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"The Anime Blog"

The line is just starting to be let in so we jump on the end and manage to get in to watch the opening band, Plid. Chris Patton is in the band! I didn’t know he was in a band… Plid has the chops to bring down the house and they’re working the crowd like their lives depended on it. Their techno beats and keen vocals take me back to my Erasure/ Pet Shop Boys days. I’m not quite dancing but I’m still having a blast.

Then I look up and see the blank look on people’s faces. I think to myself, “Really?!” I couldn’t fathom why they weren’t singing along and getting down. It hit me then, I’m old. Oh, well, they still played the song like they owned it, and I enjoyed it even if the “youngsters” didn’t. Plid was one of the most enjoyable acts I’ve seen in a looong time and they kept up their amazing energy and vibe for the entire set.
- Rachel


the vox on "traffic" are so xiu xiu. I love It!!!!!!!! - Fan review


'Pretty Obvious' is a great track!'
- Fan review


I love Fischerspooner as well and your website has restored my faith in fun electronica. I'm doing more metal-ish stuff lately, after stopping by here, I'm thinking I'd like to revisit some of my ideas for electronic music again. - Fan review


You guys rock! I downloaded all the songs! THanks you guys!! ^.^ - Fan comment


One of the best albums in years
Reviewer: Ink-Eyez
Amazing work from the boys of PLiD. One of the first cds I've bought in about two years. Each track, from beginning to end is amazing. The song order is perfect. Beautiful vocals and amazing sounds make this album a definite must have. - DJ Ink Eyez

"PLID Electrifies the Night as They Flip the Switch on ACEN!"

PLID Electrifies the Night as They Flip the Switch on Acen!
May 12th, 2006
By She'ry DeNae McKee
The debut of PLID to Acen this year was phenomenal as the group is the pet project of voice actor Chris Patton, Eric Dano and Frank Ortiz. Their electrified pop sound already carries signature songs like "So Obvious" and their Cd titled "Fast Machines" as the crowd response was a roaring wave. The explosive vibes created by the crowd were as vibrant as their music.
The group's performance was a crowd pleaser as they held up various signs with lyrics to their songs as well as humorous messages about each other that brought the audience to howls and whistles. Chris and Eric both performed solos in several songs showing their versatility as a duet as well as solo vocalists. Their transition from one song to the next expressed their skill to keep bodies moving the whole performance. They rocked the house and set the night on fire!
- She'ry DeNae Mckee, Official ACEN blog

"PLID: doin' the 'electro' slide"

Band PLID: Doin' the 'electro' slide

"Eric, Frank and I wanted to poke fun at and point out some of the foibles of pop culture, and second, we just wanted to make good electronic music!" said Chris Patton, singer, lyricist and keyboardist for his band, PLID.

PLID is a new "electro band with a pop flair." Officially formed in 2004 in Houston, Texas, they just wanted to bring something new to the table.

The band consists of Chris Patton, Eric Dano and Frank Ortiz. They all do their share of singing, writing lyrics, writing the music and creating the sound of "electronica."

They have one CD out titled "Fast Machines" featuring eight songs.

Sophomore Nathan Shaffer said his favorite song on Fast Machines is "Trust the Process."

"It's fun to dance to. I rave in my kitchen to it!"

Sophomore Emily Carr's favorite song is "Pretty Obvious."

"I love the beginning of the song," she said.

"Well, Fast Machines, our freshman outing, our EP effort, is, quite frankly, flawless," said Chris. "No, but seriously, we're very happy with it, but looking forward to seeing what we come up with in the future."

PLID already has plans for another CD.

"Right now we are working on a full-length album entitled Dream Logic. There will be five songs from the Fast Machines EP, and nine new songs. The old songs, by the way, are being re-worked and re-mastered," said Chris. "It's going to be a lusher, and perhaps a bit harder album, with some darker themes than the first."

Nathan feels anxious about PLID's coming CD. "It'll be more music to dance to!"

"I feel like they're getting somewhere. They don't seem to be well known, so a second album is a good sign," said Emily.

