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"Plight Rages On At Hard Rock Cafe (Montreal)"

Plight rages on at Montreal's Hard Rock

Local metal band gives energetic show in conjunction with their recently released self-titled album

By Jennifer D. Lariviere
Plight, which formed in 1997, is one of Montreal's own rising musical talents.

Influenced by Metallica, Hoobastank and Staind, Plight re-iterates undertones of alternative and heavy metal music creating an amalgamation of extraordinary sound.

Plight consists of Concordia students Marco Gaudio and Joseph Beauvais on guitar with Gaudio also on vocals. The group is rounded out by bassist Biagio Prioletta and drummer Carlo DeIuliis. Together they form a band whose stage energy is contagious, as many at their show last Friday at the Hard Rock Café would attest to. Plight played songs off of their recently released, self-titled album.

Concordian: How did you come up with the name Plight?

Joseph: Plight usually means a dilemma where either outcome is unfavorable.

The reason why we chose that as our band name is that it is a simple name. It has a lot of impact when you hear it. It represents all of us; simple people who are full of impact.

Concordian: What sets Plight apart from other bands of the music scene in Montreal?

Marco: I think we bring something new to the table instead of the same rock/alternative cliché.

Concordian: Since your influences are heavy, like Metallica, why do you choose to explore "angry" or "painful" topics in a more melodic and smooth manner?

Joseph: When dealing with emotions, like anger and rage, you've got to understand that these emotions are not a one sided thing. Anger is not just pure anger; there are a lot of stages of anger. We like to capture the mood of a song, lyrically or musically, and we just like to run with it.

Concordian: As Plight's front man, how do you feel when your die-hard fans sing along with you?

Marco: It's a crazy feeling! It feels like heaven, it feels like sex, it feels like everything combined and I love it.

If any of you reading this, sing along to our songs!

Concordian: Why a self-titled album?

Joseph: We put a lot of work into those six songs. We called it Plight because the meaning is significant when you think about the context of all the songs.

Concordian: Tell me about Plight's future plans

Marco: Immediate plans, we sent out our CD out to as many record labels as we could and we will play as many shows as we can in the next few months with the help of our management.

As far as future plans, we would like to record another EP as soon as our new material is completed and we plan to travel outside the province, maybe even into the United States in the coming months.

Concordian: As a Karaoke fan, how would you feel if one day Plight songs were sung at a Karaoke bar?

Marco: Being a Karaoke fan myself, I would love to see our songs. If I [showed] up at a bar and found it there, I'd probably sing my own song [laughing]. If anybody sees me at a Karaoke bar, just ask me for your special requests and I'll sing them!

Plight performed with serious intensity last Friday night at the Hard Rock Café on Crescent St. They are one of those bands that need to be experienced live in order to completely understand how hard they rock.

Capturing the ears of the audience, and the eyes of the girls as well, this Plight definitely has a favourable outcome!

Check out the band's web site for more Plight info.
- The Concordian

"Plight - Cafe Campus - Sept 4th, 2003"

Thursday, September 4th 2003
Review: Plight
Interview: Marco, lead singer and guitarist.

Last night, Trance of Mine and Pacer really set us for the mood with heavy rock tunes and great vocals and soon enough, I watched one of my favorite local bands turn into THE top band on my list.

Plight put up a hell of a performance last night and once again, the setup for my review was at le Petit Café Campus and this place has really grown on me. It’s cozy as always and you can’t help but feel the intimacy in the room. The place was crowded and I don’t think I’ve seen any empty seats! People were piling up behind us at the bar and soon enough, people were piling up on the main floor, head banging to Plight’s medley, which had to be, in my opinion, not only the highlight of the night, but the highlight of any show that I’ve been to in the scene. Definitely worth more than the $6 cover charge!

I know, I know, nobody wants to hear my opinion, but I can guarantee you that this opinion is NOT biased. I’d ask every person after Plight’s show, what they thought, and it seems as though they’re trying to catch their breath and trying to look for any words that would give me and idea of their adrenalin rush, and quickly enough, their eyelids start to roll back, their eyes pop out, they start shaking their heads and I almost get blinded by a big thumb up, and I hear, almost lost in their breaths, a soft and faint “wow”! I guess music can really get you high! I’m sure everyone had an amazing night.

I must admit there was a definite hard rock feel to the event, everything from the creative and symbolic lyrics to the loud and crisp sound of Marco on vocals and guitar, Joseph on guitar, Biagio on bass and Carlo on drums that kept my ears nicely buzzing even until today! These guys, in my truest opinion, are the least conceited, the most stage-mature, the most natural, the most fun and the best candidates for not only playing music but for really putting on a show.

For all you bands who are looking to play some shows with other bands, this is a definite band to consider. They also promoted themselves and their new website through professional and smart glossy business cards, spread all over the bar tables, and well, is definitely a site worth checking out.

I had the opportunity to interview Marco, songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of the band.

Psyko: You guys kicked some big ass at the show. It’s been a while you guys have been playing locally, and I’m sure I speak for some of us when I ask how come you guys still haven’t been signed? You guys clearly have the talent, you have the feel and it looks like you’ve got what it takes, so what’s missing?

Marco: I think it’s just a matter of time. Through playing our ass off and basically working hard at every aspect of the band, we hope to catch enough attention in the rock world to propel us to the next level. We’re always looking to try new things and we never set any limits on ourselves musically.

Psyko: A couple of people had pointed it out to me, and not that it’s hard to notice it anyway, but that you guys are tight on stage, music-wise and in terms of being on time. What in your opinion is the best way to achieve this? Why does it seem so easy for you?

