We are 4 friends who enjoy writing, playing, & making records. We are inspired by our mutual love of music, and our desire as artists to create songs that WE like. As far as describing our sound: we have been compared to The Clean, Wedding Present, 3ds, and the Pixies.


Pleasant started playing together in 2000. They recorded and distributed their first, self titled full length in 2001. In 2002, they recorded and distributed a 4 song EP. Both cds charted on college radio stations around the U.S. Pleasant's most recent release "Awkward as a Beehive", was recorded by Zeno Gill (The Rosebuds, Des Ark) & Jeff Byrd (Pinback, Tarentel) at Pox Studios. It has been well received by college radio, charting all over the US. Pleasant have shared the stage with Blonde Redhead, Quasi, Pinback, John Vanderslice, The Clientele, Will Johnson, Annie Hayden, Mates of State, My Morning Jacket, Hella, Crooked Fingers, Fan Modine, Of Montreal, The Rosebuds, Appleseed Cast, Azure Ray, The Faint, Imperial Teen, The Gerbils & Swearing at Motorists.


Pleasant LP: 2001 (Self Released)

Pleasant EP: 2002 (Self Released)

Compulation Vol. 1: Songs from North Carolina 2003 (Pox World Empire).

Awkward as a Beehive (LP) 2005 Pox World Empire

Set List

We usually play about 30-45 minutes, depending on what is expected by the venue.
That generally covers about 8-12 songs.
We don't do covers.