Pleasing Melani

Pleasing Melani


Pleasing Melani is in your face rock that will captivate any audience. With a stage performance that is sporadic and ever changing, the crowd gets something new every show.


Pleasing Melani was formed in 2004 by brothers Carl and Al Quandt. The group sets personal musical tastes aside and strives to create their own genre of high energy crowd capturing rock. The solution to the Pleasing Melani sound was to get 6 close friends with extremely different musical tastes together, fuse, and let them run untamed. The musical history between the band members allows them to write the soundtracks to Carl Quandt’s song visions quickly without compromising the quality of music.

With over 70 songs written and 300 plus shows played in the 3 years together the group has no plans to do anything else but continue to write and disregard material until they find the hits they need to please whatever crowd they perform for.


LP - 2005 - "Studio Demo 1"
LP - 2006 - "Live At Sunset Hall"
EP - 2006 - "Studio Demo 2"
DVD - 2008 - "Live Bootlegs"
LP - 2008 "Fith of Wisk and a Bottle a Pill"

Set List

1. Swing Sway
2. Twenty 6, Thirty 4!
3. Good Girl
4. Responsibility
5. Going Down South
6. That Woman’s Got Me Drinking - (Shane MacGowan Cover)
7. Responsibility
8. Drink and Drive
9. Police Man
10. Cap N Crunch
11. Bro Hymn – (Pennywise Cover)
12. Natty 5.9
13. Together
14. Friends
15. Bottle of Jack