The music and personality of Plex'd is most accurately described as "Heavy Groove." We feature a mixture of metal, funk and hard-rock with a progressive twist, to create big, catchy, groove based songs that support melodic vocals and tasteful harmonies. Great live performance by seasoned musicians.


The Minneapolis based heavy groove band Plex'd would like to thank you for looking at our bio!

Who we are:

Keith Miller - Guitarist, vocalist and principal songwriter.

Keith began playing stringed instruments seemingly at birth and never looked back. He was largely self taught and played in bands throughout his formative years, but eventually went on to formal training at Music Tech in Minneapolis where he earned a degree in guitar. Since that time he has been a prolific player and writer, writing most of the songs for Plex'd, as well as putting together two instrumental guitar albums which are selling well as independent releases under his own name. Keith is endorsed by (and endorses)Morley pedals and Carvin guitars and amps. Keith loves recording and spends a good amount of his free time refining his techniques. Thankfully he likes the stage too, so Plex'd has been a good excuse to pry him out of his studio.

Mark Johnson - Bassist and backing vocalist.

Mark has been in and around the Minneapolis music scene for quite some time. Popular rumor has it that he taught Prince how to play guitar when they were coming up together on the North Side (Mark assures me there is no truth to this). He has played in a wide variety of settings and situations through the years, playing with cover bands, pit orchestras in theaters, and praise and worship bands at church services. He remains "in demand" and is often called upon to play for studio sessions and to sit in with live bands because of his versatility and skill. He was convinced to play for Plex'd as a result of a studio gig after which he was hooked. Mark often plays a 12 string Hamer Bass for Plex'd gigs to add some thickness to the froth. He has often threatened to have one of his kayaks modified to work as a standup bass so as to combine two of his passions into a single item.

Cory Coffin - Drumist and facial expressionist.

Cory grew up beating on things and justifying his actions by calling himself a drummer. Having learned rudimentary skills playing in high school bands, he eventually graduated to the drumset because.. well, there isn't so much call for a tri-tom player once you get beyond high school and college. Like the other members of Plex'd, Cory has played in several other bands over the last decade and he is happy to sit behind a kit whenever the opportunity presents itself. Simple things make Cory happy, like Vic Firth drumsticks and a good snare drum.

What we sound like:

Plex'd is addicted to a style best described as Heavy Groove. We strive for a big, heavy sound, with catchy riffs and beats that keep feet tapping and heads bobbing, but which also has very melodic, harmonic and musical tendencies. There is a taste of quirkiness to the tunes which adds to the overall flavor of the music, but which is done with moderation that transcends monotony while never becoming complicated or tedious. Solo work is plentiful and shows the musicianship of the players but is kept within the context of the compositions without getting too self indulgent. The unique sound of Plex'd is a culmination of the sometimes overlapping, but often widely divergent, influences of the individuals in the band. We hope you enjoy it.

What we're about:

The name Plex'd can be interpreted to mean "confused in one's own mind - like perplexed." We didn't adopt that name to project that we're confused or indecisive, but to represent the struggle most of us face between doing what we know we should do and what we actually do. This can be a "right vs wrong" or a "mind is willing, but the flesh is weak" type of scenario which we explore in a few of our songs.

Lyrically, Keith's songs are reflective of the thoughts and issues he has experienced in his life. Though he might wish his these all involved sex with beautiful celebrity women, his themes are more reminiscent of the experiences and struggles faced by the common man. We want to be honest about the tough times in life, but yet offer the hope that has carried us through same periods in our lives.

Largely though, we're about music. We love to perform and are seasoned musicians who enjoy playing and listening. I think each of us at one time or another has thought to ourselves how lucky we are to get to play with two other talented musicians who are of a similar laid back mind set and personality. It's refreshing to work in a respective and non-egotistical atmosphere. On the other hand just don't tell us we suck - cuz we'll stop playing to single you out and kill you - unless you're bigger than us - then we'll insult you from the stage and try to incite a riot against you! or more likely we'll just laugh and go on to the next song. Really, we're happy to be the nicest band you'll ever work with.



Written By: Keith Miller

I was walking on a moonlit summer night
In the shadows - shadows of my mind
You can talk to me like a thorn in my side
What you fail to see is the stick in your own eye

I don't tell you how to live your life
I don't want you to tell me
I don't tell you how to live your life
I just want to be free

Walking sideways on the fence of your own life
Masked in plastic you hide in your disguise
Quick to judge and fast to anger yourself you know
The way you judge is the way that you'll be judged

What's My Name?

Written By: Keith Miller

Look at me
Tell me what you see
Am I chained
Am I free

What's my name
It's still the same
Am I insane

I ask you twice
I even ask nice
Are you there
Do you care


"MoJam" LP 1998
"Friends of Sinners" EP 1999

Set List

Plex'd plays all original music. Typically we play a single set of 45 to 70 minutes depending on venue.

Song List:
Hearts on Fire
Break the Sky
Time Stands Still
What's My Name?
Can You See it?
I Need Your Love
'Round and 'Round