Please Step Out Of The Vehicle.

Please Step Out Of The Vehicle.


psych pop. protest songs. love songs. sound track to yr bike ride. anti-war.


we play music in portland and the pacific northwest.
house shows, diy venues, silly rock clubs, anti war protests, barns:::if people are having fun, we're down to play there.

influences: syd barrett, billy childish, jack kerouac, ken kesey, sun ra, os mutantes, townes van zandt, steve miller band, booker t and the mg's, SMiLE, jacques cousteau, noam chomsky


2003: d-i-y 7" 45rpm release "we would control..." b/w "sea shells, we can see the ocean"

2006: CD "Sleeping Right and the Best in Homeopathic Magic" released on lucky madison records. (

we currently have 2 LPs recorded. we're self releasing one in august and looking for a label to release the other one.

Set List

we usually play sets that last from 20-40 minutes.
we have lots of original material.
some times we play classic psych and soul covers at parties if the mood is right, but we are not a cover band.