Pleyg (pronounced Plague)

Pleyg (pronounced Plague)

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WTF? Is a constant reaction when Pleyg hits the ears of any A&R, DJ or music fan. Next questions usually are "Where has this guy been for the last decade?" and"Why am I just getting this now?". Talk from Houston, other cities in U.S and Europe and still rapidly growing, Pleyg seems to be a HIT!


"Look I know I'm different in this current state of hip hop and rap but my music is something that is dead familiar to any artist or fan" stated from this 21 year old Houston native. Pleyg just released is first established project under the label he started (D.O.R Records) and from having mid par quality he mixed and mastered at home, a closet for a recording booth and no budget his work is making a big fuss. The "proof" titled "Hit Em where It Hurtz: Pleyg Vs. Riva" has gain enough exposure to release their upcoming work in over 325 college radio stations, 70 mainstream radio stations, Shade 45 radio on Sirius, affliation with Shadeville Dj's, a chance to work with mixtape legend Dj Whoo Kid and a serious fan bass in U.S, Europe, Japan and Australia.Whats crazy to him personally that these opportunities were handed four weeks after the mixtape was linked. His style is considered to be new, hot, exciting, crazy, the next step in his genre and plan ol' good rap. He stated he listen to alot of different music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and some agree if you listen closely you could tell. What seems to set him apart right know is his originality (that all artist seek to have) and the harmony he selects for each record. It no question will Pleyg be a big hit in the music industry.The best question is..... when?


Singles: Slow It Down, Sometimes and Freeze from Hit Em Where It Hurtz : Pleyg Vs. Riva and upcoming project 2009 B.P. (2009 B.P. is rumored to hit radio due to it's release in April)

Set List

Set List can be anything from 15-35 minutes.
3-5 songs 3-5 minutes each.
Songs listed: Slow It Down, Freeze, Like Ah Star, Safety Off and Back 2 Back