Marco: We’ve known each other for so damn long. I mean, we know each other’s every move through practicing so often that when we play live, it’s like we don’t have to concentrate on being precise and accurate. We concentrate on giving people a good show and in the end, that’s our goal. We can be as tight as possible and have our music down but if you don’t “lose your mind” up there or do something to get the crowd hyped up, you’re going to lose them. At least as far as rock music is concerned.

Psyko: The Montreal music market seems saturated with new bands that want to make it big, especially in the rock scene. There are problems with lack of originality in the music and song writing, lack of that “something else”. What, in your opinion, makes your band different from any other rock band from Montreal?

Marco: Well, what makes us different starts with our relationship outside of Plight. That’s what holds the band together. Plus, we work great as a band. As far as the song writing goes, I usually write on topics that I have never experienced. I know it sounds a little far fetched but I find it easier to write about things where I can create a feeling than having to re-create something that happened. Don’t get me wrong, we do have songs where we write about things that have happened, for example Year 4, but then there are other songs which do not come from past experiences like the song Walls.

Psyko: Apparently new local bands have the life expectancy of about 6 months, what’s the best advice would you give for local bands when considering starting up?

Marco: Well, if you’re serious about playing music you have to figure out what kind of music career you want to be in. If you want to play original music in the hopes of one day attaining that coveted record deal, you’re going to have to work 10 times harder than people say you have to work. But, in the end, playing music is a pleasure and an honor. Not everyone gets the chance to be creative musically so if you have that chance, make sure to make the best of it.

Psyko: Any future plans for Plight?

Marco: Yeah, we’re in studio as we speak recording our 6-song demo EP due out in a couple of months. We’re taking a short break from shows to put full focus on our demo. We are very excited about it because we think the songs are a perfect representation of who we are and what we are about at this point and time. Also, we are working with our management to make some out of town shows happen throughout Quebec and Ontario. We are always writing as well so keep your ears open for new stuff at our upcoming shows.
- Montreal Music Scene . Com

"Plight CD Launch – June 21st @ Cabaret Music Hall"

Montreal favorite PLIGHT kicked ass at their CD Launch party to a full house of eager fans. A huge mass filled up the venue, hungry for a taste of Plight, and got more than their fill. With fans rolling in from Toronto, and all over the U.S, its obvious Plight has made a substantial mark in the North American indie rock world.

Plight’s long-awaited third album- The Balance is Gone (Gaia Disk / Century Media) co-produced by Dave Traina, recorded at Suite 8 Studio’s in Montreal and mastered by Ryan Morey at SNB is well worth the wait. Plight has evolved into a super-tight rock machine as though they’ve finally come together as a perfectly formed and developed band to rise above and beyond all expectation.

The show began with an awesome intro video, in mock-u-mentary style, with two self-proclaimed Plight fans, as they describe how awesome their lives are taking influence from Plight’s music. From driving like a maniac, sitting on the john with lotion, to living at home with mom after 30, these ‘super-fans’ set the tone for a great night of entertainment to come.

Rocking the house for two sets of new album songs, mixed with old Plight favorites; belted along with long time fans, Plight set off an awesome power-induced performance.

Throwing in a much-loved Billy Idol song, ‘Rebel Yell’ was the icing on the cake to a perfect rock show. MMS and all Plight fans hope to see more of Plight as they show off The Balance is Gone and springboard to future success.

You can pick up a copy of The Balance is Gone at HMV and don’t forget to check out their sites and

- review by Jennifer Lariviere -

"Friday November 9 2007 @ Saints (Auditions) Bodog Battle Heads to Montreal"

Plight was very melodic with great dynamics. Their strong lead vocalist and guitarist made a huge impression, and their songwriting skills were incredible. Both of these bands will move on to the impress the judges round. - By Bodog Battle

"Monday January 7 2008 @ Saints (Impress the Judges) Montreal Bands on Fire with Bodog"

Plight was original with straightforward lyrics. They drove their music forward with enthusiasm, and have earned themselves a juicy spot in the next round. - By Bodog Battle


We have 4 official releases:

1.) Plight - Lying The Truth (4- Song EP)
2.) Plight - Self Titled (6- Song EP)
3.) Pight - The Balance Is Gone (Gaia Disk/Century Media)
4.) Plight: Second Chance - Riot On Sunset Vol 6 (272 Records)



You do not know the band, you say? Nevertheless, ever since its inception in 1998, Plight has been extremely present in the Montreal and North-American music scene. The band, formed of Marco Gaudio (voice, guitar), Carlo DeIuliis (drums), Biagio Prioletta (bass) and Joseph Beauvais (guitar), has performed for over 75 000 fans, shared the stage with groups such as Pulse Ultra, set fire to the Ernie Ball stage at the Vans Warped Tour 2001 and is the spokes-person for GHAST, a clothing line based in New York city.
With its new full length record, Plight reinforces its presence amongst hard rock’s finest by offering eight incredible songs, each more solid than the other. Whether it’s on the aggressive Second Chance, on the emotionally charged Hypnotize or the beautiful acoustic Are We Soldiers? , the quartet masters every instrument, every harmony, every note. Plight also invited Dax from Tantrumn, Nick from Pacer and Isabelle from Trance of Mine for some very interesting featurings…
Co-produced by Dave Traina of Evicted, recorded at the Suite 8 studio in Montreal and mastered by Ryan Morey at SNB, The Balance is Gone (Gaia Disk / Century Media) will hit the shelves on June 6th 2006.

«These guys, in my truest opinion, are the least conceited, most stage-mature and most natural candidates for not only playing music, but for putting on an incredible show» - Montreal Music Scene web review.


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