First class hard rock with a glam touch ! Energic, dynamic and always catchy !


PLEASURE ADDICTION started in 2006.The band recorded a 4 songs cd,that received great reviews from medias all over the world
With catchy songs great groove a bit Glam a bit Hard Rock they toured Europe opening for White Lion and Helloween, and shared the stage with the biggest rock acts at European festivals .
Fame producer BEAU HILL (Ratt ,Winger ) was so impressed by the band s energy and sound, that he contacted them to work on their first release. The result is just awesome ! This will be a worldwide release available this winter.
In November PLEASURE ADDICTION will be touring the USA with TERRY ILOUS of the band XYZ as a special guest on vocals !

Prepare yourself, the boys will hit your town !



Written By: Kulibanov Dominique


I just want you back in my life
Now I know I was so wrong right from the start
There’s no more heaven, no more sky right by my side
But i’ll never give up, no, no, without a fight

If only I could reach the stars
And see some love just in your eyes
Gimme one more chance to love you and more dance I beg you

Give me all you’ve got
Give me all I need
Give me everything you have inside for me girl
All I want is you
I just wanna die for you

My Melody, my sweet Melody

I try to keep this smile on my face
But my life is gone and maybe all’s said and done
I’m missing your whispers and the touch of your “perfect skin”
I’m missing your love and missing the reason to be


Written By: Kulibanov Dominique


Everyday, I’m waiting for your call
Waiting for your love, waitin’ for an answer
One day, I hope we can make it
Your faith you’ll put in me
And hope you’ll never fake it

With or without your love I can’t live
I need one thing or two to believe

Gimme one kiss of your lips
Or gimme one shot of poison
Gimme one taste of your love
Or beat a bullet in my heart
You touched me down I’m underground
Feel so sorry and not fine
Gimme one kiss of your lips
Or beat a bullet in my heart

Everyday, I’m waiting for your love
Still waiting for your call, waitin’ for an answer
One day, I hope we can make it
Your faith you’ll put in me
I swear I’ll never fake it


"InDependance" cd out in fall 09' (mixed by Beau Hill !).

Set List

Set list from 30 mn to 90 mn.