summer Nights" CD - they had Amy Winehouse, Mr. Fab, Ya Boy, Big Rich ... it was hella niggas on there. I got down on UK Mixtape Messiah DJ Ame's " UK-US Take Over Mixtape", it had Ciara and Lady Luck on there also. I been on a gang of YB Productions mixtapes, they work with all most everybody in the game. I got down on Bay Area Vets Mac & Ak's "Hood Legends" CD, L Capone and Lunnie's "The Cook Up" album, the "Earth Shadow Compilation" outta Florida, CB Dub's (from Oklahoma) "Casualties Of War". I been on a lot of albums and mixtapes, Ben. I'm always grinding.

You also put out a compilation entitled "Networking And Grinding" last year. Tell me about how it was to get everybody on there...

Pretty easy. Some people I just hit up and tell em to shoot me a track the others have to submit a track and if they slap then I put them on...

Your latest release is the single "A-1", what are you up to this time?

Keeping my foot on the gas with this single until the new album drop.

Your lyrics range from personal issues to straight up hardcore tracks to even funny tracks - which song took you the longest to write and why?

I'm a real artist I can write about anything some rappers talk about the same shit over and over and have no growth. They need to do one of two thangs: give up rapping or find a new ghost writer. *laughs*

From time to time I feel like you undersell yourself by picking almost vapid beats, but that's just my opinion. Where do you see need for improvement yourself?

I respect your opinion Ben, but I work with all kinds of producers. Dee that's my folks from Hallway, Ansane from Canada, Dejon Jae Heat from The Bay, Firemen from Atlanta and the list keeps going and all these producers have heat. I'm always open to work with other producers so all producers reading this get at me. And about the improvement, I think it's better promotion.

So, what can we expect next from Playgyrl Slim?

I'm getting ready to go on tour, I just wrap up the "We Hungry The Menu" Mixtape hosted by DJ Vlad. It got 18 tracks on it from artists from the west, east, midwest and the south - including Ric Nuke, L Capone, NME Wreckidz, D Redz, Iron Vest Ent., Blu Chez and more. That's dropping Jan 29th 09. I got my new album I'm working on, be looking out for that, DVDS and more. God is really blessing me -

"Playgyrl Slim Rep Stockton,Ca"

DSB: Play girl slim, what it do! Lets jump right into it and let folks
know who Play Girls slim is?
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Playgyrl Slim is an hustler yamean I'm a lady
and a thug there's 2 sides to Playgyrl Slim

DSB: So you reppin Stockton I see, I have notice Central Cali’s on
the rise, whats going down out there?
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Its poppin out here real talk people think 209 is
slow but don't get it fucked up it goes down out here. I'm really
happy with the music scene now becuz me, Attitude and Mike D,
Trell Mix, Tizzle, Shawie Shawn, Young Ren, Ro D, and Freemost
open doors for a lot of artist out here.

DSB: “I Rap better Then Most Niggas Do” give us the scoop on
that quote.
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Well its just me telling it like it is I do rap better
then most niggas and I know one of the reasons why I'm not sign is
becuz I'm a female real talk I'm rippin up a lot of niggas when it
comes to this rap shit from underground to the radio but you know
what a lot of niggas agree with my track " Better Than Most Niggas
" becuz they know its true but then you got the other niggas that
catch feelings and take it the wrong way
Location: Stockton, Ca
PLAYGYRL SLIM: I started rapping when I was 9 and put out my 1st album in 1999 with my sister Lady J AKA
Pimp-A-Lot and we were called RFP ( Real Female Pimps ) and the album was called "Voodoo" my sister was the one
that got me into rap but I like expressing myself though songs.

DSB: What are you currently working on?
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Right now I been doing shows like crazy ya know keeping my name in people minds..I getting ready
to drop my new mixtape called 2 Face 1.5 Lady And The Thug then my artist A Day dropping this Summer I'm telling
you my lil nephew got heat and he only 14 watch when the album drop real talk I'm also gonna drop my DVD titled
"Better Than Most Niggas"

DSB: Any features or productions we should look out for on that "2 Face" mixtape?
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Yeah I got Bay area vets Mac&Ak, A Day, Mentall Illness, G Man, Chris Hicks and other spitters on
the mixtape but some other people I'm saving for the album yamean cant give to much on the mixtape.

DSB: When can we expect that to drop?
PLAYGYRL SLIM: July 2007, make sure ya'll go cop that.

DSB: You run your own entertainment label, Bonafide Hustler Ent. Let our readers know a the deal with it.
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Yeah I'm a hustler that's why I stamped that name, its not just an label its an entertainment company.

DSB: Any shows or tours we should look out for?
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Yeah go to my space page I got an list of shows. I try to keep that updated but I stay doing shows

DSB: Good looking on the interview, any last words you would like to drop?
PLAYGYRL SLIM: Fo sho good looking out to you for the interview if you wanna get at me hit up at or 209-688-9676 Gotta give it up to my city S.T.C Stockton yaknow 209
NorthSide whats up to my folks A Day, Lady J and TMF, Ian Hill, Mental Illness, Strykez, ELI P, L Capone, and Gman to
many to name so I'm gonna stop there.. All my 209, Bay, Sac, LA niggas the hole Westcoast yamean Eastcoast, Mid
West and Down South, Big ups to everybody that supported me you know who you are much love and respect for that - www.Da Street

"PlayGyrl Slim intent on proving women have a place in hip-hop"

PlayGyrl Slim intent on proving women have a place in hip-hop
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By Ian Hill
Record Staff Writer
July 25, 2006 6:00 AM
It's not easy to become a rap mogul, particularly when you're a woman in the male-dominated hip-hop world. The title must be earned through hard work, the ability to manage several projects at once and long hours spent promoting your music.

