Pleasuremaker is a fresh concoction of heavy beats, bumpin' bass grooves, great hooks, and polyrythms. There is a party vibe but also a cinematic chilled out aspect to Pleasure's music. It can hit you with many different moods with the dancefloor always in mind.


Pleasurmaker comes from an entertaintment background. McGuire goes by the DJ moniker Cheo and has been hosting a succesful DJ weekly night for the past two plus years as well as a radio program for 4 years before that featuring music from the Afro-latin diaspora with an emphasis on creating a dance atmosphere that is set apart from other events by the unique and rarely played redcords and genuine enthusiasm and "performance" of DJ Cheo always hyping the crowd into a frenzy. This same rare quality of uniqueness and originality is prevailent in the music created by Pleasuremaker who uses his DJ platform as an oppurtunity to observe the dance floor and take note of the breaks and rythms that control the dance floor. This is applied to the music of Pleasuremaker which combines polyrythmic samples w/ a harder hitting beat to draw attention and command people to the dance floor. Pleasuremaker is a song writer. There are hooks in this music that make it extremley radio friendly but there is no sign of the same ol' or the generic in this music. There is a void out in the market that Pleasuremaker is destined to fill.


Greetings From The Pleasuremaker