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Pleasure Train

Fairfax, VA | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Fairfax, VA
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Pop





Heady Entertainment review of “Calabasas” Single off our EP: - RANDY HARRIS


“Pleasure Train has a cool, laid back sound that mixes classic rock and jazz with a lead singer whose voice cuts through ... full of raw emotion and being real. They make the music sound so effortless yet you can hear how complex it all is.”

-Mike Jones, DC101
DC’s #1 Rock Station - Mike Jones

"Album Review: Pleasure Train, Pleasure Train Vol. II"

Just a few seconds into Pleasure Train’s new album, you know something wonderful is going to happen. Their lead singer has a beautiful, soulful voice that is highlighted by the funky guitar, keys, and drums. Pleasure Train is a Washington, DC area band that has been around since 2014, with their new album Pleasure Train Vol. II showing off the growth of the band and their retro funk-disco rhythms. They describe their sound as a “fusion of styles rooted in groove, alternative, jam, jazz, pop, and house”. I enjoy all aspects of this band, but their lead singer is what really captured my attention. Valerie Vega has a rich voice that is rare to find, full of raw emotion that grabs you and makes you feel like you’re right in front of them listening.

The first song on this album is “Calabasas,” a cool track with an up-beat yet at the same time laidback rhythm. The lyrics are simple and easy to listen to, and definitely easy to dance to (I tested it out myself). I love how the background guitar matches and meshes so well with the vocals, it shows off each member of the band and sets the mood for the rest of this album. The second track “Touch the Ground” starts out with an in-your-face fast beat followed quickly by the powerful lead vocals. This song instantly grabbed my attention and started groovin’ just a few seconds in which I loved. You can hear Pleasure Train’s pop and funk roots coming out in this song. “Make You Feel” is next up, switching the tone to a slower beat, with a prominent jazz style that makes you feel like you’re in a 20’s nightclub. The soft keys intro made the anticipation for the song heighten and add something to it. This was my personal favorite song on their album, I loved how the singer’s passionate and deep voice mixed with the slow riffs on the guitar. Finishing up the album was “Filthy Ladder,” an up-beat rhythm that was a perfect goodbye. The lyrics were beautiful and I found myself singing along quickly. The percussion and vocals were in perfect alignment throughout the song.
With its groovy disco pop sounds, Pleasure Train Vol. II was something fun to dance to. It’s one slower song gave this album even more soul and depth but still was fun and colorful. I can’t wait to hear more from Pleasure Train! - Chelsea Harper

"Excellent Music Caught In Our Net Update # 10"

Pleasure Train has a cool, laid back sound that mixes classic rock and jazz with a lead singer whose voice cuts through ... full of raw emotion and being real. They make the music sound so effortless yet you can hear how complex it all is. - The Old School Project


Still working on that hot first release.



Pleasure Train is a northern Virginia-based band that incorporates a fusion of styles rooted in soul, funk, and pop-rock.  The band formed after longtime friends and guitarists Ian Dandridge and Richard Fiegel had a conversation about the future of music and what genres would define their generation. Vocalist Valerie Vega was connected with the band seemingly by chance, after her rich, soulful voice caught the attention of Fiegel while he was browsing Youtube videos of local singers. From there, keyboardist Mike Paquette was recruited, bringing a wide-range of sounds to the table including jazz piano and synth. The lineup was completed when drummer Andrew Gabor and bassist Will Berger came on board, rounding out the band with an upbeat funk and R&B-influenced rhythm section.  Pleasure Train has been a staple in the local music scene since the summer of 2014, and the band has enjoyed making their own unique contribution to the soundscape of the greater Washington, D.C. area.

The band recently released their four-song EP, which is a true collaborative songwriting effort, combining each member’s personality and musicianship and providing listeners with soulful hooks, danceable grooves, and sultry tones.  Jam-packed with funky guitar riffs and jazzy piano melodies, each track provides a unique listening experience. The lead instruments weave together in a delicate mesh of harmony while the booming drums and bass relentlessly drive the groove forward.  But it is the dynamic and soulful vocals of Valerie Vega that are the highlight of the EP; her lyrical imagery spins a tapestry of love, lust, joy, betrayal, and all things in between.  

Pleasure Train is constantly seeking new opportunities to perform for their fans as their momentum continues to pick up. Pleasure Train’s number one goal is to turn each show they play into a once-in-a-lifetime event, taking their audience along on an emotional ride and spreading that energetic rush that only live music can provide. Members of Pleasure Train are active in the local music community and perform in other bands in the area such as the Annie Stokes Band and the Lauren Calve Band. 


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