Please, Kill Myself

Please, Kill Myself

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Poppy hooky punk reminiscent of the 90s and the late 70's with an alternative approach and attitude.


We were started in the basement free rehearsal space in Seattle University by a kid named Earl Bucket, who posted a craigslist ad wanting to start a punk rock band, he didnt care how it was played or even if you could play an instrument, but he had a broken drum set, a cheap guitar, and practice amp. Danny Peace, saw the ad on craigslist from his bed at a hostel where he was living after moving to town without a connection or much money and figured it sounded like fun. After jamming with Earl on drums and trying to find someone to play bass, a drummer named Chad Mott, a punk from the washington boondock Longview, came along and earl switched to bass guitar while chad took over drums. Chad brought with him a network of people and the band moved to a real practice space and got real instruments. After an episode Earl Bucket abandoned the act he formed and Danny Peace and Chad Mott went searching for a new bassist for a band without even a name. After a few auditions they came across Oliver Wu. A bass player for 8 years. And so they took off polishing songs and recording, playing. The game became real, and the story goes on.

so we set about playing what we wanted, and what came naturally. Each of our influences coming out in our own style and jelling together to create a fresh punk rock sound. Reminiscent of first generation and proto punks. It was stripped down, it was simple, it was catchy, and it was rough around the edges.

sitting in the smoking room of Crybaby Studios, Chad noticed a Breaking Benjamin poster and said "God, Breaking Benjamin? Please kill me." and those last three words would become the initial name of the band, which would become "Please, Kill Myself!"


Dynamo LP

Set List

Too Human
Awesome Song
Black Out
Bastards of Young, (Replacements cover)
The Fog
Blitzkrieg Bog (Ramones cover)
Poets of Broken Teeth