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Written By: amanda

i used to say
i would wait for you
tempting grace
so i could stand for you
i love you still
you put my mind at peace
though heavy and gray
the sky never released
i filtered the ways
i would speak to you
a flash of your face
that i would cling to
though my mind a game
my words a sin
i open my arms to
whatever you send
the frequency hailing
we wait for a landing
we left so many
no we're all that's
left standing
without a song
without a ring
the frequency hailing
time out of line
and still you forget
all our pretenses will lift
(live version)
i open up my arms
you open up your heart
but i don't hear you talk
or anything at all
anything anything
anything anything
i don't wanna wait
for a sign
or some semblance
of a life
or anything at all.


1999, ep Static Minds
2003, ep My Machine is Dead

Set List

set - 1hour- originals only
current songs: outbreak, my machine is dead, come and go, unconditional world, atomic lie, hear what they say, all that you were saying was true, behind the tears, i will