PLID is hoping to get up to the east coast for concerts, but the closest that they have come to here is Tampa, Florida. They are trying to book some east-coast clubs at the moment. - Christa Settle, for 'Hometown Annapolis, Teen Pulse'

"Recommendation by Audra Schroeder"

Houston IDMers 'PLID',

RECOMMENDED (07/28/06 @ Elysium)

- Austin Chronicle


PLID – Dream Logic (2007)

Houston-based PLID, while not the first outfit to attempt retro-wave, brings back goose-bumpingly accurate renditions of the FEELING we got when we heard Depeche Mode for the first time. Except PLID executes the style with a modern iteration of electronic (thank God for digital, right?) These elements of ‘classic’ and ‘modern’ come together gloriously in PLID’s first full-length release, Dream Logic.

Dream Logic features plenty of phasing, flanging bleep-blops, fat wormy bass lines, and melodies whose insane RQ (that is, Repetition Quotient) may leave you literally unable to stop singing them in your head (see ‘Pretty Obvious’ & ‘Fast Machines’ in particular). Though you may cuss your plight and drive others crazy as you sing them over and over, I doubt there’s an apology forthcoming from the band.

When you hear Dream Logic for the first time, comparisons to Erasure are inevitable (a la Jet & AC/DC). There are the impossibly catchy pop songs (‘Halcyon’ & ‘Pretty Obvious’), the philosophical quandary songs (‘Trust the Process’ & ‘Means To An End’), and your playful electro-rushes (‘Robots’, ‘Sawtooth Baby’ & ‘Disconnected’). Despite the Erasurian overtones, PLID distinguishes itself as a stalwart among producers of modern electro-wave. How? By boldly pushing every envelope it can find. By providing electronic pop songs we can actually listen to, dance to, and sing along with. By giving us Dream Logic as a year long present for 2007. Thanks guys!

If you’re lucky enough to see PLID perform live (Chris Patton, Frank Ortiz, and Eric Dano), you will see what can only be described as an engaging, thespian-esque performance with enough pose-striking to make Madonna proud. But before you accuse them of being ‘all show’ – check out their vocals. On pitch with no auto-tuner? A novelty these days to be sure . . and they can all sing; lead, harmony, a cappella, you name it. Amid the vocal gymnastics, Frank navigates the electronics with aplomb, Chris pokes and dabbles upon a wireless keyboard just for fun, and Eric writhes around the stage, looking for someone to seduce, impress, or shoot with his toy ray gun. Loads of fun!

Check them out at: or

Reviewed by Jeff Timpanaro
1/30/07 - Jeff Timpanaro


Fast Machines, EP, 2005 ( debut EP )

Dream Logic, LP, 2006 ( highly anticipated debut album hot on the heels of the Fast Machines EP. Ten new tracks, plus four re-mixes from the out-of-print EP )



With a unique blend of Electropop and Electronic Body Music, PLID lyrically and theatrically subverts pop culture and at the same time works a crowd into a frenzy. A hot new band on the electronic music landscape, they've already released two CDs and feature a theatrical, highly energized live show which has thrilled crowds all over Texas and around the United States.

PLID was formed by three experimental actors/visual artists/composers in Houston,TX as a reaction to the ever-fluctuating, and (then)somewhat disconcerting state of electronic music. Inspired and moved by the Synthpop of the '80's, the Industrial and House movements of the '90s, and finally by the fast rise and fall of the Electroclash movement of the New Millennium, the three friends decided to take the local electronic music scene into their own hands.

Their first gig was a blissful shocker, as legendary band My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult came knocking on their MySpace door, requesting they open for them for the New Orleans stop of their 'Two-Thousand Sex' tour in 2006. From that point on, PLID's popularity grew, and they began to book more and more gigs throughout the year, drawing comparisons to Fischerspooner, Devo, Depeche Mode, The Postal Service, Gary Numan, and others along the way.

And while they certainly don't mind being compared to many of the artists who influence them, their favorite compliments are the often-received, 'it's like something retro mixed with something fresh', or, 'this sounds like nothing I've ever heard before'.

At the end of the day, PLID just wants you to dance, feel the music, and get into the show.

"Our goal", quips co-frontman Eric Dano, "is to always either leave you sweating, ecstatic, spent... or all three... it's a holistic electronic experience".

Now, with the late-2006 release of their first full-length CD 'Dream Logic', the guys look forward to hitting the road and playing 'til they're on the brink of breakdown...making sure, always, that the crowd is along for the ride.