Pleasure Coma

Pleasure Coma


In your face aggressive rock! Flavors of classic with a modern twist. No whinning about girlfiends just straight up rock & roll. A band that's real about life and doesn't back down from truth. Compared to the likes of John Lennon, STP, with a bit of a Tool influence.


“Pleasure Coma,” is wasting no time delivering their loud and unconscious guitar driven gospel. They are now leaving the masses in an instant state of gratification and pulling the plug on any obstacles in their way. Surfacing out of the ashes of the local rock scene it is evident they are here to stay. With angst filled tracks like "Suicidal Stereo" and "Panic" they reveal a new anthem being sung by their generation. It doesn't matter what your political view is or where you don't go to church on Sunday. You will find yourself screaming along in no time. A dark orchestrated project composed by former members of EMI artist “Kainos” and Dove nominated band “GS Megaphone” expect these guys to make waves for years to come. They have already generated a worldwide buzz and are setting in to motion their plan of world domination. Look for “Pleasure Coma” to be invading your area soon.


"Suicidal Stereo" radio single is available on Snocap.

Set List

Already Dead
Suicidal Stereo
The Skinner

About 30-45 minutes