PLID is a subversive Electropop Trio. Synthetic seduction meets Neo New Wave. Totally danceable, completely addictive, with a live show that packs a theatrical punch.


With a unique blend of Electropop and Electronic Body Music, PLID lyrically and theatrically subverts pop culture and at the same time works a crowd into a frenzy. A hot new band on the electronic music landscape, they've already released two CDs and feature a theatrical, highly energized live show which has thrilled crowds all over Texas and around the United States.

PLID was formed by three experimental actors/visual artists/composers in Houston,TX as a reaction to the ever-fluctuating, and (then)somewhat disconcerting state of electronic music. Inspired and moved by the Synthpop of the '80's, the Industrial and House movements of the '90s, and finally by the fast rise and fall of the Electroclash movement of the New Millennium, the three friends decided to take the local electronic music scene into their own hands.

Their first gig was a blissful shocker, as legendary band My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult came knocking on their MySpace door, requesting they open for them for the New Orleans stop of their 'Two-Thousand Sex' tour in 2006. From that point on, PLID's popularity grew, and they began to book more and more gigs throughout the year, drawing comparisons to Fischerspooner, Devo, Depeche Mode, The Postal Service, Gary Numan, and others along the way.

And while they certainly don't mind being compared to many of the artists who influence them, their favorite compliments are the often-received, 'it's like something retro mixed with something fresh', or, 'this sounds like nothing I've ever heard before'.

At the end of the day, PLID just wants you to dance, feel the music, and get into the show.

"Our goal", quips co-frontman Eric Dano, "is to always either leave you sweating, ecstatic, spent... or all three... it's a holistic electronic experience".

Now, with the late-2006 release of their first full-length CD 'Dream Logic', the guys look forward to hitting the road and playing 'til they're on the brink of breakdown...making sure, always, that the crowd is along for the ride.


Fast Machines, EP, 2005 ( debut EP )

Dream Logic, LP, 2006 ( highly anticipated debut album hot on the heels of the Fast Machines EP. Ten new tracks, plus four re-mixes from the out-of-print EP )

Set List

we have three sets that we perform, depending on the venue and the bill:

30 minute

40 minute

50 minute