'Playroom' are influenced by all styles of music throughout the ages and fuse them to create fun yet meaningful rock songs with touches of electro and piano atmospherics.


'Playroom' came to be through the love of making and playing music.

All 4 members of the band have been friends for 5 to 10 years and have been playing together since mid 2005. 'Playroom' played their first gig in November 2005 at Mona Vale Hotel infront of 400 people and havent looked back since

'Playroom' came about when Jacob, Jono and Matt left a previous band called 'Drive By' to pursue a broader range of music making. It was evendent that the move was a wise one, after the first jam session with the current lineup of 'Playroom' the group had polished up 3 original songs in 3 hours.

'Playroom' make music together 2 - 3 times a week and add a new song to their set at least once a week.

'Playroom' have quite a large following for a band in such an early stage of their career and are extremly keen to play as many gigs as possible to keep that following growing.


- Playroom - demo