"Getting three or four hours of sleep is no joke," said aspiring mogul PlayGyrl Slim.

The 25-year-old Stockton native, born Christine Scroggins, recently released a mix CD, "2 Face," and recorded a music video. She also runs Bonafide Hustler Entertainment, which represents teen rapper A-Day; she organizes several local rap concerts, including the Northern Cali Freestyle Battle series; she's setting up a West Coast tour; and she's putting together a "209 Supa Group" featuring several local rappers.

In addition, PlayGyrl is preparing to perform for music industry executives at talent showcases in Los Angeles and Atlanta in August, and she's working on a DVD and a new album. She's intent on reaching the top of the rap game and proving that women have a place alongside men in the hip-hop industry.

"I just wanted to set myself apart and say, 'Females can do it, too,' " PlayGyrl said. "I'm trying to knock down doors."

She comes through the door with a tough, no-nonsense rap style. The lyrics on "2 Face" are West Coast gangsta mixed with a sense of female empowerment.

PlayGyrl said one of her biggest influences is Snoop Dogg, who started in gangsta rap. PlayGyrl began rapping when she was 9 years old after seeing her older sister use rap as an avenue for expression.

"People listen to what I have to say in music," PlayGyrl said.

She signed with an independent label and released her first album in 1999, only to go it on her own after become frustrated with how she was being promoted by the label. Her second album, "Who Am I," was released on her own label, Bonafide Hustler Entertainment, in 2003.

PlayGyrl said she sees herself working behind the scenes to promote Stockton music in the future.

"There's just so much potential out here," she said. "I'm giving people a chance to be seen and heard."

- Ian Hill The Record Newspaper

"It’s true—there hasn’t been a heavy hip-hop female artist coming"

It’s true—there hasn’t been a heavy hip-hop female artist coming
out of the west coast like Playgyrl Slim.

It all started at the age of nine, performing in front of large crowds, capturing the interest of local promoters.

As Slim became older, she became wiser towards the game. Slim went on working extremely hard towards her entertainment career. She later collaborated and performed with Pimp -A -Lot as the group, R.F.P., achieving underground success.
Her success gave her the rapport that helped her launch the youth group, Troublesome.

This twenty-four year old with the appealing name is a native of
Stockton, California, and putting it on the map well. With numerous features under her belt, a mixtape and a niche for writing, she has a diverse style compared to other female rappers and ready to take the rap industry by storm. She has
definitely been keeping busy. All who know her can agree....She is one of the hardest working women in the entertainment field.

- New Power Magazine


R.F.P. (Real Female Pimps) (1999)

Who Am I (2002)

Thug Model/ Ooh Wee Single (2004)

Playgyrl Slim Presents: Da Underground Unit (2005)

2 Face Mixtape (2006)

Playgyrl Slim Presents: Valley, Sac and The Bay Compilation (2007)

Playgyrl Slim Presents: We Got Next All Female Mixtape (2008)

A1 Single (2009)

Playgyrl Slim Presents: We Hungry The Menu Mixtape Hosted By DJ Vlad (2009)

Swagga on 100 Single (2010)

Blaow Single (2010)

Fu** Rap Single (2011)

Playgyrl Slim and BWEntertainment Presents: Google Me Bi#*h The Mixtape Vol.1 (2011)

Playgyrl Slim and Young Grinderz Presents: Google Me Bi#*h The Mixtape Vol. 2 (2011)



A native of Stockton, CA Playgyrl Slim has been said to be one of the fastest rising female rap stars on the scene today. She has a unique and different style compared to other female rappers. At age 9 she was already performing in front of crowds, capturing the interest of local promoters. In 1999 she performed with Pimp-A-Lot as the duo R.F.P.
(Real Female Pimps) achieving underground success. In 2003 Playgyrl Slim release her solo album titled “Who Am I” this album moved tremendous amounts of units. Playgyrl Slim has also appeared on several albums and mixtapes from the U.S. to overseas including UK artist Clarita's new single “Summertime", Bay Area DJ's Danny Dee and Jack Track's "Hot Summer Nights" CD featuring Amy Winehouse and UK Mixtape Messiah DJ Ame's "UK-US Take Over Mixtape" featuring Ciara and Lady Luck.This 6ft slim beauty is quickly absorbing the fame and is making noise in the under ground music industry. Murder Dog magazine is quoted to as saying “Playgyrl Slim is the mentality of the Bay. Playgyrl Slim got a Trina type style, that sassy attitude. She’s putting the game down tough and doing it big…”

Her music has been played on numerous shows such as

-The 2005 Vibe Awards
-MTV shows “My Block”, “I wanna Work For Diddy”, "Date my mom", "Made", " Room Raders", and "Yo momma"
-E! TV show titled “Gastineau Girls 109”,
-Bravo TV show “Celebrity Pool”,
-VH1’s “I Love New York 1 and 2”,
-Style network shows "Clean hose", " Kimora life in the fab lane"
- NFL network show "NFL total access"

Playgyrl Slim is beyond U.S boarders her music has been featured in TV Shows and Flims in the following countries and cities Canda, Mexico, UK, France,Normay, Australia, Finland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Israel, New Zealand, Netherlands and more

She has also been in several magazines including

The Source Magazine
Murder Dog Magazine
Down Low Magazine
Explosive Magazine
C2C Magazine
Reel Magazine
916 Magazine.


The 2nd Annual Stockton Hip Hop Awards Playgyrl Slim won “Best Female Rapper”
The 3rd Annual Stockton Hip Hop Awards Playgyrl Slim won “Grinder Of The Year”.
The 4th Annual Stockton Hip Hop Awards Playgyrl Slim won " Best Female Rapper"
The 2009 West Coast Hip Hop Awards Playgyrl Slim won " Bay Area Ladies Of Rap "