Playing For Change Day

Playing For Change Day

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The Playing For Change Foundation
is dedicated to creating positive social
change through music education

We are driven by the fundamental belief
that peace and change are possible
through the universal language of music


By helping children learn and express themselves through music, the Playing For Change Foundation provides a creative alternative to the struggles many young people face each day.
To date, eight music schools and programs have been created in countries including South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Rwanda, and Nepal. We are planning to expand several of our existing programs and to partner with new local programs worldwide in 2012.
Each of our schools and programs offers students the mentorship and guidance they need to grow and thrive through interaction with other students, schools, teachers, and musical cultures, transcending barriers and borders.

• inspired the passions of people around the world to create events
• represented a wide range of ages, ethnicities, nationalities, and backgrounds
• offered PFCF supporters and newcomers a way to engage in the foundation’s
work and to “play for peace, education, and change”

• raised enough money to fund our four programs in Nepal for one year
• helped fund our teachers in three schools in Africa, which serve more than 400 kids every week as well as some of the costs to run those schools
• helped fund the purchase of additional instruments for all programs

• an incredibly valuable learning experience for the foundation about how to make the next PFC Day event even better