Play Oliver

Play Oliver

 Uxbridge, Ontario, CAN

Play Oliver is an ever evolving unit making music from many genres. Currently, it stands as piano/acoustic based indie/pop rock with electric leads, insightful lyrics and a strong vocal presence.


There’s a certain intimacy to a Play Oliver performance, and it has nothing to do with venue size. There are no rock star poses here, guitar flips or audacious twenty-minute drum features. Fans press toward the stage, but not to shout along with choruses extolling the virtues of a party lifestyle. These are admirers who have come to sing along with lead vocalist Michael Riley, whose intent is to absorb rather than passively listen.
Spending the early part of 2004 honing his song writing craft and playing eastern Ontario alone, Riley began putting the band together in December of the same year and then assembled a line up of talented sidemen that currently includes bassist Colin Konrad and former Planks Lane Project drummer Cory Siloats.
In it's current form, the band has found a strong following that extends beyond the borders of their home base in Cannington, Ontario. A stint in the Warped Tour battle of the bands saw them advance to the finals, and July marked the beginning of a week-long Ontario tour from Windsor to Montreal. At the tour’s end, it was evident that demand for a full-length release had never been greater.
The October release of “If It Still Hurts”, an acoustic venture, acted as a teaser for the pending February 2006 release of “Gone Are the Days” – the first Play Oliver release to include all three members contributing to the album. The songs tell typical coming of age stories and the pain of a broken heart from a sincere and untypical perspective.
In recent months, the band has been spending time rehearsing for the release of their much-anticipated project, and is endeavouring to have a series of shows to mark the day the songs hits the streets. Although currently the album will only be available through the band themselves, the strong melodies and pop sensibilities that are evident throughout their music indicate that Play Oliver will soon be receiving widespread radio support.
In short, Play Oliver is a band to watch and a band to remember – the intimacy felt at their shows will be harder to achieve when their fans fill arenas.


The Agent. The Agenda.

Written By: Play Oliver

when you do what you do, you're damn right i look. and these days i don't even hate myself for it. dont you like the boys who are a little fucked up? well, i'm sorry... when you heard about me.. you heard wrong.

so she says, 'make love to me as if i were the girl you sing about in all your songs.
and fuck me like when you wake up in the morning, ill be gone.

because i will. this night is all you have. so dont you have it in you?"

what if i told you i was going to make you famous?
watch yourself. im going to make you love me.

thats when she got that look on her face and said, "i dont want your sympathy! i want you standing here lucid in front of me. with a look in your eyes that says shut up and kiss me.. weve talked long enough. i know what i want and the night is still young.. she says "i am the inspiration... without me youre nothing. without me, youll never sleep again."

so thanks for being vulnerable.
its so cute when you pretend...
that you just want me to go

well, its better than being alone she said
so why the hell cant you just say no..
i man not be healthy, but im sure as hell not sick
so you can keep your prayers to yourself..

(its better than being alone she said.... thanks for being vulnerable)


Written By: Play Oliver

shes talking about forever.. and how its never close enough..
to this paperback existence... written down about a fairy tale life...

she used to be a model... now she says she hated it...
but from time to time she admits.. "i just want to feel beautiful"

and she forces a smile that says youve got to believe me...
and if you cant.. i just hope you can believe in yourself...

and this cigarette risks burning up at both ends to taste the fire on her lips..
and im starving.. im starving for that kiss....
and these nights at home.. are freezing me to death...
all the drink in this house wont wash the hurt away...

well if youre tired.. you should really sleep tonight.
i wont be the one to call and wake you.
but i cant help but wonder if youre ok... (behind that confident smile)

or are you the one whos slowly fading too...

so ill pick myself up and make claims on my ground.. and prepare for the future...
and say.. "hush.. my darling. sleep soft. tonight.."
ill take hold of myself.. and shield my heart away while it mends... before it breaks again...

this isnt about you anymore.

this isnt about you anymore.

hush my darling.. youre just another pretty face now.
but youre still so very special...
hush my darling... dont cry...

this isnt about you anymore.


Written By: Play Oliver

where have you been all my life? well you should have stayed clear...
theres something about your lonely eyes.. and the way you look at me my dear...
so what makes you done with boys? you know.. not everyones a liar...
you say theres something about my voice.. but could it set your heart on fire

and i.... i dont hear you when you whisper...
so just tell me everything you need is everything you see in me...
you understand.. but dont disagree and thats precisely my concern...

so what took you so damn long? someday i would like to hear about your trip.
theres something about your gentle song.. that sometimes makes me wonder if....
so what makes you sleep at night? and wake up smiling in the morn?
you say its something about the lack of light.. and maybe im the one that your lips will turn for...

so what did you dream of as a girl? and did you ever let it go?
did some foolish boy promise the world? and say he loved you but never made it show?
well.. what makes you talk to me? im still just a silly, dreaming fool
you say there's something crazy and free.. and you say its those things that make me feel new..


IF IT STILL HURTS LP - featuring "Curtains" and "Birds", (for streaming at purevolume and myspace).. released October 2005... solo indie/acoustic/folk

GONE ARE THE DAYS LP - featuring "Hush" and "My Redemption", (for streaming at purevolume and myspace).... To be released February 2006... full band acoustic/piano based indie/pop rock

PARIAH LP - featuring "The Agent. The Agenda.", (for streaming at myspace, and receiving college radio play)
To be released 2006... full band indie rock.

Set List

Typical set lists run around the thirty minute mark, however the band has played anything from fifteen minutes up to a full hour. Set lists depend on the show, to a new audience in a new town, the band will typically add a cover that is well known such as, "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional or "Cute Without The E" by Taking Back Sunday.
Set lists also depend on the context of the show. If it is an acoustic show, then songs are picked more off of "If It Still Hurts," the acoustic disc. At full band shows the songs are taken from "Gone Are The Days."

As of now, a typical full band, thirty minute set list would be as follows.

Darling, I'm Not Your Champion
Speaking Of The Weather
Curtains (full band version)
Why Aren't You Dancing?
My Redemption